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15 Punny Food Pickup Lines That Guarantee a Chuckle

These one-liners are so cheesy—or is it corny?—you'll laugh out loud!

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coffeeTatiana Ayazo /

Coffee Connection

Share more of our favorite coffee jokes with the cutie at the café. If you prefer tea, these tea puns will have you laughing.

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cucumberTatiana Ayazo /

“You’re Cute-cumber”

Would you peas join me for dinner? Lettuce pick a great restaurant! Here are some un-beetable vegetable puns to keep the laughs going.

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bananaTatiana Ayazo /

Bunches of Love

Don’t miss these other hilarious one-liners you’ll want to memorize.

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donutsTatiana Ayazo /

A Holesome Pun

Speaking of dough, here are 20 bread puns you’ll get a kick out of.

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pearsTatiana Ayazo /

Fruit Flirtations

In fact, we just might be the pear-fect couple. P.S.—don’t forget to bookmark these Tinder pick up lines that’ll help break the ice with your matches.

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chicken-nuggetsTatiana Ayazo /

The Missing Letter

Make sure you send this one by text so that they get the joke! Brush up on these flirty knock-knock jokes to really impress your sweetheart.

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raisinsTatiana Ayazo /

Date Night

You won’t want to miss these cute puns that will get a smile, not an eye roll.

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Macaroni-and-cheeseTatiana Ayazo /

Perfect Pair

And the peanut butter to my jelly, the straw to my berry, the icing to my cupcake. Don’t forget to browse these pasta puns for more laughs.

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beetsTatiana Ayazo /

Beeting Heart

Here are 75 more short jokes anyone can remember.

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s'moresTatiana Ayazo /

There’s S’more Where That Came From

For more punnery, check out our favorite food jokes. Or, if ice cream is more your thing, these sweet ice cream puns will get you laughing.

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pizzaTatiana Ayazo /

That’s Amore

Too cheesy? Nah, there’s no such thing. Need a sweeter pun? These candy puns will do just the trick.

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cannoliTatiana Ayazo /

Holy Cannoli

You’re just too sweet! Speaking of sweet—check out these cookie puns that are batter than you think.

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barbecueTatiana Ayazo /

Grilling Giggles

You can’t help but laugh at these 31 groan-worthy dad jokes.

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MintTatiana Ayazo /

“Mint to be”

Now it’s time to pick up a round of mojitos. Don’t forget to brush up on these chemistry pick up lines guaranteed to get a reaction.

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cheeseTatiana Ayazo /

Say Cheese

Don’t miss these other 30 cheesy pickup lines guaranteed to get a laugh. Plus, get the whole family in on the laughs with these food jokes for kids.

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