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7 Genius Uses for Pine Needles

Last year Americans purchased almost 26 million farm-grown Christmas trees; while there are different types to choose from the vastly most popular are pine. Hold onto your holiday joy longer by repurposing the pine leaves before you toss your tree.


Mulch for your spring garden

Though warmer weather seems far away you may want to try using pine needles as mulch. The longer bits usually lock themselves together which allows them to last longer than typical mulch, which can blow away. Layer no more than three inches on top of the ground. Pine needles in your garden also helps deter dogs, cats, and moles. Find out these gardening tips your garden center won’t share.


Cure stinky feet

Add pine needles to a bucket or tub of warm water. Then soak your tired feet for 10 to 15 minutes. Its natural antibacterial properties not only leave your feet smelling better but can also get rid of nasty germs that may be growing between your sweaty toes.


Some like it hot

You can use pine needles instead of paper to get a fireplace fire going. Just layer them between the kindling and wood. Imagine that smell emanating all over the house—it’s like Christmas every day.


Naturally fresh

One of our favorite pine needle uses is DIY sachets. Run to your local craft store and purchase sachet bags and add pine needles to them. You can place them in your drawers and hang them in your closets and cars. Try these tips to keep your Christmas tree fresh for WAY longer.


Ditch the seafood smell

If the last time you cooked fish and the scent it left behind was too much to bare try boiling boil pine needles with cinnamon sticks. The aroma will neutralize just about any overwhelming bad smells.


Keep the weeds at bay

In a study conducted on how best to keep weeds away from blueberry plants investigators tested seafood waste compost, manure, sawdust, and pine needles mulches. Pine needles were the most effective at keeping weeds in check. Sprinkle them all throughout your flower beds.


Natural cleanser

Instead of buying a cleaner in the store, you can combine pine needles with vinegar and let sit for a few weeks to make a DIY cleaner. Check your surface instructions before applying. Next, read about these secrets your Christmas tree wishes you knew.