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25 Organizing Tools with Practically Perfect Reviews on Amazon

There’s good reason why reviewers adore these products. Give them a try and you’ll totally get it—along with a brilliantly organized home.

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Three amazon products: a tech pouch for holding chargers, a chalkboard for a house entryway, and a rack for holding hair suppliesvia (3)

It’s time to get organized

Sometimes all it takes to (finally) get organized is the right product. But what should you buy? If you’re not careful, you could end up with items that don’t deliver on their promises—or, worse, items that create more clutter. Well, you’re in luck. We’ve done the hard work for you by sorting through hundreds of products and their accompanying reviews on Amazon to find the best of the best.

Messes are no match for these top-reviewed items. From genius inventions that will organize everything from your bathroom to your closets to your kitchen, this list has it all. Now, all you have to do is decide which space you’d like to tidy up first. Need a little more direction? Start with the small stuff so you feel a sense of accomplishment and are motivated to move onto the bigger projects. Here are 30 things you can organize in under 30 minutes.

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MyGift Wall-Mounted Organizervia

For finding your keys with ease: MyGift Wall-Mounted Organizer


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It’s all too easy to misplace your keys or throw mail onto the nearest countertop in a messy pile. No more! This adorably rustic hanging caddy gives you a convenient spot for mail, a hook for keys, and a cubby for odds and ends. As one reviewer wrote: “Great purchase…just what we needed by the door. Plus, a place for my husband’s wallet so he’s not looking for it all the time!” We also love the mini chalkboard for jotting down reminders. To cut down on potential clutter, find out how to stop getting so much junk mail—for good.

mDesign Over-Cabinet Hair Tool Organizervia

For cramped vanities: mDesign Over-Cabinet Hair Tool Organizer


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The perfect solution for small bathrooms, this hair-tool organizer is about to become your new best friend. For starters, the installation could not be easier—you just slip the hooks over your cabinet door. And the setup is brilliantly simple. It has three ringed compartments for storing hair tools in an orderly fashion, as well as a basket on the bottom to gather cords. This glowing review says it all: “This is the most amazing invention ever! Holds your straightener, blow-dryer, curling iron, or whatever else you want to store in the third slot. Now my stuff is all right there when I open the cabinet in my bathroom and the cords are not all tangled up!” Here are more of the best home organization tools under $30.

YouCopia Roll-Out Caddyvia

For utilizing deep cabinets: YouCopia Roll-Out Caddy


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You might have a lot of space under the sink or inside deep cabinets, but it won’t do you much good if you can’t use it properly and simply toss items into the black hole in the back. This wheeled caddy will change all that, keeping cleaning or beauty products neatly organized and easily accessible. Bonus: Its easy-to-adjust dividers mean you can customize it based on what your specific needs are. They’re so life-changing, says one reviewer, that you won’t stop at just one! Order these in bulk for tricky kitchen and bathroom spaces. To create even more space, try these kitchen storage solutions to declutter your pantry and cabinets.

HengLiSam Jewelry Organizervia

For a decluttered dresser: HengLiSam Jewelry Organizer


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The best way to describe this product? Tiny but mighty! Standing at just under five inches tall and four inches around, this jewelry organizer looks small but stores a surprisingly large number of pieces. Katherine agrees: “It doesn’t take up much counter space, yet I can fit so many pieces of jewelry in the trays. I am super happy with this product.” Each of the four stacked tiers swings out for easy access, but it saves space when closed. Before storing away special items, learn the best ways to clean your jewelry at home.

Nexgadget Charging Organizervia

For keeping electronics tidy and charged: Nexgadget Charging Organizer


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Say so long to tangled cables and missing chargers. Keep everything neatly organized (and together) with this bamboo charging station that has multiple storage slots, including a built-in iWatch and EarPod stand, and charges all of your devices simultaneously. It even comes with five cables, including a lightning cable, to make your life even easier. Micheala L. says, “I bought this product to get rid of a lot of cords, which it did. It is wonderful and space-saving—I feel organized.” Is your phone charging too slow? This could be why.

