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17 Home Organizing Tools with Nearly Perfect Reviews on Amazon

You'll soon see why these top-rated organizing tools have fans who give them all five stars. Try one of these to solve your most challenging clutter problem.

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storage cubevia

If you dislike visible clutter

More than 4,000 reviewers can’t be wrong; they all love this set of 6 Sorbus Storage Cubes. Called “a storage delight” by one reviewer these cubes come in your choice of 12 colors, which means you are sure to find one that complements your decor. Each cube is a generous 11-inches by 10.5-inches and folds to under 1-inch when not in use. Perfect for concealing clutter; try them on a shelf in the pantry, under a table in the living room, in a clothes closet, and in a child’s room. Is your kitchen a mess? Start with these 41 organizing tips you won’t believe you lived without.

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USB Charging hubvia

If your charging cables get tangled

Tired of unruly charging cables? This Ventev USB Charging Hub is the answer to your problem. Compact and simple it can charge up to six devices at the same time. Reviews don’t get better than this five-star comment, “This is the bomb-digity of bomb-digity. The best purchase ever!”

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wine rack via amazon.comvia

If you own too many travel mugs

If you’re frustrated by your cup collection toppling out of your kitchen cabinets, the mDesign Bottle Organizer is for you. This set of four gives you a total of 20 slots to slide cups in and out of, which means nothing gets stuck at the back of the cabinet. This review says it all, “This completely transformed the cabinet!”

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pantry rackvia

If your bakeware keeps tipping over

DecoBros Kitchen Houseware Rack is a popular solution to transform the tall stack of baking pans. “I can’t believe it took me so long to discover these things.” writes one reviewer. The organizer fits cutting boards, cookie sheets, and muffin tins. Instead of stacking and re-stacking pans just slide the one you need out of the rack. One reviewer offered a clever alternative for how to use this rack, “I used to stack my laptop and tablet on top of each other, but now they are standing up in this holder.”

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hanging organizervia

If you have wasted storage spots

If you need more storage space, look no further than the back of almost any door in your home. Only 18 inches wide the SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Organizer fits most doors, comes as a pack of two, and each has 15 clear pockets to store stuff. One comment reads, “I like that the pockets are clear, so articles are visible. No fumbling through pockets to find what you want.” The best news is you don’t need any hardware and the hooks for hanging are low profile.

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spice rackvia

If your countertops are cluttered

“Couldn’t be happier!” claims one reviewer about this sturdy Two Tier Standing Rack. For use in cabinets, on shelves, or countertops in the kitchen, bathroom, craft room, or just about anywhere else in your home or office. One reviewer explains, “I love this item. I first bought one and then I purchased a second.” At a little over 11″ wide and about 10″ tall, this rack takes up a small footprint while offering tons of storage on the two shelves. Speaking of, you’ll want to find out the 10 things you shouldn’t be storing on your kitchen countertop.

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bamboo cutlery drawer organizervia

If you’re tired of cluttered drawers

Don’t waste an inch of drawer space, keep things from getting lost, and see everything at a glance with this Bellemain Bamboo Drawer Organizer. More than two thousand fans gave this organizer five stars! Crafted to easily expand, it goes from six to eight compartments so this organizer will fit in almost any size drawer. One reviewer boasted that after buying these she is “So proud of my kitchen, bathroom, and ‘junk’ drawer spaces.”

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If your stored items are difficult to reach

Turn difficult to reach spots into functional storage spaces by adding a Madesmart Classic 10″ Turntable. Consider adding one on a cabinet shelf, or inside the refrigerator, or even the pantry. Instead of trying to reach items in the way back just turn the table and the item comes to you. The non-slip base and a soft-grip top prevent sliding. One reviewer shared her unique use, her turntable holds heavy potted plants making them easy to turn to ensure even sun exposure.

