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25 Photos That Show Face Masks Are Part of the New Normal

These pictures prove that face masks are just one part of the new normal.

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Globe made of jigsaw puzzles with a protective medical maskFiordaliso/Getty Images

Face masks

If you haven’t already bought, made, or otherwise acquired a face mask, this is your last warning: You need to do so. (Here are some places where you can still find reusable face masks in stock.) Before this pandemic began, most of us never really thought about face masks. Your doctor or dentist would be wearing one during certain exams or procedures, and if you saw someone wearing one in public, the assumption was that they were sick, or very concerned about becoming sick. Now, we’re all very concerned about becoming sick. While many of us are still quarantining, in some areas of the world, the worst has passed and restrictions are lifting. However, these pictures prove that face masks are just one part of the new normal.

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Italy Eases Some Lockdown Restrictions As Coronavirus Infection Rate FallsAntonio Masiello/Getty Images

Italian beaches

With some lockdown restrictions lifting in Italy, a few brave people enjoyed a bit of fresh air at the beach. This photo just goes to prove that we’ve all got face mask suntan lines to look forward to in our future.

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Senate Committee Holds Hearing On New Technologies To Help Create COVID-19 TestsPool/Getty Images

United States Senate

Here in the United States, Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennesee adjusts his reusable face mask as he prepares for a day working for the health and safety of American citizens. Here’s what you should know before trying to DIY your own reusable face mask.

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UK In Seventh Week Of Coronavirus LockdownCatherine Ivill/Getty Images

London walkers

In London, the streets aren’t exactly hustling and bustling like they used to be, but here two women taking a walk. Now, even if you aren’t getting near others, face masks are still a good idea.

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UK In Seventh Week Of Coronavirus LockdownGuy Smallman/Getty Images

Peaceful protests in the United Kingdom

Masked protesters from the National Education Union in the United Kingdom are met by a masked police officer as they march—six feet apart from one another, of course—to demand that safety criteria called for by their Trade Union are adhered to before schools reopen. Want your own colorful, fun, face mask? Disney is making character face masks—and donating the profits.

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Kitesurfing protective gear

Near Rome, Italy, one of the co-owners of the Tsunami Kitesurf school shows us that there’s one more piece of protective gear you’ll have to add to your kitesurfing kit: a face mask.

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Munich Dirndl Designer Produces Protective Face MasksAlexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

German designs

A flight attendant and dirndl designer presents her designs for reusable masks, a market which once was rather a niche, but is now in high demand. Here’s how to disinfect your reusable face mask.

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Italy Eases Some Lockdown Restrictions As Coronavirus Infection Rate FallsEmanuele Cremaschi/Getty Images

Italian markets

While Italy is still on lockdown here, some businesses, like this food stall, have been allowed to reopen.

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Macedonia’s protective measures

Macedonia was quick to shut schools and shops and ban gatherings after the first cases reached them in March. This couple has taken face masks a bit further than the rest of us with actual gas masks. Costco is about to require all shoppers to wear face masks starting in May. Do you think they’ll let us get away with gas masks?

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Japan Extends Nationwide Coronavirus State Of EmergencyCarl Court/Getty Images

Japanese bikers

These bikers near the Imperial Palace may not be wearing helmets, but they have donned some safety gear: face masks. Despite the slow down of coronavirus infections in Japan, the state of emergency has been extended by the Japanese Prime Minister, and citizens are taking their health very seriously.

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Traditional Fish Market Reopening In CataniaFabrizio Villa/Getty Images

Catania fish markets

No flimsy cotton mask for this fish vendor in Catania even on their first day open. He has opted for a full shield face mask. Of course, the vendors are staying safe, but should you be wearing a face mask when grocery shopping?

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Border control

You may be able to cross the border between Austria and Germany, but expect to see the German police carrying out car control to be wearing face masks, too.

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France Remains Cautious About Easing Of Coronavirus LockdownPascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Parisian statues

Protective masks are even seen on the statues of Trocadero square. This reminds us of these oddly peaceful photos of empty cities during quarantine.

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Shopping in Israel

The Shuk HaCarmel marketplace in Tel Aviv has reopened after being closed for more than a month, but despite the lowered restrictions, shoppers will still be wearing masks for the foreseeable future.

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Coronavirus Lockdown in London, 7 MayBarcroft Media/Getty Images

London bus

Expecting to get back on public transit when lockdown ends in your area? Take a note from this traveler: wear a mask. Just be sure you aren’t making these critical face mask mistakes when you do.

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Nancy PelosiTom Williams/Getty Images

Capitol masks

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been a strong advocate of masks, so if you do catch a glimpse of her in Washington, D.C., you’ll definitely see her looking like this.

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Two nuns wearing face mask walk in a street of Seville on May 7, 2020, as the country prepares to ease its tough lockdown measures. – Spain’s parliament voted to extend the country’s state of emergency, allowing stringent coronavirus lockdown measures to remain in place for at least two more weeks. (Photo by CRISTINA QUICLER / AFP) (Photo by CRISTINA QUICLER/AFP via Getty Images)

The streets of Spain

On a street in Seville, Spain, two nuns take extra precaution by adding face masks to their habits. Speaking of city streets, you’ll get a laugh out of what these animals have been up to while all the humans were quarantined.

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A Monk Wearing A Facemask At Semarang TempleBarcroft Media/Getty Images

Solo celebration

Near the statues of the Mahavira Graha Temple in Semarang City, a monk walks alone, still wearing a face mask, while celebrating Buddhist Vesak day the social distance way.

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Maintaining Social Distancing at the MosqueBarcroft Media/Getty Images

Boarding students

Students at Al Kautsar Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia practice good social distancing and proper face mask etiquette while in a Mosque. Being able to be less than six feet apart is just one of the things we’re all looking forward to doing when social distancing ends.

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Art Exhibition On COVID-19 Prevention And Control In ChongqingChina News Service/Getty Images

Heartbreaking art exhibition

A face mask-wearing worker walks by a truly heartbreaking painting that is part of an art exhibition on novel coronavirus prevention and control at the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute.

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Turkish athlete trains at home during Covid-19 pandemicAnadolu Agency/Getty Images

Training at home

While sports events in Turkey may have been canceled, athletes like gymnast Umit Samiloglu continue to train at home, with a face mask, of course! Missing sports? Here are some wonderful things that will never get canceled.

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Face mask cuties

Who knew face masks could be so adorable! These Palestinian girls are attending a graduation ceremony from the Police Academy but they’re ready to help each other stay safe against COVID-19.

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Primary Students Return To School In HuhhotChina News Service/Getty Images

Students returning to school

Students may be returning to primary school in Huhhot City, but life isn’t back to the way it was for them. The new normal in their classrooms involves mandatory face masks. Schools in your area probably aren’t opening any time soon. Here’s what to do when your whole life gets canceled.

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Safety stations

The new normal also includes things like this safety station in Belgium. This machine sells face masks and other safety necessities.

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Daily Life In Barcelona Amid Coronavirus EmergencyNurPhoto/Getty Images

Dog walker

Giving your dog a walk is one thing most pet owners considered absolutely mandatory even during the lockdown. But even if you did get the chance to slip outside, this man from Barcelona shows us all it’s best to do the task while wearing a face mask. Of course the question remains, should your dog be wearing a pet mask?

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Coronavirus: Italy enters Phase TwoNurPhoto/Getty Images

Subway safety

We’ve never seen a subway with everyone this far apart! These Italian commuters aren’t just required to space out, the masks and gloves they’re wearing are also mandatory during this stage of lockdown. Taking personal space a bit more seriously is just one of the ways everyday habits could (and should!) change after coronavirus.

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