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10 Most Ridiculous Things Seen On Home Remodeling TV Shows

These homeowners got more than they bargained for.


The Living Wall

The homeowners featured in an episode of the BBC One home remodeling show, Your Home In Their Hands, were not pleased when they walked into their remodeled home and found a massive living wall in the entryway. You can hear Mr. Bailey utter “Oh dear,” while his wife starts to nervously laugh before saying, “I wasn’t expecting this at all.” This is before they see the faux-grass carpeting leading up their stairs. You can watch the clip on YouTube.


Sand in the Bedroom

Viewers of the home remodeling TV show Trading Spaces may remember the beach-themed episode in which the homeowners come home to find sand in their home. The room not only featured sand as flooring, but outdoor furniture, a tree, and an open-flame torch. Now imagine the horror of trying to remove all that sand. Check out this fail and more from Trading Spaces on YouTube. You might know enough not to put sand in your bedroom, but you probably do store these 10 things you should never keep in your bedroom, there.

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Ignoring Advice

Drew and Johnathan Scott, stars of Property Brothers, say there has been one time they kicked a client to the curb. The brothers say it happened when a client wanted to buy a house built on an old landfill that was literally sinking and he wanted Johnathan to cheap out on fixing the structure. The brothers told the client the house was a money pit and walked away. The brothers say the client bought the house anyway. Looking for expert advice for helping you get your home improvement projects done? Check out the online classes available at DIY University.

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The Cartoon Room

Imagine coming home to find you’re the star of your own cartoon. That’s what happened on an episode of Your Home In Their Hands, when a teenage girl finds her new room is decorated in a cartoon theme. She said, “It was more childish than she wanted it to be.” You can watch the clip on YouTube.

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The Fireplace Debacle

Here’s another home remodeling fail from Trading Spaces. A couple asked that the brick around their fireplace not be touched, yet it was anyway. When seeing the new space, the homeowner beings to cry. You can watch the clip on YouTube. We busted 19 home improvement myths. Check them out before beginning your next DIY project.


Makeover Lawsuit

A couple on the home remodeling show Love It or List It signed an agreement to deposit $140,000 of their own money to pay for the renovations. But the couple sued the production company, saying they didn’t hire a licensed architect and the home was “irreparably damaged” by poor work. The production company counter sued and eventually, the two parties settled out of court. So maybe TV isn’t the best way to redo your place. If you want to upgrade your home without the cameras, remember these 13 secrets to finding a home contractor you can trust.

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Horror Kitchen

How about a horror-inspired kitchen? That’s what happened to a couple on Trading Spaces when the room was painted a bloody shade of red and shelving was made to look like a coffin. The end result wasn’t very appetizing. Watch a clip from the episode on YouTube.

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Antiques Destroyed

When you leave your home in the hands of professional remodelers, you expect to have your possessions taken care of. That wasn’t the case for a woman on the BBC home remodeling show Changing Rooms. The show destroyed the woman’s prized antique teapot collection and it was all caught on camera. Watch the clip on YouTube. There’s almost nothing as scary as breaking expensive china, except for these 12 crazy things found during home renovations.

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Unfinished House

A couple featured on the UK home remodeling show Half Built House owned a 120-year-old home in need of some work. But when the show was over, the couple found their home in worse condition than when the project started. The couple says there were windows painted over, uneven floors and bare plaster on walls.

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The Upside Down House

On an episode of Trading Spaces, host Hildi Santo-Tomas created an upside-down room, literally. (Fans of the show say they would never let Hildi set foot in their own homes!) All the furniture was affixed to the ceiling and the walls were painted black. We’re not quite sure what she was thinking. After hearing these horror stories, maybe you should rent a new place instead since there are more than 30 reasons why renting might be better.

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