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15 Punny Food Pickup Lines That Guarantee a Chuckle

These one-liners are so cheesy—or is it corny?—you'll laugh out loud!

coffeeTatiana Ayazo /

Coffee Connection

Share more of our favorite coffee jokes with the cutie at the café.

cucumberTatiana Ayazo /

“You’re Cute-cumber”

Would you peas join me for dinner? Lettuce pick a great restaurant! And check out the punniest news headlines of 2019. 

bananaTatiana Ayazo /

Bunches of Love

Don’t miss these other hilarious one-liners you’ll want to memorize.

donutsTatiana Ayazo /

A Holesome Pun

Speaking of dough, here are 20 bread puns you’ll get a kick out of.

pearsTatiana Ayazo /

Fruit Flirtations

In fact, we just might be the pear-fect couple.

chicken-nuggetsTatiana Ayazo /

The Missing Letter

Make sure you send this one by text so that they get the joke!

raisinsTatiana Ayazo /

Date Night

You won’t want to miss these cute puns that will get a smile, not an eye roll.

Macaroni-and-cheeseTatiana Ayazo /

Perfect Pair

And the peanut butter to my jelly, the straw to my berry, the icing to my cupcake …

beetsTatiana Ayazo /

Beeting Heart

Here are 75 more short jokes anyone can remember.

s'moresTatiana Ayazo /

There’s S’more Where That Came From

For more punnery, check out our favorite food jokes.

pizzaTatiana Ayazo /

That’s Amore

Too cheesy? Nah, there’s no such thing.

cannoliTatiana Ayazo /

Holy Cannoli

You’re just too sweet!

barbecueTatiana Ayazo /

Grilling Giggles

You can’t help but laugh at these 31 groan-worthy dad jokes.

MintTatiana Ayazo /

“Mint to be”

Now it’s time to pick up a round of mojitos.

cheeseTatiana Ayazo /

Say Cheese

Don’t miss these other 30 cheesy pickup lines guaranteed to get a laugh.

Originally Published on Taste of Home