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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

12 Secrets Your Housecleaner Knows About You

Housecleaners enter the most private areas of your home which means they know all of your secrets. Check out the secrets they see but won't share.

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Affair or break-up

A house cleaner knows if you separated even briefly with your significant other. Some tell-tale signs include a stocked liquor cabinet, empty picture frames, used wine glasses and a pint of ice cream on the nightstand. Lily Cameron, a cleaning expert at Fantastic Services, says a housecleaner can easily figure out your relationship status by dealing only with your trash and bed sheets. “If you are having an affair, your housecleaner will likely be the first to figure it out,” she says. Your housecleaner wants you to know some things too, don’t miss these 38 things your housecleaner secretly wants you to know.

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Derailed diet

Leanne Stapf, vice president of Operations for The Cleaning Authority says if you’ve stocked the pantry and refrigerator with lean proteins and greens, but the staff happens to spot multiple fast food bags in the trash, they’ll draw the conclusion that you’ve fallen off the weight-loss wagon.

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That gorgeous hair may be fake

If you don’t cover your tracks (hair extension tracks that is), Stapf says, “we may know the secret to your long and luscious locks!” Whether it’s hair extensions, a wig or toupee, your housecleaner will find it.

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Housecleaners are well aware when you’re one stack away from an episode of the A&E show Hoarders. And it may be time for an intervention if your oven is overflowing with appliances and dishware says Stapf. Many friends and family have no idea that you have a hoarding issue but your housecleaner will.

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True age revealed!

A bathroom cabinet stocked with beauty products and anti-aging creams reveals your commitment to self-care and remaining youthful, so it’s likely that you might be a few years older than you’re leading on. Keep it up—it’s working! Here’s what professional housecleaners do in their homes every day.

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Your vices

Stapf shares that a trail of cigarette buds, nail clippings, and crumbs in the couch cushions are sure signs of a smoking habit, an avid nail biter, and someone who opts for a more comfortable dinner spot over the standard dining room table.

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A raise, huh?

Whether it’s new fancy clothes, upgraded furniture or the latest entertainment system, cleaners are in-the-know about your spending habits. Home upgrades are the first tell-tale signs of a promotion or raise at work says Stapf.

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Guilty pleasures revealed

A collection of romantic comedies, a bookshelf filled with science fiction novels, and a secret stash of chocolate reveal the hobbies and habits you probably don’t openly boast about…but it’s hard to hide those from the cleaner! Stapf says, “Don’t worry, we won’t sell you out.”

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What exercise?

Sure, you have a treadmill and dumbbells, but do you use them? If they’re covered in dust or serving as a clothing rack, cleaners know your fitness regime is on a temporary hiatus. Test out these simple housecleaning tricks you’ll wish you knew sooner.

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Online shopping addiction

Housecleaning expert Diane Regalbuto, owner of Betty Likes to Clean in Philadelphia and South Jersey, shares that housecleaners know about your online shopping addiction because they clean closets and see the packaging in the trash or recycling bin. There’s no hiding that!

Memory foam mattressIvelin/Shutterstock

Wealth can’t hide filth

Regalbuto has seen it all over the years, including a high profile and wealthy individual who had blood and urine stains all over the mattresses; the home was incredibly dirty overall. A person comes across as super clean and pulled together, but the housecleaner will know otherwise.

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Expecting—or trying?

Housecleaners will see pregnancy tests and ovulation kits in the bathroom wastebasket. While they may know that you’re expecting before anyone else does, don’t worry: Your secret will be safe with them.

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