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Photos: Weird Toilet Designs from Around the World

From the stylish to the surreal, we've rounded up some of the most astounding toilets around.

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Rock and roll:

These Rolling Stones-inspired urinals might do the trick.

Source: CBS News

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Minimalist chic:

Galvanized metal buckets serve as urinals at
a bar in Bratislava.

Source: Yahoo Totaltravel

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Portable potty?

For someone who always wants to find a toilet on the go.

Source: CBS News

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There’s something fishy about this toilet tank:

Maybe because it doubles as a fish tank?!

Source: CBS News

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When ladies go to the powder room together:

Friends can actually do
their business side by side at this Swedish nightclub.

Source: Yahoo Totaltravel

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Right above Cafe Dung:

This bizarre prototype building design features apartments in the “tank” of a
giant toilet.

Source: Yahoo Totaltravel

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A little privacy, please:

mysterious, shiny cube on the streets of London houses a toilet, with one-way mirrored walls allowing occupants
to look out in all directions.

Source: Yahoo Totaltravel

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Keep your hands off the … art?

This water-themed bathroom at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center in Wisconsin feels like walking into an installation.

Source: Travel + Leisure

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Try sitting on this throne:

Could this be where the popular toilet nickname comes from? 

Source: CBS News

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Rocky ride:

This wooden rocking chair-toilet combination from Finland invites you to sit and stay a while.

Source: Flickr

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