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36 Free Printable Mother’s Day Cards She’ll Love

Funny or sweet, thoughtful or classic, simple or elaborate—we'll help you find the perfect Mother's Day card to bring that your mom will love.

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Here’s your reminder: Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9, 2021

There’s the mom that birthed you. But there is also your mother-in-law, sister who is pregnant and about to become a mom, your grandmothers, adoptive moms, women who were like a mom to you, and the mother of your children. Of course, you want to honor them on Mother’s Day, the holiday dedicated to moms, but that can feel like a lot of pressure—fortunately, these printable Mothers Day cards make it easy to look like a superstar kid. Just follow our easy steps:

Step 1: Find the perfect printable Mothers Day card.

Step 2: Write a heartfelt, funny, silly, or sweet message. Start with our guide for what to write in a Mother’s Day card. Get some inspiration from Mother’s Day quotes, Mother’s Day poems, and mom memes.

To help you find the best card for the mother (or mothers!) in your life, we rounded up the best free printable online Mother’s Day cards.

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love you mama bear mothers day cardvia

Love you mama bear!

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“Love you mama bear!” Got a tough but tender mom? This free printable Mother’s Day card from Greetings Island is perfect for the protective mommy. You can customize and print a 5×7 card or make it into an e-card if you can’t wait to send it. Write one of these funny mom quotes on the inside and you’ll have her cry-laughing.

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kids coloring mothers day cardvia

Coloring for kids

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This free printable coloring card from ProFlowers is the perfect solution for kids who want to make their mom a colorful card but need a little help with the design. With clear guidelines for cutting and folding instructions, this is suitable for even the littlest of littles (with some adult help, of course!). Pair it with a bouquet of these best flowers for Mother’s Day and you’ll hit a home run.

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mad libs mothers day cardvia

Mad libs for moms

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The only thing more fun than a game of Mad Libs and more thoughtful than a handwritten Mother’s Day card is a printable Mad Libs Mother’s Day card that kids can fill in. ProFlowers has you covered with an easy-to-download and print color PDF. In addition to a card, mom will love one of these thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas.

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gift card for Mothers dayvia

Mother’s Day bouquet

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Keep it simple by printing out this beautifully designed free card by The House That Lars Built or take it up a notch by decorating it with tissue paper flowers. The 3-D touch will have mom swooning and who doesn’t love a little craft? We also have the best last-minute Mother’s Day gifts to go along with your card.

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cool mom mothers day cardvia

The cool mom

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“You’re not like a regular mom, you’re a cool mom.” Your mom isn’t like all of those other ordinary moms, she’s one of the coolest, funniest people you know! Tell her with this funny, simple card from Say Yes. Be sure to include a note with a favorite memory of her being cool (or trying to be). Cool moms will also appreciate these hilarious mom memes.

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Having babies like a boss cardvia

Having babies, like a boss

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“Having babies, like a boss!” Men: Having babies is hard work and your wife is a pro. Let her know how proud of her you are with this hilarious printable card from Say Yes. Add a couple of baby handprints from your little one (use non-toxic, washable paint) for maximum “awwww” effect. She’ll also love these Mother’s Day gifts from Amazon.

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Bouquet mothers day cardvia

Pop-up flower bouquet

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Everyone knows that pop-up cards are the best kind of cards but they can be tricky to DIY. Use this free printable Mother’s Day from A Piece of Rainbow to make a card with a beautiful 3-D pop-up bouquet inside. Don’t worry, the printable includes all the pieces you need and instructions. These are more DIY Mother’s Day gifts that she’s sure to cherish.

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moms are magical mothers day cardvia

Moms are magical

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“To a magical mom!” Little girls who love unicorns often have moms who also love unicorns. Share the magic with this customizable card from Greetings Island. It’s also available as an e-card. Play her one of these Mother’s Day songs if you really want to see her tear up.

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Mothers day cardvia

Sweet sentiments

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Sometimes a sweet, heartfelt message is the best way to share your love and admiration for your beloved mom. This printable card from A Night Owl hits that sweet spot with a tender message: “All that I am or hope to be I owe to my mother.” We also love these tender Mother’s Day quotes.

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Thanks for feeding me momvia

Thanks for feeding me

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“Thank you for feeding me, mom” Moms with a sense of humor will love this adorable little pot with a sweet message, from Flipsnack. It shows your love while also acknowledging her cooking skills. After all, moms feed people, it’s what we do!

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printable mothers day cardsvia

Mother’s Day pennant

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“Out of all the moms in the world, I’m so glad you are mine!” Some cards are just meant to be displayed, like these cute typography cards. Free Pretty Things For You offers the design in multiple sizes and shapes, including pennants for hanging decoratively or gift tags. (While you’re thinking about her, this is why you should call your mom more often!)

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you were right mothers day cardvia

You were totally right

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“Mom, turns out you were totally right—about everything!” Moms wait for the day when their children will finally appreciate all the time, energy, and wisdom they offered. Let your mom know that despite what teenaged you said then, you are grateful for it all now, with this free card from Dating Divas. She’ll also love hearing these beautiful mother-daughter quotes.

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Paintable mom cardvia

I made this for you

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“Mom you are nothing short of amazing!” If you enjoy painting and have some artistic skill, you’ll love creating this frame-worthy work of art for your mother. Ink Struck provides a printable template and step-by-step instructions for this watercolor Mother’s Day card. Now check out these short, sweet stories about all types of moms.

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My mom is mothers day cardvia

My mom is…

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This is one you’ll want to keep for years. Have a cute kiddo under 10? They’ll love filling out this survey card about mom and mom will get a kick reading how their child really sees them. Print out this funny questionnaire, color it, and use it as a Mother’s Day card or include it inside another card.

