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What to Do With Old Light Bulbs? 5 Bright Ideas to Turn Light Bulbs Into Crafts

Before you get rid of old light bulbs, consider turning your burned-out bulbs into pieces of art for your home.

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Courtesy The Hipster Home

Tiny Terrarium

Bring a little bit of nature into your home or office with this tiny terrarium made by Julie from The Hipster Home. Experiment with various types of rocks, moss, and tiny animals for different looks.

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Courtesy sheknows


For a fun afternoon craft to do with your kids, try turning your bulbs into these brightly colored bumblebees from Sheknows (it’s just six simple steps!).

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Courtesy DIY Ready

Hanging Planter

This multipurpose craft by DIY Ready is a great decorative conversation piece.

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Courtesy Apartment Therapy


Make your old light bulb glow again by turning it an oil lamp. This project from Apartment Therapy brings a little bit of old school light back into your life.

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Courtesy The Merry Thought


Spruce up your spring floral bounty with these creative light bulbs-turned-vases. Check out how The Merrythought tackles this project.

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