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12 Brilliant Products Made from Recycled Ocean Plastics

From clothing and accessories to furniture and household goods, choosing recycled ocean plastic products is a step in the right direction for our planet's future.

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Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash And Repair Me Rinse Fjällräven Re Kånken And Recycled Ocean Plastic Polarized Sunglasses Via Merchant 3
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Shop sustainably with these recycled ocean plastic products

Many companies have committed to using recycled materials or fewer materials in their products or packaging over the years, but now there’s a growing list of products manufactured solely or in part from plastics sourced directly from our oceans—or destined for our oceans. And this recycling revolution couldn’t come at a better time for our planet.

“With a dump truck of plastic waste entering our oceans every minute, the environmental impacts to this important ecosystem are devastating,” says Erin Simon, head of Plastic Waste and Business at World Wildlife Fund (WWF). “From sea turtles to whales, plastic pollution is wreaking havoc on ocean life through ingestion, entanglement, and habitat loss due to pollution.”

Simon explains that while upcycling products made from plastic waste is part of the solution, unfortunately, there is no single, simple way to combat this global crisis. “It will take a holistic approach across all sectors to arrive at a future where plastic materials are recaptured and used for another purpose instead of ending up in landfills or further damaging precious habitats,” Simon says.

In the meantime, you can be a small part of the solution simply by supporting companies that make sustainability their mission. Buying from sustainable brands, investing in sustainable fashion pieces, and buying reusable products (like reusable straws) from companies committed to being plastic-free or making products from recycled plastic can all make an impact. Take the recycled ocean plastic products below, for instance. They make great eco-friendly gifts for loved ones—or nice presents for yourself! Take a look at these pieces that are both sustainable and stylish.

Norton Point The Whitecap Ii Recycled Ocean Plastic Polarized Sunglasses Ecomm Amazon.com
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Norton Point Unisex Sunglasses

It would be hard to imagine a day at the ocean without a great pair of sunglasses. How cool would it be to wear a pair crafted out of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) ocean plastics recovered from the canals and coastlines of Haiti? Norton Point’s Whitecap II unisex polarized sunglasses feature mirrored lenses and are made from recycled ocean plastic. The company also reinvests five percent of net profits into research, education, and development efforts toward curtailing the impact of ocean plastic.

What we love:

  • Polarized lenses
  • Unisex fit
  • You can select from two lens colors: blue and black

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The Zhou Culotte Heavy Crepe Ecomm Mmlafleur.com
via merchant

The Zhou Culotte from M.M. LaFleur

Looking at these stunning tailored culottes, you would never guess they started life as plastic. But the brand M.M. LaFleur, known for its elegant, timeless style, is breaking into the sustainability space with eight eco-conscious pieces made from Recycled WonderTex, a new luxe fabric produced with yarn woven from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

The brand spent more than two years perfecting this fabric to ensure it had the same high-end feel and functional qualities (wrinkle resistance, tons of stretch) as their original fan-favorite WonderTex, while giving recycled plastic bottles a second life in the process. 

What we love:

  • Flattering fit
  • Comes in several bold colors, including Berry and Rainforest
  • Comes in 11 sizes, OP to 18

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Ocean Sole Turtle Ecomm Seastarbeachwear.com
via merchant

Ocean Sole Sea Turtle

For more than 3 billion people worldwide, flip-flops are the only shoes they own. Unfortunately, these flip-flops are often discarded into urban dumpsites that seep into the earth’s waterways and descend into the oceans.

Ocean Sole rescues discarded flip-flops that wash ashore in Kenya—which accounted for more than half a million flip-flops in 2017 alone—and local artisans upcycle them into colorful sculptures and handcrafted works of art, including this sea turtle. The company provides a steady income to nearly 100 low-income Kenyans and contributes 10 to 15 percent of its revenue to beach cleanups, vocational and educational programs, and conservation efforts.

What we love:

  • Hand-carved sculptures
  • Features unique colors and patterns
  • Makes a great eco-friendly gift—this sculpture alone upcycled 12 flip-flops

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Got Bag Rolltop Lite Bag Us.got Bag.com
via merchant

GOT BAG Rolltop Lite Bag

If you’re constantly on the go and looking for a sustainable backpack to carry your belongings, look no further than GOT BAG’s Rolltop Lite Bag. It’s a compact version of the brand’s Rolltop bag, but there’s still plenty of room for minimalists and sustainable travelers to carry their adventure essentials.

According to their website, GOT BAG collects a material called Ocean Impact Plastic, which is made of plastic collected from the ocean, mangrove areas, rivers, and other areas. The goal is to get to the root of the issue and prevent plastic from landing in the ocean. Travelers can rest easy knowing their bag is stylish and sustainable—GOT BAG recovers 7.1 pounds of Ocean Impact Plastic per Rolltop Lite Bag.

What we love:

  • Has a padded back for extra comfort
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a removable 15-inch case—perfect for taking your computer with you

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Dumbo Octopus Beaded Bracelet Ecomm 4ocean.com
via merchant

4Ocean Octopus Beaded Bracelet

This lovely upcycled bracelet from 4Ocean honors one of the most mysterious aquatic animals: the dumbo octopus. It’s a unique gift for the ocean enthusiast in your life, complete with a beautiful lavender cord, clear beads, and a dumbo octopus charm.

Not only is this accessory versatile and stylish, it also promotes sustainability. According to 4Ocean, the purchase of each bracelet pays for one pound of trash removal from the ocean, rivers, and coastlines. Plus, each element of the bracelet is recycled—the cord is made from 100 percent certified post-consumer recycled plastic bottles; the charm is made from 95 percent recycled stainless steel; and the beads are made from 95 percent certified post-consumer recycled glass bottles.

