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22 Bold Predictions of How Future Houses Will Look

Drone car? Are you serious?

Future City on the coast.3d renderiurii/Shutterstock

The home of the future is looking increasingly smart. Someday soon, your refrigerator may tell you when your vegetables are going bad, your TV might inform you when you need to take your medicine, and your kids might be playing in the backyard with a robot.

“People are living longer, they’re working out of their homes, and want to age in their homes,” says James Canton, CEO of the Institute for Global Futures and author of Future Smart: Managing the Game-Changing Trends That Will Transform Your World. “Now you’re going to see a whole new generation of devices that are going to provide even more value and security.”

Most homes are already equipped with WiFi technology and the cellular service to use some of these innovations, Canton says. The technology is becoming more powerful and less expensive. People will just need the software and equipment. Here are some new devices you might one day have in your home:

GE kitchen hubCourtesy GE Appliances

GE Kitchen Hub

Home chefs will absolutely love this fully integrated kitchen smart hub. With a centrally located dashboard, this home automation device features a WiFi- and Bluetooth-enabled 27-inch touchscreen that’s situated right above your stove. Features include stovetop-facing cameras for your social media presence or cooking class videos, video calling, music streaming and the ability to watch Netflix while you cook. It can also be controlled with the voice-enabled assistant named Geneva. The hub also doubles as a functioning exhaust hood!

tiny home granny podCourtesy Wind River Tiny Homes

Aging Close to Loved Ones

A granny pod (a general term, not a brand) sits in the yard of the main home where the caregiver lives. Care must be taken to make sure the locale permits a granny pod on an existing lot.

tesla solar roofvia

Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla’s solar roof design will be a sleek way to incorporate solar panels into a home’s design without losing any aesthetic appeal. First, though, consider whether solar power is right for you.

solar power roadFabio Berti/Shutterstock

Solar Road

It might not be a feature of your house but the road that leads to your house could be paved with solar power in the future. It could even be your driveway, too. The Netherlands created the world’s first solar road back in 2015 and it’s generating enough electricity to power a small household. In the U.S. Solar Roadways received crowdfunding for a project to power the entire country with solar-covered roads. The road in the Netherlands is made of glass, silicon rubber, and concrete. They’re strong enough to support 12-ton fire trucks.


Laundroid Laundry Folding Robot

No more folding laundry? Where do you sign up? The Laundroid will fold your laundry, for $16,000. Seven Dreamers, a tech company, created the Laundroid, which uses artificial intelligence to recognize a piece of clothing, folds it, and has it ready for you to wear. For more technology that can make household tasks easier, here are some smart appliances you can buy. That said, progress isn’t always positive. find out some ways technology can be detrimental to your health.

robot vacuumvia

Robot Cleaners

It’s pretty nice to sit around and let a robot vacuum the carpet for you but it’s just the beginning. You can already buy robots that mop, clean your pool, and feed your pets. Pretty soon they’ll all be connected to one device that you can set up a schedule so they’ll automatically do their task.

Ring doorbellvia

Doors That Will Recognize You

The door will automatically lock after you leave and open when you arrive when it scans your face. It will also allow a delivery person into your home to drop off packages while a robot can place your groceries and other goods precisely where they need to go after your refrigerator orders you more food. For more helpful devices, here are some really cool smart appliances that are worth every penny.

kohler smart toiletvia

Smart Toilet

There are already smart toilets, but soon your toilet is going to be able to analyze your health in real time. Whether you want health information from your toilet is another question.

drone car drone helicopterChesky/Shutterstock

Drone Cars

The concepts are already out there for a drone car. Italdesign and Airbus have revealed designs for a drone that converts into a car. And Boeing tested a prototype of a passenger air vehicle in January 2019. Then there’s a Filipino inventor who created a drone car. It doesn’t have wheels but it looks pretty awesome.


