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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

21 Signs You Know You’re a Mom of Boys

You've considered wearing a gas-mask on laundry day—and other signs you're definitely raising sons.

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starwarsLucasfilm Fox Kobal REX Shutterstock

Movie Mama

You’ve seen Star Wars more times than George Lucas has. If this sounds like you, share these silly Star Wars jokes with your family.

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Fight Club

You’ve heard yourself say, “Stop using your wart as a weapon!” Parents of young kids will get a laugh from (and relate to) these hilarious tweets from parents.

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Bonding 101

You get more than a grunt and feel you’re having a heart-to-heart. Here’s the scientific reason the mother-child bond is so strong.

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Creepy Crawlers

You’ve been handed a worm to hold (bonus points if it was dead).

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hockeyPaolo Bona/shutterstock

Hockey Home

You know there’s a hockey channel, and you actually pay extra for it.

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Mind Your Manners

Your idea of good manners is no fart jokes at the table. Here are the etiquette rules every parent should teach their child.

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Food for Thought

Your fridge contains the holy trinity: bacon, pickles, hot sauce. If you’re worried about your son’s eating habits, try these yummy-but-healthy snacks.

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Dino Queen

You know a stegosaurus from a spinosaurus.

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Curious Cups

You’ve found an athletic cup in every room in the house. And naturally posted photos of them.

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Fencing for Beginners

There’s nothing in your house that hasn’t at some point been turned into a sword.

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Water Wars

At 3 a.m. you’ve butt-planted into toilet water. You’ll get a laugh out of these hilarious true parenting stories.

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nerfLenscap Photography/shutterstock

Foolish Games

You’ve had at least one Nerf Gun-related ER trip—and couldn’t help but say, “See! I told you someone was going to lose an eye!” Here’s how to handle some of the trickiest parenting dilemmas.

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boySuzanne Tucker/shutterstock

Take Cover

Long before Tiny Houses, your family had a Tiny Couch-Cushion Fort.

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legoEkaterina Minaeva/shutterstock

 Laundry Surprises

You never know what will spill out of their pockets onto the bottom of your washing machine: Legos! Sunflower seeds! Rabbit turds! Learn at what age it’s appropriate to have your kid help with the laundry (and other chores).

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tvTomislav Pinter/shutterstock

 Rise and Shine

Instead of Matt and Savannah, you wake up to SportsCenter.

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Dental Decisions

You consider “some blood, all their teeth” as a sign that no doctor is needed. These are the things all healthy children have in common.

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waterLano Lan/shutterstock

Mix and Match

You somehow have 17 water bottles and 12 tops and not a single match.

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glowMG PicturesProd/shutterstock

Night Lights

You’ve begun an after-hours call to your pediatrician with, “So, my son just ate a glow stick.” These are the things your child’s pediatrician won’t tell you.

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Under Armour Everywhere

Ninety percent of the fashion in your house is Under Armour.

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footballAP REX Shutterstock

True Fans

You’ve spent the equivalent of a car payment for a life-sized sticker of a football player. Learn why you might not want to sign your young son up to play football, no matter how much he loves it.

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kidChristin Lola/shutterstock

Lots of Love, Mud and All

Your child always wants to give you a hug when they’re covered in sweat or mud or ice cream—and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are the things moms of boys wish they’d known sooner.

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