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8 Home Pages You Should Visit Daily That Boost Your Natural Genius

You could start every day by learning something new, getting motivated by the creative arts, or enjoying an inspiring visual. Set your browser to load one of these sites to get galvanized every time you go online.

Today I Found Out’s surprise articles

If you’re a fan of factoids, you can discover something new—like what happened to the flags left on the moon or how root beer got its name—every day of the week.’s This Day in History

If you left your heart in high school history class, this fascinating, comprehensive look at the day’s date through the ages is for you. You’ll peer into the past at notable events in wars, criminal trials, and natural disasters, as well as sports, music, literature, politics, and cinema.’s Poem-a-Day

Ideal for anyone who wants to read more poetry but can’t find the time, this will load an original, previously unpublished poem on weekdays and classic poems on weekends.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Day

Language lovers, take your vocabulary to the next level and learn the meaning of words like grubstake, tintinnabulation, and zaibatsu by checking in with the dictionary’s site every morning.

Nasa’s Astronomy Picture of the Day

Stargaze from the comfort of your desk with a fresh astronomical image, complete with an explanation from a pro astronomer.

The Current’s Song of the Day

The Current, from Minnesota Public Radio 89.3, offers a new, independent, unreleased song (ranging from pop to hip‑hop to bossa nova) every weekday. Tune in and start your morning with a musical twist.

Google Doodles

If you love Google’s commemorative Doodles—such as a brilliantly animated battery for its inventor’s 270th birthday and vibrant smacks of paint thrown on canvas in honor of the Hindu festival Holi—you can visit the dedicated page to see what Google is celebrating each day.

National Geographic’s Photo of the Day

Give your eyeballs a treat every time you log on with good ol’ National Geographic‘s Photo of
the Day, which will show you anything from a snow monkey grooming its offspring to a strobe rocket at a fireworks convention.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest