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30 Adorable Pets Filled with Christmas Spirit

The cute pets are sure to put you in the holiday mood.

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23_00_PaigeCerulli_COUdj19courtesy Paige Cerulli/Country

Trotting through the snow

“Whisper, my thoroughbred mare, is filled with Christmas spirit. She loves playing in the snow,” says Paige Cerulli.

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COUcc17_Amy-Bierstedt_001courtesy Amy Bierstedt/Country

Christmas chicken

“That’s me in the Santa suit, with our favorite hen, Miss Piggy,” says Amy Bierstedt. “We love our chickens! They are definitely pets and a part of our family.”

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COUcc17_Anna-Westerman_001courtesy Anna Westerman/Country

Tree topper

“Every year our cats get more excited than the kids when they see the decorations being hauled out of storage,” says Anna Westerman. “It doesn’t take long before the tree starts to shake and a new angel with a tail appears at the top. Then one by one the ornaments start disappearing, and the presents under the tree come unwrapped!” You also have to check out these hilarious photos of cats and dogs.

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COUcc17_Anne-Duvall_001courtesy Anne Duvall/Country

Bunny bows

“My girls love to help their rabbits look extra festive with Christmas bows placed delicately between their ears,” says Anne Duvall. “This is my daughter Rebekah and her rabbit Cream Puff.”

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My dog Floyd loves Christmas! This was right after he met Santa... so happy!courtesy COUcc17_Channing-Brown_001.jpg

Merry and bright

“My dog Floyd loves Christmas!” says Channing Brown. “This was right after he met Santa. He looks so happy!”

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COUcc17_Cheryl-Stork_002courtesy Cheryl Stork/Country

A forever home

“This is our newest addition, Chewie, spending his first Christmas in his forever home,” says Cheryl Stork. “We adopted Chewie two days after Thanksgiving. Shortly after, it became apparent that he was deaf. But that doesn’t stop him from living a full and happy life.”

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COUcc17_Debra-Barron_001courtesy Debra Barron/Country

Santa’s helper

“Doc Mike is so photogenic,” says Debra Barron. “Christmas outfits are no stranger to this 7-year-old Jack Russell terrier.”

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COUcc17_Felicia-Henderson_001courtesy Felicia Henderson/Country

Pig in a blanket

“This is our piggy, Charlotte,” says Felicia Henderson. “We took our Christmas picture this year, and of course had to include her.” These adorable animal pictures will make you say “awww.”

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COUcc17_Kerri-Walden_001courtesy Kerri Walden/Country

Puppy’s first Christmas

“This year has been a year of firsts for my husband and me,” says Kerri Walden. “This will be our first Christmas in our first home, and our sweet puppy Luna is our first dog. I love Christmas and our little family.”

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COUcc17_Kim-Rountree_001courtesy Kim Rountree/Country

Soft as snow

“We decided to do a photo shoot with our bunnies at Christmas,” says Kim Rountree. “These are Himalayan babies, about a month old. Who would not want one under their tree on Christmas morning?”

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COUcc17_Kristin-Crosby_001courtesy Kristin Crosby/Country

Happy howlidays

“Pets always make the holiday season cozier and brighter,” says Kristin Crosby. “This picture of my friend’s black Lab, Bailey, excites me for Christmas time!”

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COUcc17_Macky-Lineberry_001courtesy Macky Lineberry/Country

Deck the dog house

“My husband had just made three dog houses for our basset hounds for Christmas. I decided we should decorate one and take a photo,” says Macky Lineberry. “As sophisticated as he looks, Duke is nothing but a clown. He keeps us on our toes and laughing with his silly antics!”

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COUcc17_Marjorie-Stevenson_005courtesy Marjorie Stevenson/Country

Furry and festive

“Every year we try to find a new outfit for our dog, Duchess, to wear during the Christmas holidays,” says Marjorie Stevenson. “She is very patient about letting me dress her up and gets so excited when she sees me bringing something new home from the store. She has always been a bit of a doggie fashion diva.” These before and after dog adoption photos will melt your heart.

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COUcc17_Yvonne-Lind_001courtesy Yvonne Lind/Country

Rescue dogs

“Children and pets make Christmas extra special! Our three rescued pets could not fit more perfectly with our family,” says Yvonne Lind.

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COUccc18_jessica-poet-3courtesy Jessica Poet/Country

Christmas surprise

“Petey, our dog, was a surprise on Christmas a few years ago, when my dad adopted him from the local shelter,” says Jessica Poet. “Petey loves Christmas just as much as the rest of the family and gets as excited as a child when it’s time for him to get his stocking.”