Simple Houseware Monitor Standvia

For taming desktop clutter: Simple Houseware Monitor Stand


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Reviewer FT writes just about all there is to say about this sturdy computer monitor stand and organizer that has more than 14,000 positive reviews on Amazon: “I have a small computer desk, and [this] fits perfectly on top and saves tons of space while creating more room for the small parts and stationery that clutter a computer desk. Flash drives, Bluetooth dongles, headphones, pens/pencils, sticky notes all fit nicely in the side pockets, while printer paper and an eye-glass case fits in the bottom tray.” Here are another 22 tricks to keep your desk neat.

iSpecle Under-Shelf Basketvia

For added shelf space: iSpecle Under-Shelf Basket


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There isn’t a room in your house where this basket wouldn’t be useful. Slip it onto any shelf to create an instant storage spot underneath. Use it in the kitchen for water bottles, place mats, or a box of foil wrap; in the bathroom closet for towels and toiletries; or in a clothes closet to store accessories or socks. Here are a few more ideas, courtesy of reviewer S. Burgess: “I have them in my laundry room and pantry, and it’s exciting to see so much space open up with almost no effort. I’m going to order another set because they’d be perfect in the coat closet for gloves and knit caps.” On the flip side, these are the 20 things professional organizers would never do in their own homes.


For keeping track of Tupperware tops: YouCopia Food Container Lid Organizer


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Reusable food-storage containers are great for storing leftovers until the lid mysteriously disappears. Sort and store both square and round container lids with this organizer. Reviewer Bridget D. says, “This is a great caddy for all those maverick Tupperware lids that disappear like socks in a laundry room.” It can be used in a kitchen drawer or on a cabinet shelf. While we’re on the subject, find out the best way to store every type of leftover.

car hookvia

For a streamlined ride: Ipely Vehicle Headrest Hanger


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Called “the handiest contraption ever” by top reviewer Just My Opinion, this headrest hanger has more than 8,200 five-star reviews. Instead of placing shopping bags, umbrellas, and your handbag on the seat or floor of the car, you’ll now have a convenient place to hang everything within arm’s reach. J. Lewis asks, “Where have you been all my driving life!” These 23 car gadgets make driving safer.

seat organizervia

For neat car seats: Lusso Gear Car Seat Organizer


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Transform your messy car in mere minutes with a clever car seat organizer. Eight different compartments give you more than enough space to store essentials like sunglasses and tissues. Maria writes, “The best part is that my work bag and lunch box fit in the compartments, so when I hit the brakes, my $900 laptop doesn’t go flying into the dashboard.” Now that you’ve decluttered your car seats, find out the 15 things people who always have clean cars have in common.

toy boxvia

For concealed storage: Otto & Ben Storage Ottoman


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You can never have too much storage or too much seating, and this storage bench gives you more of both. Sturdy, easy to assemble, and incredibly versatile, it’s a true game changer. Reviewer K. Andrews loved hers so much that she ended up buying six in order to make one huge ottoman! “Everyone loves what I did with them, and I get so many compliments!” she adds.

mDesign Turntablevia

For keeping things within reach: mDesign Turntable


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Never lose another lipstick in a messy vanity drawer again. While this rotating turntable tray is intended for your kitchen cupboard, we love to put it on our vanities. It lets you see what you own and gives you easy access to it all without taking up a lot of space, and it’s a perfect place to put your makeup, skin-care products, and manicure supplies. Reviewer Mary notes that the deep tray “provides a lot of storage.” Of course, it is still great to use in the kitchen as long as you’re following these 16 pantry organization tips.

fridge organizervia

For organized fridge shelves: Greenco Refrigerator Bins


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When you group like items together, you can find what you need and you won’t forget to use things before their best-by date. Reviewer Julia Haberman credits these stackable refrigerator organizers with saving her marriage. She explains, “I was always frustrated trying to get my husband to put things back in their place. Something about these finally got him on board.” These containers inside the refrigerator provide a place for everything, and nothing tips over.

gear tiesvia

For tangle-free cords: Nite Ize Gear Ties


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Just when you thought there was no way to keep cords from getting knotted up in the drawer comes gear ties. Incredibly sturdy and reusable, these rubber twist ties keep all kinds of cords from unraveling; think extension cords, holiday light strands, and charging cables. Tessa says, “These are the type of gadgets that make you say, Why didn’t I think of inventing that?” Looking for more clever home solutions? Check out these 25 kitchen gadgets you’ll wish you had years ago.

shoe rackvia

For tackling your shoe pile: Simple Housewares Three-Tier Storage Shelf


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Put an end to the disorderly heap of shoes in your closet. With this stackable rack, every shoe, sneaker, boot, and pump will finally have a home. While it’s perfect on the floor of your bedroom closet, it works equally well in the entryway, mudroom, and garage. Reviewer Roger Santos has put it to the test and writes, “I have had the rack for months now, and if it can withstand my three kids and two dogs, I’m sure it will last anything.”