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Home is where mom is cardvia

Mom makes the home

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“Home is where mom is.” Your mom is the heart and soul of your home. Tell her how much she means to you with this simple yet elegant card from The Cottage Market. Need inspiration? Start with these Mother’s Day poems.

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Mothers day picture cardvia

Say cheese!

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Customize this simple Mother’s Day card from Greetings Island with a heart-framed picture of you and her together. There’s plenty of space to share your own sweet message and it’s something she’ll treasure for years.

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Vintage love

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Tell your mom how much you love her with this gorgeous vintage-looking card from She’s Kinda Crafty. The cute bike, the sweetly lettered message, and the bow make it eye-catching. Add in your own vintage memory to make it unforgettable.

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moms is my rock cardvia

Mom is your rock

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“Your love has always been my anchor.” Moms play a lot of changing roles as their children grow but one that stays consistent is that she’s always the one that keeps them grounded. This sweet card from Celebrating Everyday Life comes in two color schemes.

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doe and fawn printable mothers day cardvia

Doe and fawn

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“Mom, you’re a real dear.” This punny card from Catch My Party will make your mom laugh and “aw” at the same time. There’s nothing like a mom and baby animal duo to tug at the heartstrings!

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holding hands printable mothers day cardvia

Holding hands

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The days are long but the years are short and moms feel that keenly on Mother’s Day. Print out this sweet card from Catch My Party on thick cardstock and then use your little one’s handprints to personalize the inside.

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Stretch marks are a badge of honor

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“Sorry I ruined your body!” Moms sacrifice everything for their kids, including their bodies. (Although, truth to be told, the body was going to go south eventually so at least this way we got a cute kid out of it!) This printable card from Hey Let’s Make Stuff will have your mom cry-laughing.

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without wine printable mothers day cardsvia

It’s the little things

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“Thanks for going nine months without wine.” Another funny card from Hey Let’s Make Stuff to recognize what your mother gave up to give you a good life. Deliver this card with a bottle of your mom’s favorite wine and become her favorite child.

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printable sloth mothers day cardvia

Hanging around

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“Thank you for always hanging in there with me.” This cute drawing of a mom and baby sloth hanging out together will remind your mom of all the good times she had snuggling you when you were little. Download the free card from Clean and Scentsible. Make sure you don’t believe any of these new mom myths.

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Penguin mothers day cardvia

Best friends forever

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“Thank you for being my best friend” She may be your mother by birth but she’s your friend by choice. Tell mom how grateful you are for her friendship and love with this adorable penguin card from Clean and Scentsible.

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five things I love about mom cardvia

What I love most about you

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“Five things I love about you…” This free printable from Carrie Elle takes Mother’s Day cards to the next level. These sweet notes give prompts to fill out your favorite things about mom. Kids can color the designs for extra fun. Print out the tags, assemble them in a booklet and gift them to a mom for a present she won’t forget.

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keep calm and call mom cardvia

Deep breaths

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“Keep calm and call mom” What’s the first thing you do when things go wrong? Call mom of course! Moms always seem to know just what to do and say to help you feel better. This graphic card from Soho Sonnet is the perfect way to share a memory of a time your mom helped you.

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you are awesome mothers day cardvia


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“Mom, you are awesome.” This simple message is conveyed beautifully through professional calligraphy done by Saffron Avenue. The printable card leaves plenty of room for you to add your own personal touches. (Do you know why you rarely see moms in Disney movies?)

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Things I know about my mom mothers day cardvia

Things I know

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“Things I know about my amazing mom…” Kids love to help, especially when it comes to making their mom feel special. This Mother’s Day card by Kori Clark lets kids share all of the things they know—or “know”—about their moms. Expect both sweetness and hilarity.

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Mum cardvia

To my mum

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Mum, mother, mom, mama… whatever you call your mom, it’s one of the sweetest words she hears. Share your love with this bold and classic Mom card from Delia Creates. Genes are another way your mom helped you out—check out these things you didn’t know you inherited from your mom.

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God made moms printable mothers day cardvia

God made moms

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“God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. ~Rudyard Kipling” This classic floral photo card by Munofore has a tender quote on the inside. Tell your mom she is a gift straight from heaven! You can print these cards to fold in half or in quarters.

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best mom mothers day cardvia

Moms really are the best

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“Happy Mother’s Day to the best mom” Is your mom the best mom out there? Of course she is! Use this Shutterstock card to tell your mama all the reasons you think she’s the best. It turns out that moms really are superheroes.

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well I turned out greatvia

Well I turned out great

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“You’re a great mom, I turned out awesome!” A little love for her and a little love for you: This hilarious card from the Craft Patch gives compliments all around. After all, one of the nicest things you can say to a mother is to compliment her children (even if it’s the children saying it!).

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Thanks for all this mothers day card via

Thanks for all the fish

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“You always said one day I’ll thank you for all this. That day is here.” Highlight your mom’s generosity and wisdom with this funny printable from the Craft Patch. Your mom will be delighted that not only do you remember everything she’s done for you but you’re grateful for it.

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mothers day printable cardvia

Motherhood squared

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“To the world you are a mother, but to us you are the world.” These simple sayings are highlighted by the unusual shape of these square cards, designed by Six Clever Sisters. They are the perfect printable for a sweet Mother’s Day note and for framing later.

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printable mothers day cardsvia

And the envelope, too

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What’s cuter than this adorable floral Mother’s Day card? The little envelope to match! Download the template for both the card and envelope at Pinegate Road. Just make sure when writing your message that you avoid these 12 things to never say to a mom.

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multiple mothers day cardsvia

For multiple mamas

Print Now

If you’ve got more than one mother you’d like to send a card to, Anders Ruff has you covered with these four cute printable cards, all in one downloadable file. The cheery colors and bright font will have her smiling and you can personalize each one with a heartfelt message.

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