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16 Outrageously-Fun Adult Party Games

Mix things up with these adult birthday party games! They're the best way to add some extra fun (and laughs) to your next shindig.

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Giant Jengavia

Giant Jenga


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Make way for mega fun with this giant Jenga set. Make things interesting by writing truth or dare or drinking challenges on each Jenga piece. Whenever a player pulls out a piece, they’ve got to do the challenge written! Dust off these classic board games for even more fun.

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Prosecco Pongvia DizzyMixSocial/

Prosecco Pong


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It’s beer pong, but classier (and much cuter). Pro tip: save your favorite champagne cocktails for sipping. Use sparkling water for the game while you sip on the good stuff. A round of prosecco pong will go over well at bachelorette parties and girls nights, too.

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cornholevia CornholeSolutions/



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Who doesn’t love a game of cornhole on a beautiful day? If you’re throwing a summer birthday bash, this outdoor game will get the party started on the right foot. Made with Baltic birch, this cornhole set is as sturdy as it is stunning. Check out these yard games for your next BBQ.

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one night ultimate werewolf gamevia



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Also known as Mafia, Werewolf is a modernized whodunnit game. You’ll be assigned to fictional characters like a villager, robber, or seer, and each player will try to solve who the werewolves of the game are (and if you’re a werewolf, you’ll try to convince them otherwise). It’s the perfect card game for people who are tired of traditional card games like Poker or War (like myself).

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Pass the Pigs via

Pass the Pigs


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Throw your piggies in the air like you just don’t care! Pass the Pigs is a simple game that any partygoer will love. To play, toss the pigs in the air, and depending on how they fall, you get a certain amount of points. You can continue playing unless you get the “oinker,” which eliminates all of your existing points. Don’t hog the pigs too long or you’ll lose out! By the end of the round, the whole party will gather around cheering you on as you try to get the tricky “double leaning jowler.” Learn about your favorite games with these little-known facts.

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Cards Against Humanityvia

Cards Against Humanity


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Coined as “a party game for horrible people,” there’s no escaping a giggle fit with this silly card game. Your job when playing this game is to find the best card that fits the question card. It may seem innocent, but once you give the cards a read, you’ll understand why it’s not. Not only is Cards Against Humanity a fun time, but you really get a taste of your friends’ sense of humor by the last round.

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This active game will get you on your feet. All you need is four people, some open space and you’re ready to spike. Think of it as a mini version of volleyball. (Psst—if Spikeball looks familiar, you may have seen it on Shark Tank.) Check out these other Shark Tank products that are worth the money.

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karaoke machinevia

Karaoke Competition


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Bring on the ABBA songs. Belt out your favorite tunes in a karaoke competition among your friends. Play it American Idol-style and assign a panel of judges to determine who wins the grand prize. No matter who wins or loses, you’re sure to have a ball with this one. Just make sure you have a working karaoke machine! Don’t miss these karaoke world records you didn’t know existed.

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Giant Connect 4via

Giant Connect 4


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Your favorite childhood game, life-sized. Keep this game in mind for backyard BBQs, summer shindigs, and graduation parties. It’s an easy game to set up for some major fun. If you have more than one set, try dividing into two teams for a timed Connect 4 competition.

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What Do You Memevia

What Do You Meme


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If you’re a Cards Against Humanity fan, you’ll love What Do You Meme. Players’ meme skills will be put to the test as they attempt to create the funniest meme at the table. It’ll be hard not to laugh when reading the cards aloud. Check out the best-reviewed board games to play while in quarantine.

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Horsing around is allowed (and encouraged) while playing this classic game. Set up the pegs into the ground, grab a horseshoe and you’re off to the races. Before you start playing, make sure you determine which point method you’re playing: point or cancellation. If you’re doing the by-point method, players win points by throwing near or around the stake. Whereas the cancellation method awards points to the player whose horseshoe is closest to the stake. And if both players’ horseshoes land around the stake, they’ll cancel each other out.

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Gathering of four diverse laughing adults enjoying wine and appetizers at lunch with each other at restaurant table beside large bright window; Shutterstock ID 435402382UBER IMAGES/SHUTTERSTOCK

Truth or Dare

Now, here’s a throwback. Take this adored kids party game and make it adult-friendly by adding a boozy twist. If a player chickens out of a dare, they have to take a swig of their drink!

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Yard Games Kubb Game Premium Setvia



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Kubb, also known as Viking chess, will keep you entertained for hours. Teams will each get their shot at knocking down the kubbs, aka wooden blocks, with their wooden batons until they’ve knocked down all of the opposing team’s kubbs. The crowned winner/team is whoever knocks down the king in the middle. Check out the secret these chess champions use to win.

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Who's Most Likely To?via

Who’s Most Likely To?


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Friendships will be put to the test with Who’s Most Likely To. Each player will have a chance to be the judge. They’ll ultimately decide on who the card best describes from the other player’s nominations. Loser is who reaches seven cards first. But prepare yourselves, this game is not for the faint of heart. This would make a great gift along with these other games.

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Ladder Golfvia

Ladder Golf


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This version of golf is one that I can actually play. The key to this game is to throw your bolas onto the highest rung—giving you three points. If you miss, the second rung will get you two points and the lowest will get you one. The ladder golf winner is whoever gets to 21 points first. Let the games begin!

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People sit at night round a bright bonfireFotovika/Shutterstock

Never Have I Ever

You can never be too old to play a round of Never Have I Ever. Gather your guests to play a few rounds to end the night. You’ll feel nostalgic the moment the words “Never have I…” escape your lips. If your group needs some inspiration, create DIY topic cards for endless fun. Next, brush up on your modern party etiquette rules to make sure you’ll be invited back.

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