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letter trayvia

If you’re frustrated by piles of paperwork

Five tilted trays are the perfect place to sort all that mail and paperwork. As one reviewer puts it, “I was tired of pending ‘stuff’ in small piles all over my kitchen.” This Simple Housewares Letter Organizer solves that problem. At just over 4″ deep the organizer can be wall-mounted or sit on a flat surface. The lower shelf is perfect for keeping small stationary items within reach. Purging papers? First, check out these 10 financial documents to never throw away.

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broom hangervia

If your cleaning supplies are a mess

The Onmier Multipurpose Wall Mounted Organizer comes in a two pack and with 6 hooks each, so you have lots of slots to hang your cleaning tools. One reviewer says, “I love that I can pop my brooms, dust mops and mop into a slot and they’re off the floor and out of the way.” But cleaning tools are not the only thing to store here; try sporting equipment like racquets and bats and lawn and garden items like rakes.

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laundry basketvia

If you need temporary storage

Available in nine colors and multiple themes, these Mesh Popup Laundry Hampers are for more than just dirty clothes; they’re popup storage wherever you need it. Open one when you are organizing to sort the clutter. Grab one for your beach trip to tote things to the shore. Pack one for vacation as the place to toss your laundry. They fold flat making them easy to store when not in use. With durable handles, you can tote your belongings with you and, as one reviewer put it, “you can’t have too many of these.”

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stackable containervia

If you have things to pack away

Available in five colors the Sorbus Stackable Container is a five-star solution for longer term storage. Sturdy and portable your items are well protected, and thanks to the clear window with a zipper opening you can easily see and access what’s inside. Don’t delay picking these up—a recurring comment was “I wish I’d had these long ago!” Wondering how much you can pack into one container? One review noted getting 15 pairs of jeans in one and over 50 t-shirts in another. Just make sure you’re not making any of these 10 clothing storage mistakes.

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mesh shopping bagsvia

If you misplace little things

These Reusable Mesh Bags were designed as an earth-friendly alternative to the plastic, produce bags. Tear resistant up to 11 pounds, machine washable, with a zipper closure you’ll find yourself reaching for them again and again. You get a total of 15, in three sizes so try them for earbuds and charging cables, craft supplies, toiletries, and make-up, even laundering delicate items. One reviewer reminds you to take them with you when you grocery shop, she wrote, “I used the self-checkout and I was able to see the produce labels through the mesh.”

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drawer dividersvia

If you lose socks

The Simple Houseware Dresser Drawer Organizer is the answer to messy sock and underwear drawers. You get two large, two medium, and two small fabric boxes in your choice of six colors. And these boxes keep your socks organized too! With all five-star reviews, a popular comment was having bought one set and loved it so much, they came back for a second.

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chrome shelvingvia

If you constantly trip over shoes

A sturdy, no tool assembly Chrome Wire Shelving Unit is just what you need to keep your everyday footwear organized. Just 14 inches deep and 24 inches long (other lengths are available) it offers two shelves for plenty of shoe storage. Perfect for the floor of your hall or clothes closet, the entryway, or even the garage, reviewer claims to have it, “set up in less than ten minutes.” You should also check out these 12 closet organizing mistakes.

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If you have trash to toss

Tossing the trash helps to keep your home clutter-free so you need a durable trash can like the S.P. Richards Company Wastebasket. As one reviewer said so well, “What can I say? It’s a trash bin, it collects trash, and it’s great!” You can fit a lot of stuff into this small 28-quart rectangular wastebasket.

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metal shelf organizervia

If you have a lot of things to stow away

If you need more storage, then opt for this Tangkula 4-Tier Space-Saving Storage Rack. You can stack boxes and bins on shelves where they will be safe. Reviewers love that they can adjust the height of the shelves and that the screw rubber feet allow the unit to be leveled on an uneven surface. With a weight capacity of 444 pounds, you can store a lot of stuff. While you’re cleaning up your garage, keep an eye out for these 10 hidden treasures that could be in your garage right now.

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