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7 Ponytail Hacks You Need to Try

Give your standard ponytail a major upgrade with these easy and stylish tricks.

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Keep it dry

“Let your hair dry before putting it up,” says says Alli Webb, hairstylist, founder of Drybar salons and author of The Drybar Guide to Good Hair For All. This will save you from damage. Wet hair is much more fragile than dry hair, making it more prone to breakage and splitting. Learn more about keeping your hair healthy with these nighttime habits that ruin your hair.

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Know when to brush

A brush with soft boar bristles is best for smoothing bumps on the top of your head that occur when you’re wrapping the elastic around your ponytail. But “if you’re trying to achieve a ponytail with more texture, use your fingers to smooth bumpy hair,” says Webb. Check out the 12 worst things you can do to your hair.


Choose the perfect elastic

“The best type of elastic for securing a ponytail is a clear elastic or a band that is the same color as your hair,” says Webb. “As these elastics blend in, they provide a clean, sophisticated look while keeping your hair in place.” No more mismatching or clashing with your clothes! Read about the 11 fashion hacks that make your outfit look expensive.


Wrap it up

The easiest way to step up your pony game? Try the “Wrap Pony,” says Webb. Simply take a ½-inch strand of hair from the bottom of your pony, wrap it around the base, and pin it to conceal the hair band. Check out these 19 DIY treatments for your hair.

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Take it higher

For a voluminous, bouncy ponytail, Webb recommends a super high style. Pull all of your hair to the crown of your head, instead of towards the middle, and secure with an elastic. Find out the 38 secrets your hairstylist won’t tell you.


Stay slick

One of Webb’s favorite trends is the “Slick Back Pony,” which involves slicking your hair back with a great holding spray before securing, rather than after. You’ll get that smooth, runway-ready model look. Here, more ways you can use your go-to hair spray.


Use your fingers

Is your pony looking and feeling flat? Tousle and finger comb the pulled-back part for a fuller look. “Run your fingers from the crown of your head and pull forward to add more volume to the style,” says Webb. Discover what your hairstyle says about your personality.

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