What we love:

  • Waterproof
  • Adjustable
  • Hand-assembled by artisans in Bali

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Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash And Repair Me Rinse Duo Ecomm Amazon.com
via merchant

Kevin Murphy Repair Me Wash & Repair Me Rinse Duo

Many companies use recycled plastic in elements of their packaging—but salon professional hair care brand Kevin Murphy is doing something more: reinventing its signature squared packaging to be 100 percent made from recycled ocean materials.

The plastic is collected via trawler boats, transported to a sorting facility, shredded and separated by plastic type (to make sure all the contaminants are removed), washed, melted and processed into granulates, and then made into a shampoo bottle. The new packaging is projected to save the planet more than 360 tons of new plastic each year; for every Kevin Murphy product sold, an average of 45 grams of plastic is removed from the oceans.

What we love:

  • Ingredients include shea butter and aloe vera extracts, which help protect and nourish hair
  • Comes in sustainable packaging

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Sea Bags Recycled Sail Cloth Chebeague Island Toiletry Bag Ecomm Amazon.com
via merchant

Sea Bags Toiletry Bag

Fishing nets and single-use water bottles aren’t the only plastic ending up in our oceans—sailcloth is another offender. Sailors, particularly racers, depend on top-performing sails, which means they get replaced when their life on the open sea comes to an end.

Since there’s still a lot of life left in a “worn-out” sail, Sea Bags decided to design stylish and durable bags, totes, and accessories like toiletry bags made from recycled sailcloth containing Dacron, a polyester fiber (read: plastic). Through its recycling and upcycling efforts, Sea Bags has helped keep more than 700 tons of sailcloth out of landfills and our oceans. Signs of hard sailing can be found on each product, making them one-of-a-kind pieces.

What we love:

  • Multi-use, from traveling to storing bathroom essentials
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to take on the go

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Lettuce Grow Farmstand Ecomm Amazon.com
via merchant

Lettuce Grow Hydroponic Veggie Garden

Green thumb? Black thumb? It hardly matters with Lettuce Grow, a product that easily turns recycled milk jugs into food-growing gardens in your own yard. These self-watering, self-fertilizing hydroponic vertical vegetable gardens (called Farmstands) are made from ocean-bound recycled plastic.

Lettuce Grow is on a mission to change our food system, working to close the gap on food mileage and resource waste while helping re-establish an experiential connection with the food we eat. You can grow more than 200 varieties of fresh herbs, veggies, fruits, and more in just three weeks, while spending only about five minutes on “farming” duties each week. And all this is accomplished while conserving water—specifically, using 95 percent less water than conventional growing methods. Next, read more about how hydroponic gardening actually works.

What we love:

  • Features seasonal varieties of produce
  • Choose your own number of plants, from 12 to 36
  • Comes with gear, nutrients, and supplies, including a pH testing kit

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Eco Friendly Sophisticated Tie Strap Swimsuit Made Of Recycled Plastic Ecomm Leonisa.com
via merchant

Leonisa Eco-Friendly Tie Strap Swimsuit

Yes, even swimwear can be made sustainably! Leonisa, a lingerie and shapewear line, has an eco-friendly swimwear collection that’s made of recycled plastic. In fact, one swimsuit is made from 6.9 recycled plastic bottles, meaning you can sunbathe while helping the environment.

This fashionable one-piece is perfect for the eco-conscious beachgoer, with a plunging neckline and tie-up straps that can easily be adjusted. Choose from two colors (black and tie-die brown) and three sizes (small, medium, and large).

What we love:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Versatility—it can also be worn as a bodysuit
  • Comes with a waist tie, giving you the option to accentuate your figure

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Humanscale Smart Ocean Chair Ecomm Humanscale.com
via merchant

Humanscale Smart Ocean Chair

While many people are taking a stand for sustainability, you can also take a seat for it—in Humanscale’s Smart Ocean high-performance task chair that’s made of almost two pounds of recycled fishing nets. The furniture manufacturer has partnered with Bureo, a company formed to combat ocean plastic pollution. Its Net Positiva program educates and incentivizes local fishermen, encouraging them to recycle their own used nets.

What we love:

  • Choose from 13 seat colors
  • Provides lumbar support
  • Customizable—choose your ideal arm pads, frame color, mesh color, and more

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Lo And Sons The Hanover 2 Laptop Backpack Ecomm Loandsons.com
via merchant

Lo & Sons The Hanover 2 Laptop Backpack

Looking to further increase sustainability while on the go? Consider the Hanover 2 from Lo & Sons. This lightweight travel backpack is made from eco-friendly materials—in fact, the super-durable exterior is 600D high-density, water-resistant polyester made from recycled plastic bottles that may have otherwise ended up in landfills and oceans. Recycled poly boasts a 79 percent lower carbon footprint than virgin polyester, and it uses up to 90 percent less water during production.

What we love:

  • Holds a 13-inch laptop snugly in a dedicated compartment
  • The empty bag weighs in at less than two pounds
  • Features a water bottle pocket insert perfect for a reusable water bottle

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Fjällräven Re Kånken Art Sling Ecomm Fjallraven.com
via merchant

Fjällräven Kånken Art Sling

Cult-favorite backpack brand Fjällräven released its third Kånken Art edition, which aims to draw attention to the worldwide problem of ocean plastics. Swedish illustrator and animator Linn Fritz created her Ocean Surface and Ocean Deep designs to “bring some awareness to one of the biggest concerns facing our oceans and our planet today, and therefore,” she says, “my Kånken Art became an abstract pattern inspired by pieces of plastic.” Items in the durable, water-resistant collection are a blend of 65 percent recycled polyester and 35 percent organic cotton in a process that minimizes use of water, energy, and chemicals.

What we love:

  • Durable and water resistant
  • Super functional, with two flat side pockets and a zippered front pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

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