water bottle holdervia

For your many water bottles: YouCopia UpSpace Bottle Organizer


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If water bottles tumble out of your kitchen cabinet every time you open it, a bottle organizer is the solution. This lets you “see what you have, grab what you want,” according to reviewer Crystal Starr Light. The adjustable height fits various sizes of water bottles, travel mugs, and sippy cups. Non-slip feet keep it in place and the snap-together setup is so easy, you’ll wonder why you didn’t get one of these sooner. Don’t miss these other kitchen organization ideas you won’t believe you ever lived without.

kitchen organizervia

For storing rolls of wrap: Simple Houseware Kitchen Wrap Organizer Rack


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Free up kitchen drawer space by stacking boxes of storage bags and wrap. Reviewer Marcadimus wants to know, “Where has this been?” When you are trying to stay organized while maximizing space in your kitchen, this simple product is key. “I needed a utility drawer in the kitchen, and this rack allowed me to empty a drawer of bags, foil, and wrap.”


For stowing seasonal clothes: Lifewit Clothes Storage Bags


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The biggest challenge to finding things you’ve stored away? Seeing what’s inside the containers. That’s why you need these bags from Lifewit. The see-through panels on the front of these spacious fabric bags let you locate what you’re looking for easily. Plus, your items remain dust-free in them, and you’ll be surprised just how much you can fit inside. Reviewer Cicisbo “can’t believe how much it holds.” Organizing with boxes like this is just one of the incredible Marie Kondo organization tips that will change your life in minutes.


For the smartest way to store pans: Deco Brothers Pan Rack


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Tired of unstacking and then restacking pots and pans every time you want to make a meal? This pan organizer has more than 7,000 fans on Amazon, and it’s no wonder why—it’s really well-made and saves you space and time. Not only can the rack be used vertically or horizontally, but reviewer C. Meagher also says this “solved the issue of how to stack my frying pans.”

spice shelfvia

For orderly spice storage: Spicy Shelf Deluxe


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When spices are crammed together, it can be a challenge to find what you’re looking for. With a two-tier shelf that lines the cabinet walls, you gain tons of storage space. Tara J. Smith, who says she never writes reviews, wrote this: “I’ll keep it short and sweet for you: Buy this if your medicine cabinet or spice cabinet is a mess! I’m glad I bought three thinking I was going to give some away as Christmas gifts because I used them all!” Remember to replace your jars somewhat regularly. This is how long spices really last.


For extra storage: mDesign Wire Bins


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If you’ve been searching for storage that looks pretty enough to leave out, these organizer baskets fit the bill. The question isn’t where to use these but where can’t you use them. They hold boxes in the pantry, socks in the closet, condiments in the refrigerator, and hats in the hallway. You can also use them for spray bottles in the laundry room, video games in the family room, and rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom. Reviewer Carl Long has another idea: “These fit perfectly in our freezer for organization!” Plus, they ensure that bags of frozen vegetables don’t topple over. Durable, rust-resistant, and made of sturdy steel wire, they’ll be your new favorite organizing tool.

expandable organizervia

For under-the-sink streamlining: Simple Houseware Expandable Organizer


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Turn a cavernous hole under a sink into a functional space with this expandable under-sink organizer. The slats let you work around pipe fittings to make the most of an awkward space. Reviewer Ro2x explains, “Before I got this organizer/shelf, the cabinet under my kitchen sink was an absolute mess. I would have to dive in there in order to find anything.” Load it with some of these cleaning products professional house cleaners always buy.


For hanging tools: Favbal Garage Storage Rack


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This stainless steel handle hanger works great to keep stored mop and brooms from falling. But it has so many positive reviews because it can be used to organize so many more things. It works for dustpans, dusters, baseball bats, rakes, snow shovels, and garden tools, too. Bonus: The slots adjust automatically based on the thickness of the handles. Here are another 50 genius ways to clean up your garage.

can rollervia

For stopping cans from toppling: mDesign Can Dispenser


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If you’ve grown tired of stacking cans only to have them topple over, this can dispenser from mDesign is the answer. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to fit more cans into a tight place like a kitchen cabinet, pantry, or refrigerator. And the best part, according to Peanut1964, is “no more stacking cans on top of each other and one falling off onto your little toe.”

Side by Side Power Packervia

For keeping tech tidy: Side by Side Power Packer


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Charging cables, earbuds, and phone cords should be kept organized to protect their delicate connectors. Use a cord keeper like the Power Packer from Side by Side to keep them safe and neat. Reviewer Rachel G. claims this is “the only cable holder you will ever need! Just do yourself a favor and buy this product!” Keep the cords for the devices you use and recycle or donate your outdated tech devices.

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