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16 Photos That Prove Alaska Is a Winter Wonderland

Marvel at wintry wonders such as gorgeous glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and the Northern lights.

winter alaska
Courtesy Bryce Anderson/Country

Winter drive

“In December, I had the opportunity to travel on this road near Juneau, Alaska. As I was driving, I came across a stretch of snow and frost in the trees overlooking a beautiful snow-capped mountain. I think Jack Frost passed by the area to make this magical winter wonderland,” says Bryce Anderson of Juneau, Alaska. We found the most scenic drives in America.

beautiful snow covered mountains
Courtesy Aidan Higgins/Country

Mountain majesty

“Glacier Bay is beautiful. This photo reminds me of my time in Alaska—hours spent running through the snow-covered landscape with my family, spotting moose and bears, and seeing mountains that stretch past the clouds,” says Aidan Higgins of Rockfall, Connecticut.

alaska color changing tree snow
Courtesy Amy Thomas/Country

Frosty branches

“This tree was still turning colors before the snow and frost came at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, creating a beautiful contrast,” says Amy Thomas.

northern lights alaska lodge
Courtesy Joseph Bramante/Country

Northern lights

“A couple of winters ago, we had some guests come for a few days to our remote Alaskan lodge. They planned to spend New Year’s Eve back in Anchorage watching a fireworks display. Nature had other plans—a storm rolled in and they were stuck. But late that night, the sky cleared and a stunning Northern Lights display took place. They told us the next morning that nature’s show far surpassed any fireworks,” says Joseph Bramante of Palmer, Alaska.

Courtesy Joseph Bramante/Country

Snow and sunshine

“Alaskan winters can get long and cold. One of our favorite ways to break up the long days is to get out and enjoy the winter landscape. I took this picture of my wife and our dog as they soaked up the sunshine. No matter how many times we see this view, it never ceases to captivate us with its grandeur,” says Joseph Bramante of Palmer, Alaska.

glacier bay national park alaska
Courtesy Debbie Haraszkiewicz/Country

Glacier bay

“I took this picture at Glacier Bay National Park in Alaska while on a cruise ship. The color of the glaciers is such a vibrant bright blue. You are surrounded by incredible beauty,” says Debbie Haraszkiewicz of Cement City, Michigan. These unique travel experiences put all-expenses to shame.

Denali National Park Alaska bison
Courtesy Frederick Selanders Jr./Country

Snow play

“When we first saw this bison at Denali National Park, he had his face buried in the deep snow,” says Frederick Selanders Jr. of Covington, Ohio.

Denali National Park in Alaska snow
Courtesy Kellie Frank/Country

Up in the air

“To fly over Denali in an airplane was the most incredible experience. It left me speechless,” says Kellie Frank of Hortonville, Wisconsin.

Denali National Park in the fall
Courtesy Laurie Gerber/Country

Changing seasons

“It is simply amazing to explore Denali National Park in the fall. The window of time between the seasons is unbelievably short. This was a rare opportunity to see fall turn to winter,” says Laurie Gerber of North Pole, Alaska.

denali National Park the dall sheep
Courtesy Laurie Gerber/Country

Watching wildlife

“As winter begins in Denali National Park, the Dall sheep find their way to lower slopes on the Alaska Mountain Range. Dall rams were plentiful as the snow started to cover the fall foliage,” says Laurie Gerber of North Pole, Alaska.

Denali National Park, with caribou in foreground.
Courtesy Nicole Sheldon/Country

Caribou sighting

“My late uncle, Bill Sheldon, dedicated his life to traveling, nature, and photography. He loved Denali. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2013 after battling Parkinson’s disease, which stole his ability to enjoy nature, travel, and take stunning photographs like this one,” says Nicole Sheldon of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

long winter nights alaska
Courtesy Laurie Gerber/Country

Long winter nights

“My family and I live less than 100 miles from the Arctic Circle in the interior of Alaska. This photo was taken in the middle of December at about noon. This is as high as the sun gets that time of year,” says Laurie Gerber of North Pole, Alaska.

alaska scenery winter snow
Courtesy Katherine Plessner/Country

Snow ghosts

“While on a photo tour in Alaska last winter, I was astounded by the gorgeous winter scenery. It was hard not to keep saying, ‘Oh wow!’ and forget to press the shutter button. The snow-covered trees and mountains just took my breath away,” says Katherine Plessner of Verona, North Dakota.

charming cabin alaska winter snow
Courtesy Katherine Plessner/Country

Charming cabin

“While in Alaska last winter, we stayed in an adorable small town called Wiseman. The townspeople live in these darling little cabins,” says Katherine Plessner of Verona, North Dakota.

snow moose alaska winter
Courtesy Katherine Plessner/Country

Meeting moose

“As I was walking down the street behind the hotel in Fairbanks, Alaska, two moose came out of the bushes and started walking toward me, a mother and calf. I snapped a picture and took a step back. I was very happy when they turned around and went into the trees,” says Katherine Plessner of Verona, North Dakota.

Dog Mushing in Alaska is the State sport
Courtesy Laurie Gerber/Country

Snow dogs

“Dog mushing is the state sport in Alaska. Come winter, the dogs and mushers are ready to be out on the trails! The excitement warms the heart and soul of everyone who loves winter in the north,” says Laurie Gerber of North Pole, Alaska. Check out more majestic photos of the real-life North Pole.

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