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10 Gorgeous and Inventive Ways to Reuse Your Holiday Cards

Don't just dump those season's greetings in the trash—recycle them into one of these winter holiday crafts.

01-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-mommy-kat-and-kidsCourtesy Kathryn Gignac at Mommy Kat and Kids

Holiday display

Don’t just stop at putting your cards up on the mantel as-is. Take it a step further by placing them in nice Mason jars and tying a festive ribbon around the top. A few evergreen sprigs pull the collection together. Find out more from Mommy Kat and Kids. Click here for more Christmas mantel decorating ideas.


Holiday bowls

Stash peppermints, candy ribbons, and other old-fashioned sweets in this retro dish fashioned from old Christmas cards. Head over to My So Called Crafty Life to learn how to make your own. (Find out how to stay organized this holiday season here.)

03-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-bobbi-lewinCourtesy Bobbi Lewin

Festive garland

Ignore your ho-hum evergreen garland, and put together this merry and bright chain of spheres to add some personality to this year’s holiday decorations. Find the full instructions from Bobbi Lewin.

04-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cardsways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-keeping-with-the-timesCourtesy Keeping With the Times

Globe ornaments

Card scraps come together to form a gorgeous ornament to adorn your Christmas tree. A tassel or gold gems makes them even more stunning. Visit Keeping With the Times for the directions. Here’s how to decorate using leftover Christmas ornaments.

05-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-crafty-nestCourtesy Crafty Nest

Advent calendar

Last year’s holiday cards transform into this year’s Advent calendar. Tuck a piece of chocolate behind each numbered card to make the countdown even sweeter. Learn how to make your own from Crafty Nest.

06-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-crafty-syCourtesy Reasons to Skip the Housework

Festive wreath

Snip old cards in holly leaf shapes to craft this lovely wreath to welcome visitors this holiday season. Get the full directions from Crafty Sy.

07-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-ruffles-and-rain-bootsCourtest Ruffles & Rain Boots

Party crackers

Take your holiday cards straight from Christmas to New Year’s by turning them into fun pull-string party crackers. Partygoers will have a blast pulling them open to discover treats inside. Head over to Ruffles and Rain Boots to learn how to make them.

08-ways-to-repurpose-holiday-cards-under-the-roof-decoratingCourtesy Under the Roof Decorating

Framed displays

Swap out your usual photos for some seasonal greeting cards to make your holiday decorations even more festive. Find out more from Under The Roof Decorating.


Holiday greetings donation

Give your old season’s greetings to a recycled card program like St. Jude’s Ranch for Children, or see if a local elementary school or daycare has use for them. The kids can create new cards by attaching new backs if the front halves don’t have writing on them, or snip them into other seasonal crafts.



Give your guests a spot to put their eggnog with these festive holiday coasters, or wrap up a stack and give them as a gift. Visit Ann’s Entitled Life to find out how. Here’s how petroleum jelly can remove watermarks if they do pop up.

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