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Can You Identify the Cities Where These Skyscrapers Are Located?

If you’re a fan of heights, you may be able to ace this quiz.

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Freedom Tower in Lower ManhattanLeonard Zhukovsky/shutterstock

Skyscraper #1

Do you know what city this skyscraper is located in?

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Lower Manhattan and One World Trade Center in New York City, USA as seen from Weehawken New JerseyAllard One/Shutterstock

Answer: One World Trade Center, New York, New York

This iconic New York City landmark towers over Manhattan at 1,776 feet tall. It opened in October of 2004 and is the Western Hemisphere’s tallest building. If you want to get the ultimate view of the city, you can ride up in one of the 54 high-speed passenger elevators that will take you to the top.

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China Central Television (CCTV) Headquarters at night; it’s a landmark of Beijing, Capital of Chinatesting/shutterstock

Skyscraper #2

This unique looking skyscraper isn’t located in America. Do you know where it was built? If you’re fascinated by tall buildings, check out these interesting facts about skyscrapers.

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Beijing, China - October 23,2017 : China's Beijing City, a famous landmark building, China CCTV (CCTV) 234 meters tall skyscrapers is very spectacular.Travelerpix/shutterstock

Answer: China Central Television Headquarters, Beijing, China

The CCTV Headquarters isn’t your average rectangular skyscraper. Instead of striving for height, the architects worked to create a 3-D experience. The first tower, Tower 1, serves as an editing area with offices, Tower 2 is where the news broadcasting takes place, and the Overhang is where the administration is housed.

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Skyline of Frankfurt with river Main and skyscrapers in the evening.travelview/shutterstock

Skyscraper #3

What city is this skyscraper in?

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Frankfurt city street view. Frankfurt is the fifth-largest city in Germany is also a center for finance, commerce, culture, education and tourism.Igor Marx/shutterstock

Answer: Commerzbank Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany

From the ground to the tip the Commerzbank Headquarters measures 984 feet. The tower is the world’s first ecological office building. It has natural systems of lighting and ventilation so every office is lit by daylight and has windows that can open to let in fresh air. These eco-friendly advances allow the building to use half of the energy that conventional office towers use. Check out how much architecture has evolved since the oldest buildings in the world were constructed.

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Bangkok ThailandPATARA/shutterstock

Skyscraper #4

Can you guess where this funky looking skyscraper was built? Hint: If you can figure out what animal it looks like that might help.

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Elephant buildings are tall buildings shaped like elephants.Kamol Jindamanee/shutterstock

Answer: Elephant Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Now that you know this building is called the Elephant Tower can you see how it actually looks like an elephant? The building even has tusks! The building serves as a representation of how important elephants and elephant symbols are in the Thai culture. Unsurprisingly, it is the world’s largest elephant building measuring 335 feet high and 560 feet long.

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Chrysler building skyscraper in Manhattan New York CityStuart Monk/shutterstock

Skyscraper #5

If you’ve seen Annie you should know where this building is located.

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Midtown and the Chrysler buildingmeunierd/shutterstock

Answer: Chrysler Building, New York, New York

Towering 1,046 feet above Manhattan, the Chrysler Building is one of New York’s shiniest landmarks. When it was first built it won the title of the tallest building in the world, but 11 short months later it lost that title to the Empire State Building. However, it is still the seventh tallest building in New York City.

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The Bitexco Financial TowerLuciano Mortula - LGM/shutterstock

Skyscraper #6

Does this skyscraper look familiar to you?

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Bitexo financial tower, February 2017GoGri/shutterstock

Answer: Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This unique skyscraper is located in the historic district of Ho Chi Minh City. The shape of the building represents a lotus flower in full bloom, a very important symbol of Vietnam. The most distinct part of the skyscraper is its helicopter pad, which is build halfway up the side of the building on the 55th floor.

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Empire state building facadeCedric Weber/shutterstock

Skyscraper #7

The location of this popular skyscraper should be easy to guess.

