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8 Ridiculous Prenups You’ll Be Glad You Didn’t Have to Sign

A warning to the newly engaged… these “lifestyle” clauses are rarely enforceable in court.


Who gets the dog (and way more)

LegalZoom reported that some prenup agreements include clauses about not only who gets kids in the event of a divorce, but also the dog, the pool boy, the gardener, and more.


Weight clause

New York-based attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza remembers one prenup that limited the wife from weighing over 120 pounds. Another agreement included a $500 fine for each pound the wife gained. Yet another wife added a clause that her husband could not weigh over 180 pounds. These are the money secrets divorce attorney’s wish you knew.


Football limitations

Carrozza also reports that one client’s prenuptial agreement prevented her husband from watching more than two football games with friends per month, while she was limited to only two reality TV shows per week.


Child-rearing decisions

Some prenuptial agreements contain specific instructions for the how the couple plans to raise their kids. For example, what religion they will be raised to practice, what kind of school they will attend, and even whether the child will be a vegetarian! These are the 19 things marriage counselors know about your relationship.


Dealing with in-laws

Carroza says she worked on one prenup that forbade the client’s mother in-law from joining the couple on vacation for more than one night. Another detailed that each time the husband was rude to his in-laws, he had to pay his wife $10,000.



A number of famous actors and actresses have infidelity clauses in their prenups. For instance, it has been reported that if Justin Timberlake ever cheats on Jessica Biel, she will receive $500,000. Here’s how three women moved past their husbands’ infidelities.

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Drug testing

LegalZoom says that one prenuptial agreement required that the husband submit to random drug testing throughout the marriage.


Bedroom schedule

Carrozza says that some clients specify how often the couple will have sex. An older couple decided on once a month, while a younger pair agreed upon three to four times per week.

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