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10 Creative Ways to Use a Label Maker (and Feel Instantly Organized!)

To make organizing your life a breeze, there is no better tool than a label maker. You won’t believe the things you can label, either. Get ready to transform your life.

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Pick up a second language

You’ve mastered the English language, but what about Spanish, Italian, or Russian? Type out words and phrases on your label maker, and then mark items around the house. It’s a fun way to pick up new words in a desired language—guests might get a kick out of it, too.

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Keep track of protein and leftovers

Sometimes there is too much pasta, casserole, or chili to know what to do with. Store, freeze, and label the leftovers. Add the date so you’ll know when to toss it away. Do the same when buying more meat or fish than you can serve at one time. It will take the guessing game out of the frozen block you weren’t quite sure was chopped turkey or chicken.  These other smart hacks will also help you get dinner on the table faster.

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Label and organize flash drives

Perhaps you have a work presentation on one drive, vacation photos on another, and have no idea what you’ll find on the rest. Label each flash drive accordingly. You’ll find what you are looking for in a fraction of the time.

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Label what’s growing in your garden

Pen and marker might run off in the rain, but a label maker won’t. To identify herbs, vegetables, and fruit this season, consider using the label maker on each garden marker.  Here are other cool tricks you won’t learn at your local garden center.

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Make office staples last longer

Rather than writing on a folder, label the binder clip and use it to group items together. It will last longer. You can write someone’s name, or have certain clips—think “Urgent,” “Please Return,” “To File,”—to send the message instead. It’s efficient and organized.  Here are other smart ways to clear a cluttered desk.

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Organize electrical cords

There’s so much technology in our lives: cell phones, fitness trackers, tablets, laptops, ahhh! Figuring out the power cords for all of them can be frustrating. No more. Label each cord accordingly to grab the proper wire with ease.

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Be a smarter homeowner

Label main shut-off valves in your basement and storage room. You’ll know precisely which valve to turn off should frozen pipes threaten to burst or a flood occur.

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Keep your kids’ toys nice and neat

Say goodbye to clear containers once and for all. Invest in pretty storage boxes or ones that match your home, and then place a small label on the lid. Categorize your children’s toys—think “Vehicles,” “Legos,” “Barbie.” You’ll never spend another hour searching for Mr. Potato Head’s left ear again. These other clever storage ideas will banish clutter.

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Write a love letter!

Get creative with label maker cards! Invest in simple cardstock, and type out a word each, creating poetry, haiku, or whatever else strikes your imagination. The cards are sophisticated, chic, and from the heart.

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Upgrade your spice rack

Let your spice rack be a thing of beauty! Place each spice in a glass jar. Then label the jars accordingly. It might even inspire you to mix more spices and try a new flavor.

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