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16 Most Outrageously Expensive Holiday Gifts People Actually Give

Forget about that cashmere sweater set you got last year—some people are giving trips on private jets, life-size polar bear toys, and household items loaded with real diamonds. You'll get a kick out of our list of the most outrageously expensive holiday gifts people actually give and probably wonder who is really giving them.

corporate private jet - planeTom Kuest - Fotograf/Shutterstock

A passport to private jets

Yes, that’s a real thing. If you’re giving this nearly $5,000 a year JetSmarter Gold Membership Card, it’s probably because flying commercial just isn’t your thing. The membership offers access to the world’s largest marketplace for private jets, which lets travelers book custom private jets and seats on already scheduled private flights to destinations in across North America, Europe, and the Middle East.

A royal sword

Seriously, if you think we’re kidding about the “royal” thing, there’s a very real Louis XV Royal Presentation Sword for sale right now for a cool $295,000. The silver gilt sword was an actual gift from Louis XV, King of France, to the Captain of Corsairs, Alain Poree. Who needs this thing? We’re not sure, but it seems like a steal for a multi-millionaire French history buff.

Large square seamless texture of mosaic tilessubin pumsom/Shutterstock

Diamond-inclusive grout

What is your wealthy friend’s bathroom missing? Diamond-inclusive grout, obviously. You had better call them up and tell them it’s time to re-tile because Diamond Grout uses fine diamond powder and diamonds in triangles and other mixed shapes to give regular tile a far posher appearance. Oh, and it’s about $150 to $200 per square foot, so imagine how much that vanity backsplash will cost. Diamond decor is just the beginning of the most expensive homes in every state.

Individuality, standing out from a crowd concept, close up of a single bright, gold coffee bean over many dark ones with copy spacerangizzz/Shutterstock

This coffee is liquid gold

Really, though, Klatch Coffee’s Elida Geisha 803 comes in at a staggering $803 per pound. The Southern California-based roastery is the only one offering the beans for purchase, and is letting regular humans buy smaller 15-gram sizes for the perfect eight-ounce brew—a more affordable, but still shocking $75.

champagne sabrevia

Yes, champagne sabres are normal gifts for some

If you’re extravagant, wealthy, over 21, and a deep lover of weaponry, there’s no greater gift than a champagne sabre. It’s literally a sword made just for uncorking champagne and works as a deliciously dramatic display of opulence when the room is simply too quiet. Berkel, a 120-year-old Italian brand, has been churning out legendary bubble-worthy sabres that you can actually buy on Amazon. Here are other weird things you didn’t know Amazon sells.


A work desk for people who don’t really need to work

If you’re giving someone a nearly $5,000 standing desk, you either really value their posture, or they really don’t need to work that hard. Either way, we’re excited for the recipient of the $4,485 Xdesk Porter on your list, because it’s a luxe standing desk that’s made to order. It’s also American-made, has natural patina finishes with a matte top coat, and is constructed from sustainable materials like reclaimed pine. If you know a woman who is impossible to shop for, she might love these easy gifts.

la fleur bouquetsvia

Not just any roses

Normal lovers send a dozen or so long-stem roses, but outrageously wealthy lovers (here’s looking at you, celebrities), send a La Fleur Bouquets Grande Square, which rings in at $499. The box of roses is coated with a proprietary solution that keeps them fresh-seeming for a full year, and for an additional fee they can be coated with diamond dust. Yes, really. These roses are straight out of a romantic Christmas movie: this is what it’s really like to be a Hallmark holiday writer. 

life sized bearvia

Rich kids get life-size teddy bears

Those little plush teddy bears everyone loves are still happily in existence, don’t worry, but they’re just not enough for the over-the-top future Instagrammers of the world, which is why Steiff created a $4,500 studio polar bear that is likely bigger than Dad at 195 centimeters, or about 6’4″ tall.


Art supplies for the next Lagerfeld

People typically give regular colored pencils and construction paper, but art-dedicated people with cash to burn give Faber-Castell’s KARLBOX. It’s a giant set of art supplies created in partnership with Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion celebrity of all living fashion celebrities, and retails for a somewhat-shocking $2,850.

mont blanc penvia

A pen to sign enormous checks with

Why use a Bic pen when an $8,900 Mont Blanc fountain pen exists? This particular model is a Patron of Art Homage to Ludwig II, and a limited edition. Ludwig II, also called the Swan King, was King of Bavaria from 1864 until his death in 1886. He loved architectural masterpieces, like his elaborate castles, and almost surely would’ve loved to sign his decrees with this piston fountain pen. Definitely use a high-end pen if you’re going to hand-write a dedication in one of the world’s most expensive books.


Campers to pretend to be rugged in

Nothing says wealth quite like torn denim and the overwhelming desire to sleep in nature, away from the finer things. That’s exactly why the cash-heavy wanderlusters of America are fawning over the Happier Camper, a lightweight, travel-ready camper that’s half hipster cute and half sleep-worthy fun. Did we mention it starts at $18,000?

ice creamvia

Ice cream for the one percent

While most of us are spending five bucks or less on our pints, the food-obsessed big spenders of the world are dishing out for the Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream Throwdown—a set of 12 pints delivered directly to your door in ultra-gourmet (if not strange) flavors like Secret Breakfast, a combination of bourbon ice cream and cornflake cookies, and even a flavor devoted entirely to foie gras. Yes, really. The ice cream will set you back $269, so be prepared to choose between your taste buds or your car payment this month.

dog perfume via

Very, very pricey dog perfume

What’s a rich person without a very posh pup? Just a lonely rich person, which is why well-polished furry best friends require all the right accouterments—and that includes fancy canine perfumes. Michel’s VIP Parfums are dog-specific fragrances made from the finest essential oils and musks, and they start at $250. If you’re unimpressed, don’t worry, some bottles go for as much as $4,000. Find your posh pooch on our list of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

silver spoonsvia

Literally the silver spoon

The ultra-wealthy don’t give any ole’ silver spoon set to their children. They opt for entire toddler-sized silver flatware sets from Christofle, which start at a mind-dizzying $860 for three pieces.


Something to carry all that money around in

If you’re a Mr. or Mrs. Moneybags, you can’t be caught toting an average purse, which is exactly why a Fendi in alligator skin is the outrageous statement piece a surprising number of people are giving as gifts. In fact, it’s a popular enough $34,000 choice that Saks Fifth Avenue is carrying it, and people seem to be buying. We’re happy to stick to something a little less… wild.

virgin galacticvia

Out of this world trips

Really, though. The boldest gift idea we’ve seen yet is tickets to hop aboard Virgin Galactic, the space-bound travel company that branched off from Virgin Airlines a few years ago. If you’re thinking you can use air miles, think again, because these tickets start at $250,000 a pop, which means you’ll have to choose between seeing the moon a little closer or buying that cute condo. For a slightly less extravagant tab, consider our list of the most expensive vacations in the world.

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