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COUccc18_mitchell-mccloskycourtesy Mitchell McClosky/Country

Joy to the world

“Christmas time is one of the best times of the year. Family, friends, and community get together to celebrate,” says Mitchell McClosky. “And yes, our pets get to join in on the fun. What joy it is to play around with a couple goofy, energetic dogs!”

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Relaxed atmosphere; smiling; not stressfulcourtesy Toni Kerns/Country

Dreaming of snow

“I cuddled with my dogs Kato and Cadence while daydreaming about a wonderland of snow to play in,” says Toni Kerns.

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Cami Slemmer/Countrycourtesy Cami Slemmer/Country

Sweater weather

“Sophie loves to dress up every Christmas and she’s not ashamed to show off her ugly Christmas sweater!” says Cami Slemmer. “She’s an active therapy dog and we love bringing smiles everywhere she goes.” These are the best holiday gifts for animal lovers.

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COUccc19_caryn_cash_6courtesy Caryn Cash/Country

Cozy dog

“Cody was sitting in front of the fireplace while we had the Christmas lights on. He is very photogenic and has this goofy smile on his face all the time,” says Caryn Cash. “I ended up making a Christmas card out of this picture for our family and friends to enjoy.”

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COUcxcc19_cortnie_goodin_2courtesy Cortnie Goodin/Country

Cat nap

The orange tabby must be dreaming of sugarplums, while the black cat is hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.

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COUccc19_danielle_nagreen_3courtesy Danielle Nagreen/Country

Santa claws

“This is my 6-year-old blue point Siamese cat, Simba. He is very regal and loves to be dressed up. I enjoyed taking this picture of him in his new Santa hat and jacket with the tree shining in the background,” says Danielle Nagreen.

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COUccc19_diane_govecourtesy Diane Gove/Country

Snow day

“On a beautiful sunny day in November, Bella was only nine weeks old. This was her first adventure out in the snow in Caribou, Maine,” says Diane Gove. “She found a piece of pine branch to play with, and it made a picture-perfect Christmas card.”

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COUccc19_kenneth_penner_4courtesy Kenneth Penner/Country

Best buddies

“My granddaughter, Vaira, loves animals—especially her dog Mitsy,” says Kenneth Penner. “It goes without saying that we have thousands of pictures of the two of them!”

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COUccc19_phyllis_boonecourtesy Phyllis Boone/Country

Not like the others

“Cookie, our granddaughter’s Shih Tzu, became a bit jealous of all the attention the stuffed animals were receiving while decorating the Christmas tree. So she decided to become a stuffed animal, too!” says Phyllis Boone. These cartoons will make every dog owner chuckle.

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COUccc19_samantha_andersoncourtesy COUccc19_samantha_anderson

Winter wonder

“Ox is two months old and he sat there so nice and calm with his cute Santa hat on,” says Samantha Anderson. “He really enjoys spending time with my children, as well as watching our chickens and goats.”

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COUclc19_allison-geshinsky-14courtesy Allison Geshinsky/Country

Deck the barn

“My sister and I were taking Christmas pictures of the animals and I decided I wanted a picture of Kitty in the wreath hanging on the front barn door,” says Allison Geshinsky. “Surprisingly enough Kitty was very well behaved and posed for me. This is one of my favorite pictures of her.”

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Nothing like pets sharing a Christmas candy cane. Sweet.courtesy Cheryl Carson/Country

Giving a gift

“Nothing like pets sharing a Christmas candy cane. Such a sweet moment,” says Cheryl Carson.

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Danielle Nagreen/Countrycourtesy Danielle Nagreen/Country

White Christmas

“Lily is our newest member of our family, and this was her very first Christmas,” says Danielle Nagreen.

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COUwpc19_dianne_craswell_5courtesy Dianne Craswell/Country

Good boy

“Before our daughter came along, our dog Winston and our cat Reilly used to be the stars of our annual Christmas card,” says Dianne Craswell. “Winston was a very cooperative boy and let me dress him in a Santa costume to snap a few quick photos.”

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COUwpc19_lori_sheldoncourtesy Lori Sheldon/Country

Home for Christmas

“Over the years, my two schnauzers have posed innumerable times for photos, from silly moments with friends to this sweet scene by the holiday decorations,” says Lori Sheldon.

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