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40 Plus-Size Halloween Costumes That Are Perfect for Halloween 2022

Thanks to these size-inclusive Halloween costumes, you can join in all the fun on October 31

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40 Plus Size Halloween Costumes Via Merchant
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Plus-size Halloween costumes: more style, bigger selections

Dressing up for Halloween is always a treat—unless you’re plus sized, in which case it’s probably a little tricky. While people who wear standard sizes have always had their pick of Halloween costumes—there are easy Halloween costumes, scary Halloween costumes, even punny Halloween costumes— plus-size Halloween costumes have been hard to come by.

Luckily, that’s beginning to change, as Halloween costumes are finally becoming more size inclusive. Plus-size Halloween costumes are more comfortable, flattering and confidence-boosting than ever before, so you can be cute, creepy or a classic character at any size. We’ve found dozens of great Halloween costume ideas for women and men that prove the only time size does matter is when it comes to the candy bars you’re giving out.

Kim Kardashian's Halloween Party
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Wonder Woman costume

Channel your inner warrior with a celeb-inspired Wonder Woman. You’ll need a red, white and blue bodysuit, belt, cape, wrist gauntlets and, of course, a signature gold tiara with a red star. You might want to wear some of the best plus-size shapewear underneath.

Shop Tiara

Little red riding hood
urbazon/Getty Images

Little Red Riding Hood costume

My, what a creative costume this is! Consider adding a picnic basket—the better to hold your Halloween treats with!

Shop Little Red Riding Hood Costume

Strong angry Viking on his ship
Khosrork/Getty Images

Viking costume

Don the horned hat that defines the seafaring warriors and take off on an adventure of your own. Just try not to raid your children’s candy. Speaking of candy, find out your favorite candy based on your zodiac sign.

Shop Viking Hat

YURI GRIPAS/Getty Images

Glinda costume

Are you a good witch or a bad witch? This pretty in pink costume will remind you that you’ve always had the power to bring down the house. Extra points if you trick-or-treat in a bubble.

Shop Glinda Costume

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Angel costume

When you feel like winging it, this angelic set is pure heaven. For something naughtier, learn the origins of creepy Halloween monsters.

Shop Angel Costume

Confident plump female with mouse ears
max-kegfire/Getty Images

Minnie Mouse costume

Minnie is always a hit and easy to pull off at the last minute with a set of Minnie Mouse ears. Tee-hee! You can even make your own DIY Disney Halloween costume.

Shop Minnie Mouse Headband

Comic Con attendee poses in the costumes during Comic Con...
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Superman costume

Wear that S proudly on your chest—but change into the Man of Steel at home, not in a public phone booth, please.

Shop Superman Costume

Comic Con attendees pose in the costumes during Comic Con...
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Super Mario Brothers costume

Here’s an adorable couples costume: Mario and his trusty sidekick Luigi.

Shop Super Mario Costume

MCM London Comic Con 2019
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Wayne’s World costume

This most excellent set lets you party on in true Wayne’s World style. Wayne and Garth would approve.

Shop T-Shirt and Hat

MCM London Comic Con 2019
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Maleficent costume

Pay homage to one of Disney’s most iconic villains, horns and all. Woe to anyone who doesn’t give you the candy of your choice.

Shop Headdress

Spooky Ghost Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Ghost costume

This spooky costume may be ghostly, but it’s such a standout, you’re unlikely to be invisible! (You can always opt for a sheet instead for an easy DIY adult Halloween costume.)

Shop Ghost Costume

Plus Size Bumble Bee Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Bumblebee costume

With its striped tunic and hood, this honey of a costume is bound to create a lot of buzz—just like these Halloween jokes.

Shop Bee Costume

Bridgerton Season 2 & The Queen's Ball: Exclusive Preview Event
Charley Gallay/Getty Images

Bridgerton costume

This lovely Regency dress is so fashionable, Lady Whistledown would be happy to wear it—or write about it.

Shop Dress

Adult Plus Size White Bunny Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Bunny costume

Hop to it, pull up this faux-furry jumpsuit and watch the compliments multiply.

Shop Bunny Costume

Participants marching on skeleton costumes during the...
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Skeleton costume

Make no bones about it: This costume proves that it’s what’s underneath that counts. If you like the looks of this one, you’ll love these skeleton puns.

Shop Skeleton Mask

friendly kind mime congratulating all women with Mother's day
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Mime costume

This costume is for the strong but silent type who know that actions speak louder than words.

Shop Mime Costume

Image of a beautiful woman posing in a fairy costume on a pink background
Diamond Dogs/Getty Images

Fairy costume

When it comes to granting Halloween wishes, it’s all about the wand.

