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8 Things Professional Organizers Do Every Night Before Bed

Personal organizers spill their top tricks and favorite nightly habits that help keep them on track.

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They tidy up

Before climbing into bed each night, professional organizer Virginia Brown spends 15 to 20 minutes doing what she calls a “once around” through her home. “This means turning out lights; picking up shoes, pillows, dog toys, and glasses and [giving] a final wipe of the sponge by the sink.” Just a few minutes in each room keeps piles and clutter under control, she explains. “This prevents the daily accumulation of stuff from becoming overwhelming by the end of the week,” she says. Check out these 13 things personal organizers would never tell you for free.


They prep the coffee

If you live and die by your morning cup of joe, get serious about nightly coffee prep, suggests Avery Amante of Organized by Avery. “I always set the coffee maker so that my first cup is waiting for me right when I wake up,” she says. These few minutes of organization before bed pay off in spades, she says, enabling her to tackle the day with that all-important cup of liquid stamina already in hand.

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They charge devices

Power up your devices each night before unwinding. “I put cell phone and other electronic devices on a charging station I keep near the entrance of my house,” says Heather Rogers, author of A Simplified Life: How to Achieve Order and Calm So You Can Reclaim Time, Energy, and Control. This way, I never forget it and my devices are always fully charged.” Find out these almost effortless ways to get more organized.


They write a to-do list

Writing your to-do list before going to bed is a tactic organizing maven Naomi Cook swears by. “I keep a notepad and pen in my nightstand drawer and will write out a list of errands and tasks I need to accomplish,” she explains. “Clearing your brain at the start of the night can help you fall asleep faster, because you aren’t chasing around after all of those thoughts.”


They lay out an outfit

Each night before she goes to sleep, professional organizer Nancy Haworth of On Task Organizing checks the weather and chooses her clothes for the next morning. This mitigates rushing around in the A.M. while trying to decide on the ideal outfit for the day. Headed to the gym? Pack your gym bag at night, too and put it in your car for an added time saver. Find out what highly organized people do every weekend.

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They shower

You don’t just clean away the day’s grime, you can also use your nightly shower time as a way to de-stress, says Anna Brennecke of Revamp. “I like to imagine I’m washing away everything I’ve taken on throughout the day,” she says. She also creates a more refreshing space by sleeping with my bedroom and closet doors and all drawers closed. “I definitely feel a difference in my restfulness when I do these things.” Here are the 50 organizing ideas you’ll wish you knew all along.


They photo journal

“I love summarizing what I did at the end of my day in a photo montage,” shares Deborah Kawashima, a certified professional organizer. As part of this daily journaling exercise, “I snap photos of things I’m doing throughout the day, then before bed I use Photo Grid to make a simple montage,” she says. “The act of taking photos with my phone and putting this together each day has helped me assess how well I’m using my time.”



They meditate

For organizer Jasmin Reate the key to a more organized mindset is to work daily meditation and breathing practice into a bedtime routine. “Everything is connected,” she explains, “and stress is manageable.” Meditation and breathing exercises help keep you on your game, she says. “It’s easy to handle whatever comes your way when your mindset is always strong.” Next up, learn the 11 morning habits of highly organized people.