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12 Products Under $12 That Will Improve Your Home Life

Make a positive impact on the quality of your home and garden on a budget.

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Gardening finger claws

This item is ideal for the gardener who likes to take a hands-on approach! Durable garden gloves with plastic claw tips are an inexpensive item that will make your life easier when it comes to weeding, seeding, and adjusting soil layout. If you or a loved one like these garden claws, you won’t want to miss these 12 other must-have garden tools.

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Puzzling pet toys

An engaged dog is a well-behaved dog! Keep your pet’s mind working and reduce mischievous behavior with this Hide-a-Squirrel plush puzzle toy. Perfect for dogs who love pulling things apart and delight in the rewarding squeak of a toy well-chewed. You can even replace damaged individual chews with new versions, in a variety of designs from bumblebees to hedgehogs.

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magnetic wristbandvia

Magnetic wristband

Small parts can be the bane of the DIYer’s existence, and nothing can spoil the fun of a good home improvement project like an accidentally dropped screw or other fastener. Especially if you happen to be standing on a ladder at the time! Eliminate this headache with an inexpensive magnetic wrist band. Intuitive and easy to use, you’ll be able to keep small parts within reach and avoid those annoying moments spent hunting for small parts lost in a lawn or carpet fibers. Here are 11 things you should have been buying from the dollar store this whole time.

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Soil test kit

Take some of the mystery out of gardening with this soil testing kit. Notice that batteries aren’t included… because they aren’t needed! Simply insert the probes into soft soil, press the button, and watch the readout. This 3-in-1 will test for proper acidity, moisture, and light exposure. At less than $10, this soil meter can potentially pay for itself by saving the life of expensive plants outdoors or inside your home. Of course, identifying the problem is only the first step.

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BBQ bear claws

If you like the idea of garden claws you’ll be even happier to know that there is a similar tool available for the home and kitchen as well. These BBQ bear claws are designed to help shred pork and other meats, a technique that’s especially important for cooking up an extra succulent barbecue. Designed to take a beating, these dishwasher-safe tearing implements can make quick work of a traditionally tedious task.

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Wooden golf tees

Keeping wooden golf tees on hand is a surprisingly simple way to increase the quality of your home life. Why? Because they’re one of the fastest ways to repair loose hinges and re-secure screws. Loose or wobbly hinges are a regular headache, the kind of annoyance that sits on to-do lists and causes aggravation every time the door is opened or closed. If you have a wobbly door in your home or on one of your cabinets, simply back out the screws and insert a glue-coated golf tee. Once the glue is set up, cut the tee flush, and you’ve got a brand new material for the screw to bite into. These are the 18 weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

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Stainless steel odor absorber

If you’ve ever chopped onions or garlic for a meal, you’ve probably noticed how long the smell can linger on your hands. Luckily, there’s an affordable and simple solution to this annoying issue. You can eliminate many kitchen odors simply by wiping your hands on a stainless steel bar. Although it may sound like an old wives’ tale, this trick works on a molecular level, by bonding with the sulfurous source of the odor to neutralize the scent.

In fact, if you want a true low-budget solution you can simply wet your hands and wipe them up on the walls of your stainless steel kitchen sink. (Just make sure that the sink is clean, first!) This will work just as well as the bar, although it won’t add the fun, whimsical touch that this dedicated odor absorber brings to your home decor.

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Stackable mesh drying rack

Do you have clothes that aren’t intended for the dryer? If so, you know how easy it is to allow them to spread out all over the laundry room, or a spare chair, or maybe another table … the next thing you know, those clothes have taken over! Reclaim your home by confining your air-dry-only items to a contained area with these stackable mesh drying racks. This is a great way to make your living space more enjoyable, even if your laundry room is relatively small. We also have loads of ways to make the most of small spaces, including these 20 ways to organize a tiny laundry room.

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Indoor humidity sensor

Chances are that your thermostat already reports your home’s temperature, but that’s only half of the story. Depending on the weather, water issues and your activities (such as drying your clothes indoors on racks!) you may see an uptick in your home’s humidity. Keep an eye on this important metric with an indoor humidity sensorThis unit tracks highs and lows, allowing you to monitor the changes in humidity and to take action as needed to maintain a healthy humidity level in your home.

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Grow bags five-pack

Forget the expense of clunky traditional pots! Make your outdoor plants happier and healthier with these freestanding grow bags. Also known as aeration pots, they’re made of landscape fabric, allowing for greater oxygen penetration and more even distribution of nutrients. That means faster growing times and higher yield from edible plants. Intended for outdoor use, these bags can be used in your home, but you’ll need to place them on a tray to catch any water or excess moisture. Here are 15 things you can buy on Amazon for a dollar.

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Durable cell phone/tool holster

Essential items, like cell phones, are always with us, even in the home workshop. Taking a quick picture of a part or problem, or using one of countless DIY home improvement apps has been a fantastic boon for DIYers. But, how do you keep a cell phone handy and yet protected in the shop? You get this durable cell phone/tool holster! Providing stylish protection while keeping your most frequently used gadgets close at hand, this inexpensive utility item will quickly become part of your workshop routine.

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Designer bench scrape

Make mealtime cleanup quicker and easier with this attractive bench scrape. Many recipes call for finely chopped meats, vegetables, or other foods. That makes for a delicious dish, but a messy countertop. This nifty tool makes it much easier to neatly scoop and transfer chopped foods. Durable and dishwasher safe, this simple and affordable kitchen aid will soon become one of your favorites. While you’re shopping, don’t miss these 50 Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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