Shop Wands

Woman in Hot Dog Costume
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Hot dog costume

Hot diggity dog! You’ll relish this one. Speaking of dogs, here are some creative Halloween costumes for dogs!

Shop Hot Dog Costume

Classic Flinstones Wilma Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Wilma Flintstone costume

WILMA! This iconic cartoon character is the bedrock of classic Halloween costumes. For cute couples Halloween costumes, have the guy in your life dress like Fred.

Shop Wilma Costume

Happy friends and a Gorilla Taking Photo with Mobile Phone
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Gorilla costume

Everyone will go bananas over this furry monkey suit.

Shop Gorilla Costume

Plus Size Yellow Banana Costume Ecomm Via Fun.com
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Banana costume

Speaking of bananas, this cheery yellow costume has lots of appeal.

Shop Banana Costume

Pre Teen Boy Dressed up as a Cactus for Halloween
Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

Cactus costume

This costume is perfect for making sure no one gets too close to your candy.

Shop Olive Hoodie

Young woman as Mona Lisa on dark background. Retro style, comparison of eras concept.
master1305/Getty Images

Mona Lisa costume

A masterpiece that proves life imitates art.

Shop Mona Lisa Costume

Womens Plus Size Jessie Classic Costume Ecomm Via Walmart.com
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Jessie Toy Story costume

Bring Bonnie’s favorite toy to life with this classic cowgirl. Add Woody, Buzz and the rest of the gang for great family Halloween costumes.

Shop Costume

Portrait of funny funky fat santa claus with big belly raise fists scream yeah have luck celebrate newyear x-mas party wear suspenders modern red spectacles isolated over blue color background
Deagreez/Getty Images

Santa Claus costume

Ho, ho, ho! Merry Halloween! Wear red and white, then top with Santa’s classic hat. What actually happens when Halloween and Christmas mix? Check out one of our favorite Halloween movies to find out.

Shop Santa Hat

Heidi Klum's 19th Annual Halloween Party
TheStewartofNY/Getty Images

Princess Fiona costume

One more reason to go green: Just like Shrek, you may find yourself accidentally in love.

Shop Green Makeup

JuFagundes/Getty Images

Ballerina costume

This is just tutu cute.

Shop Tutu

Woman in vampire costume outdoors.
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Vampire costume

Indulge your sweet tooth (or fang, depending on your preference) in this head-to-toe black look. Get in the spirit by reading one of these books about vampires.

Shop Fangs

Deluxe Mens Toga Costume Ecomm Via Amazon.com
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Toga costume

When in Rome—or wherever you’re celebrating Halloween—it’s time for a toga party!

Shop Toga Costume

California Costumes Disco Dazzler Plus Size Costume Ecomm Via Target.com
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Disco costume

What to wear when you have a case of Saturday Night Fever? Cue the disco ball.

Shop Disco Costume

London Film And Comic Con 2019
Ollie Millington/Getty Images

Thor costume

It’s hammer time! Internalize the power of Mjolnir, the not-so-secret weapon belonging to the Norse god of thunder, and watch lightning strike.

Shop Thor Hammer

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A League of Their Own costume

There’s no crying in baseball—or on Halloween—thanks to this Rockford Peaches uniform that hits it out of the park.

Shop Baseball Costume

Deluxe Adult Hulk Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Incredible Hulk costume

Who needs to go to the gym? This is the easiest way to bulk up and get those superhero muscles.

Shop Hulk Costume

Funny plump person in sailor costume holds smoking pipe and beer on light blue background
Yaroslav Astakhov/Getty Images

Captain costume

Ahoy, matey. Get ready to set sail and be a star in these stripes topped off with a classic hat.

Shop Captain's Hat

Actress during the play in outdoor theatre

Forest queen costume

Plant a floral crown on your head and let nature take its course.

Shop Floral Crown

MCM London Comic Con 2019
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Joker costume

Holy Halloween! This red suit along with some green hair dye will turn you into Batman’s nemesis, no joke.

Shop Green Hair Dye

Plus Size Beast Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Beast costume

This beauty of a costume is officially licensed by Disney and represents a tale as old as time.

Shop Beast Costume

Little Mermaid Ursula Costume Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Ursula costume

The Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid may look like an octopus, but she’s simply one of Disney’s juiciest villains, on land or under the sea.

Shop Ursula Costume

Plus Size Grease Ladies Jacket Ecomm Via Halloweencostumes.com
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Grease costume

Go back to the ’50s to pay tribute to Sandy and the Pink Ladies with this officially licensed satin jacket.

Shop Pink Jacket

Portrait of a Scary Evil Clown. Studio shot with horrible face art
Cavan Images/Getty Images

Scary clown costume

Looking for a terrifying Halloween costume? This is IT. Complete the look with Halloween face painting!

Shop Clown Costume

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