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17 Funny Sister Quotes to Text Your Sister Right Now

Want to send your sister a laugh? Try texting her one of these funny sister quotes that are seriously entertaining.

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Sisters know all the good secrets

The best sister knows your favorites and restocks your stash when you’re running low, even after she sends you funny sister quotes.

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It definitely can’t be mom or dad!

Everyone with siblings can relate to this funny sister quote! Who else knows your birthday, mother’s maiden name, and first car to unlock your security questions?

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It’s a skill learned young

It’s gross, but it’s true. When this annual holiday comes around, celebrate the day with funny sister quotes and one of these 12 movies that are perfect to watch with your sister.

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Big sisters are always the trailblazers

As sisters, you’ve shared many things, and it all started with a uterus.

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You left it on the floor! I thought it was abandoned! I just wanted it to have a good home!

And then the feeling when you realize she looks better in it…

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You know it’s true

Parents: We treat you all exactly the same. If you have more than one sister, you’ll crack up reading these 12 definitive traits all middle children have.

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Now pass the chocolate

All sisters text each other funny sister quotes like these every once in a while. After all, sisters share everything—including monthly cycles!

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You can thank Mom for those luscious legs

We won’t talk about the chafing!

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Family bonding or family bondage?

When Mom said you’d love a baby sister because she’d be a built-in best friend who’d follow you everywhere, you didn’t know just how right she was—and how annoying it would be (sometimes!). If you didn’t get along with your sister as kids, here are 11 ways to become BFFs with your adult siblings now—hint: one easy way is to brighten each other’s days with funny sister quotes!

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Inside sister jokes are the best jokes

With some funny sister quotes, it’s more about what’s left unsaid. “Remember that time when you…” “And then you…” “Ahahahahhahahah!”

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It’s not gossiping if you keep it in the family

She’s been keeping your secrets since you were five and lost Mom’s earrings, so why would she stop now? Well, she could, but then you’d spill all the dirt on who put the dents in Dad’s car.

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It’s called Sisterese. It’s a real thing.

This funny sister quote couldn’t be more true. Heaven help the people who dare take us on playing Catchphrase.

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Best of friends, worst of enemies

Your sister is the first person you ever had to accept “for better or worse” and you’ve been reminding her of it ever since.

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I promise I’m not recording this

It’s the sister’s code: You can laugh at each other but if anyone else laughs at your sister, they get punched. Want more funny sister quotes? Try one of these 15 hilarious tweets you’ll want to send to your sister right now.

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I deserve a raise, honestly

Of course, little sister can always get her revenge simply by yelling Mom! and turning on the tears.

happinessCourtesy Nicole Fornabaio

I just wanted to give you someone to look up to!

Nothing will make you regret all those wedgies and noogies you gave your younger siblings like realizing they have outgrown you. These are the best trips to take with your sister to seal your sibling bond.

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The good news is everyone says you take after me!

Always so humble! Relate to these funny sister quotes? You won’t believe how accurate these 18 important life skills women have learned from their sisters are.

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