High-Rise Living

Samsung released a report back in 2016 that predicted what life would look like in 100 years and it included some out-of-this-world possibilities. Among the first predictions, the SmartThings Future Living Report pointed to was super skyscrapers. The report said that with carbon nanotubes and diamond nano threads it will be possible to build towering mega skyscrapers in a smaller landscape.

underground cityBNKR Arquitectura/via

Underground Cities

While Samsung is predicting going high in the sky, an architectural firm is seeing potential in going underground. BNKR Arquitectura has come up with “The Earthscraper,” a concept project that is composed of several layers of cities below Mexico City. It’s based on the pyramids the Aztecs created and it’s clever because it works around building code limits on the number of stories a structure can have. Not sold on all this futuristic stuff? Get a laugh out of these cartoons for technology-phobes.

Water World. Global environmental backgrounds for your designAse/Shutterstock

Ocean Communities

Samsung’s SmartThings Future Living Report also said that underwater cities will likely become a reality. The water itself will be used to create breathable atmospheres and produce hydrogen fuel.

A large bed in a spacious, dark bedroom standing between a shelf with books and ornaments and a bedside table with

More Bedrooms

Porch came up with a report that looked at census data to predict what a house will look like in about 20 years and believes that houses will have more bedrooms. Porch predicts houses will have three or four bedrooms in the future. But first, be sure to learn about the smart home device people trust the least.

Modern grey designer bathroom with herringbone shower tilingJodie Johnson/Shutterstock

More Baths

Porch also anticipates homes with two or more full baths in the future. By 2036, Porch thinks more than half of homes will have three or more bathrooms. If you’re planning one already, here are 10 ways to save money on a bathroom renovation.

Dremel Idea Builder 3D printerFamily Handyman

3D Printers

3D printers will likely see a significant expansion to where every home will not only have one but it will be able to produce meals on par with the finest restaurants. Houses will begin to be printed by 3D printers as well, too.

LED wall lightsvia

Smart Walls

Smart walls seem kind of silly on the surface but they could mean never having to paint or decorate those walls. A smart wall will change colors to fit a mood or like this wall, replicate a sunrise.

medical devicesfam_photo/Shutterstock


Similar to how a toilet might be able to diagnose what ails you, it might be possible you won’t even have to leave your home for medical care in the future, according to Samsung’s report. Samsung is predicting that people could get a digital diagnosis, receive medicine, and maybe even a remote surgeon.

Modern refrigerator door with handle, with free space for textPatty Chan/Shutterstock

Smart refrigerators

You may not know that the milk in your fridge is past its expiration date, but the smart refrigerators of the future will be able to tell you, Canton says. And not only can they inform you, the refrigerators will be able to order replacement food and then let you know that they’ve done so with a text.

Realistic Dark Sci-Fi Corridor With Neon Arrow Lights Trough Floor 3D RenderingIM_VISUALS/Shutterstock

Lighted pathways

Do you always misplace your keys? Smart homes of the future will have a solution for that that won’t require frenzied efforts to retrace your steps. Homes of the future may include lighted pathways that will direct you to your keys by using an embedded sensor. Then find out about the things every healthy home should have.

Washing Machine (inside)Sven Hoppe/Shutterstock

Smart washing machines and dryers

Forgot to start a load of laundry? Smart washing machines will let you operate the washing machine remotely by using your phone.

Moscow, Russia - October 1, 2017: Sophia humanoid robot at Open Innovations Conference at Skolokovo technoparkAnton Gvozdikov/Shutterstock

Robot playmates

While it remains to be seen whether people will come to prefer robots to humans in their homes, ones that are modeled after humans could become a regular sight in people’s backyards. These robots could be used to perform manual tasks like gardening, Canton says. Or they could even “endlessly play soccer with Johnny.”

Tokyo, Japan - August 2018: Unidentified woman playing with Aibo during a demonstration in Sony Showroom in TokyoTaner Muhlis Karaguzel/Shutterstock

Robotic pets

Are you allergic to pets? You may one day be able to buy a digital robotic pet to keep you company. “The best part about it is that you don’t have to feed them,” Canton says, “and they don’t have any fleas.” Not sold on giving up on a flesh-and-blood canine or kitty? Instead, take a look at one of the 15 coolest tech products you’ll want to buy this year.


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