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6 Gorgeous Photos That Perfectly Capture the Beauty of Spring

As the snow melts and the skies clear, Mother Nature paints the landscape with vibrant colors.

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rub-bellyCountry Magazine

Fun with Fido

Is this not the cutest puppy on earth? He’s an 11-week-old blue heeler named Waylon Blue Shugart, surrounded here by spring flowers in bloom.—Sandra Shugart, Brentwood, Tennessee

Follow these pro tips to make your flowers last longer.

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carpetCountry Magazine

A carpet of bluebonnets

My wife is a native Texan, and without question, bluebonnets are her favorite wildflower. On a spring break trip to Big Bend National Park, we had the pleasure of seeing the wildflowers of Hill Country at their peak. —David Mifflin, Warsaw, Missouri

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pretty-pinkCountry Magazine

Pretty in pink

I love that my daughter gets to channel her inner flower child. —Amanda Wallace, Mandeville, Louisiana

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mothers-dayCountry Magazine

Mother’s Day bouquet

While out for a walk, my grandson Brady and I came across this field of dandelions. Brady decided to pick some for his mommy. What a thoughtful boy! —Nancy Saunders, Herkimer, New York

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cuteCountry Magazine

Cute meets adorable

When all the baby animals arrive in spring, it’s such a joy to watch the children react to them. With a crown of flowers on her head, my niece gave these chicks a warm welcome to the world. —Lorianne Ende, Rogers, Minnesota

These perfect pictures of baby animals will make your day.

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springCountry Magazine

Spring bellwether

It’s hard to say which is prettier—the moth or the flower. Here in northeast Ohio, the breathtaking luna is among the first giant silk moths to emerge in spring. —Tami Gingrich, Middlefield, Ohio

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