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11 Quirky Inventions Made for Left-Handers

If you're part of the ten percent of the population that favors their left hand, you're probably already well-versed in the common helpful left-handed products that can make your life a little easier: scissors, computer mouses, and the like. But there are plenty of other lesser-known lefty-inspired inventions: some very useful, some a little wacky, but all lefty-friendly.

Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich on white background.DenisMArt/shutterstock

Lefty Oreos

In what might be one of the strangest products for lefties ever invented (though certainly not the strangest type of Oreo), Oreo released limited-edition “Left-Handed Oreos” for National Left Handers Day 2018. The cookies were identical, but the packaging had the flap on the right side of the package. The top of the packaging also claimed that the cookie “twists the other way!” We’re not sure about that, but we lefties appreciate the gesture (and the excuse to eat Oreos).


Famous Lefties sign

You may only be ten percent of the population, but you’re certainly in good company! This pop art-style sign showcases some of history’s most famous left-handers, including Whoopi Goldberg, Paul McCartney, and Bill Gates. Or, if you really want to showcase some lefty star power, opt for the version of the sign that’s packed with over 100 names of famous left-handers. Being in the company of greats is just one of the many reasons it’s great to be left-handed.

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Smudge-free pensvia

Smudge-free pens

Ah, the bane of lefties’ existence (one of them, anyway): the inevitable smudge that appears on both the surface you’re writing on and your hand while you’re writing with a pen. Well, it may not actually be inevitable, thanks to these smudge-free ballpoint pens from Uni-Ball. They use a type of “Super-Ink” that dries almost instantly, and you’ll get three in a pack, ensuring a nice long period of smudge-free writing.

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“Revenge” coffee mug

Left-handed coffee mugs, which have the handle on the other side so that lefties can drink coffee while still able to see the words or designs on their mug like the rest of the world, are one of the most popular lefty-targeted items. Lefty’s, a retailer specializing in products for (and celebrating) left-handed people, lets you go above and beyond with this tricky mug. With the handle on the left side, the front displays the Lefty’s logo (a left hand giving a thumbs-up). On the back, there’s a warning reading, “WARNING: Using this mug in a right-handed manner could be hazardous to your clothes,” in addition to a tiny hole ensuring that any righty who drinks from this mug is in for a splashy surprise.

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Guitar (and chord book!)via

Guitar (and chord book!)

Musically inclined left-handers may already know that guitars for left-handed people, with the neck pointing to the right instead of the left, are a thing. But you might not know that there’s a beginner book of guitar chords specifically for left-handed people, too! It’s like any other guitar chord book, but the diagrams are all shown as a left-handed guitarist would see them, so that you aren’t at a disadvantage when puzzling through the introduction to your instrument! With these products, necessity was the mother of invention. 

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Lefty rulers

Left-handed tape measures like this one are pretty great, but let’s not forget about the regular old rulers! The “backward” numbers might look wacky, but lefties know that this ruler will allow you to hold it with your dominant hand and measure right-to-left with ease. We just wish the text on it said “Left Handers Rule,” and then it would be perfect! Learn more about why left-handers really do rule with these fascinating facts about lefties.

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“I Love Being Left-Handed” binder

Though they may not be as commonly used as things like scissors and can openers, three-ring binders are easily one of the worst, most annoying products for lefties, (left) hands down. Seriously, how did their designers expect left-handed people to be able to reach the left margin of a paper with those bulky metal rings in the way? And opening the rings to take papers out of the binder every time you need to write on them is a time-waster no one needs. Luckily, Zazzle offers this left-handed binder that opens from the other side—and has a nice statement of lefty pride on the front for good measure. (Don’t forget to hole-punch the right side of the paper!)

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Angled measuring cup

While this OXO measuring cup isn’t marketed as a lefty product, the bird’s-eye view numbering did not go unnoticed by left-handers who were tired of having to twist and rotate their measuring cups to be able to see the numbers. Instead of being on the side of the cup, the numbers and measurement lines are around the inner edge of the cup, facing straight up. So anyone can look down into the measuring cup and easily see the numbers with this non-hand-favoring kitchen gadget.

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Extra-visibility pens

It’s no secret that some types of pens and pencils (especially fancier ones) are designed with grips and contours, and even less of a surprise that those grips and contours fit perfectly in the right hand. While many lefties aren’t bothered by using most types of pens and pencils, there are still plenty of products out there that make writing utensils a little more lefty-friendly. And these pens from Maped go above and beyond. In addition to a grip that creates the “natural writing posture for left-handers,” the curvature of these pens allows the user to better see what they’re writing without their hand and wrist blocking it.

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Pencil grippers

If you don’t want to switch out your entire assortment of writing utensils, you can also just buy a pack of lefty grippers, which slip over the top of your pen or pencil to make it fit perfectly in your left hand. Plus, they’re colorful and sparkly.

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Oven mitt

Every culinarily inclined lefty needs an oven mitt with the thumb on the correct side! Our favorite is this fun polka-dot one from Lefty’s. You can also delight your favorite lefty (even if that’s yourself, of course!) with this kitchen gift pack. In addition to the oven mitt, you get a pair of kitchen shears and a measuring cup (all lefty-friendly, of course).

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