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Why Not Recycle Your Old CDs Into These 7 Gorgeous Crafts?

Dust off your old CD collection and create stunningly sparkly earrings, purses, mirrors, and more.

Courtesy Kipi Blog

Kaleidoscope Earrings

Turn heads with The Kipi Blog’s dazzling  earrings made from just four simple items. Who knew earrings this beautiful could cost so little?

Courtesy Make It Easy Crafts

Fancy Flower Pot

Crystal from Make It Easy Crafts shows how a recycled CD can make any ordinary household item look new. Grab a flower pot of any size (add additional CDs for larger pots) and follow the three quick steps.

Courtesy Emmy Geraghty

Glittzy Clutch

Instead of splurging on a new bag, consider upgrading one in the back of your closet. Emmy Geraghty’s blog walks you through the steps to create a standout clutch.

Courtesy Me and My DIY

Mosaic Birdbath

Make your yard sparkle with this stunning mosaic tile birdbath from Me and My DIY. For best results, use old DVDS instead of CDs. The colors will pop against the sunlight.

Courtesy Cut Out + Keep

Reflective Mirror

This mosaic CD mirror from Cut Out and Keep is a great way to make an essential home item also function as a beautiful piece of art. You can follow the guidelines exactly, or mix and match as you go.

Courtesy Crafts by Amanda

Crafty Coasters

These pretty coasters from Crafts By Amanda are sure to impress your next party guests. Outside of the U.S., these items are easily recyclable.

Courtesy Creme De La Craft

Sparkly Ornament

Creme De La Craft blog makes it easy to replicate this gorgeous glass and recycled CD ornament for an unforgettable Christmas tree.

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