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New York skyline at sunset, USA.TTstudio/shutterstock

Answer: The Empire State Building, New York, New York

The Empire State Building is located in Midtown Manhattan and has two observation views that offer 360° views on the city. The building’s tower is famous for displaying different colored lights to recognize various occasions throughout the year. The lights system is capable of displaying 16 million colors that can change instantaneously.

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Shard London Bridge and formerly London Bridge TowerPajor Pawel/shutterstock

Skyscraper #8

Recognize this one?

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Aerial view of London skyline and the ShardAlena Veasey/shutterstock

Answer: The Shard, London, United Kingdom

The Shard raises up 1,004 feet into the sky. The building is made up of 11,000 glass panels on its exterior, so you’re guaranteed to get a great view of London no matter what floor you’re on. There are viewing platforms open to the public on floors 68, 69, and 72 and each of them has a different educational theme.

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the Petronas towers, tallest buildings in malaysiaShaun Robinson/shutterstock

Skyscraper #9

Where is this skyscraper built?

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Petronas TowersIgor Plotnikov/shutterstock

Answer: Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Both of these towers rise up 1,483 feet, and that includes the 242-foot-tall pinnacle and spire on each tower. Both of the towers are identical, each having 88 stories of office space. The two-story-tall sky bridge connects the buildings on the 41st and 42nd floor.

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Transamerica Pyramid in California,f8grapher/shutterstock

Skyscraper #10

What city is this pyramid-looking building in?

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Beautiful view of business center in downtown San FranciscoPung/shutterstock

Answer: Transamerica Pyramid Center, San Francisco, California

This skyscraper sits at the gateway to San Francisco’s Financial District. It’s the tallest building in the city at 853 feet high. The 48th floor (the top floor) has a conference room that allows employees to have a 360° view of the San Francisco Bay.

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Kingdom towerFedor Selivanov/shutterstock

Skyscraper #11

Look familiar?

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Skyline landscape view at Riyadh Kingdom towerAndrew V Marcus/shutterstock

Answer: Kingdom Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

There really is no other building that looks like the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh. It stands as the tallest skyscraper in Saudi Arabia at 992 feet tall. It is commonly called “the necklace” of the city because of its unique circular-shape opening at the top.

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The hotel Grand Lisboapsgxxx/shutterstock

Skyscraper #12

There’s no other building quite like this one. Do you know where it is?

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Portuguese colonySirio Carnevalino/shutterstock

Answer: Hotel & Casino Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

The Hotel & Casino Grand Lisboa is a real showstopper. The skyscraper, which looks nothing like your typical casino, was meant to embody the unique energy and spirit of Macau.

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The world's first seven stars luxury hotel Burj Al ArabS-F/shutterstock

Skyscraper #13

Do you know what city this skyscraper is located in?

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Burj Al Arab hotelRomrodphoto/shutterstock

Answer: Burj al Arab, Dubai

The Burj al Arab is built on its own island in Dubai. The skyscraper opened in 1999 and is considered one of one of the first key landmarks of modern Dubai. When it first opened, it was advertised as the world’s only seven-star hotel. Its shape is inspired by a sailboat.

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Torre AgbarChristian Mueller/shutterstock

Skyscraper #14

Hmm, can you guess this one?

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Agbar towerblazg/shutterstock

Answer: Torre Agbar, Barcelona, Spain

Located in Barcelona, the Torre Agbar is the third tallest building in the city. What makes this skyscraper so unique is its bullet-shaped design and bioclimatic architecture. The building adapts to the environment around it to reduce energy consumption and keep those inside comfortable.

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Burj KhalifaKjersti Joergensen/shutterstock

Skyscraper #15

This one should be easy.

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Dubai skyline with beautiful city close to it's busiest highway on trafficshutterlk/shutterstock

Answer: Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

This one was probably an easy guess considering that the Burj Khalifa is well known as being the tallest building in the world at 2,716.5 feet tall. It is also considered the tallest freestanding structure in the world, has the highest number of stories, the highest outdoor observation deck, and the tallest elevator service. Test your smarts even further and see if you can guess the famous city based on its skyline.

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