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Snacks for Supper! 30+ Fun Recipes That Turn Snack Foods Into Meals

Add a little out-of-the-bag thinking to your favorite packaged snacks and you've got dozens of recipes for fun desserts, party food, and more.

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Ice Cream Sandwich Snaps: Top pretzels with a heaping teaspoon of your favorite ice cream and sandwich with another pretzel.

Cracklin’ Cookies: Fold a cup of crushed potato chips into chocolate chip cookie dough for a sweet-and-salty combo.

Chocolate Ice Cream Pretzel Pops:
Use an ice cube tray and fill cubes a quarter of the way with crushed
pretzels mixed with melted chocolate – insert toothpick or popsicle
stick and freeze. Top remaining portion of the cubes with chocolate
ice-cream and re-freeze until firm.

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S’moresels: Place a marshmallow and a piece of a chocolate bar over a chip or flat pretzel square, top with another and microwave for 10-20 seconds.

Graham Cracker Coated Bananas: Dip frozen bananas in chocolate and roll in broken up graham crackers.

Fruit Crunch-Ups: Slice apples, pears or bananas and dip in caramel or peanut butter. Roll
in crushed pretzels or crushed potato chips for a savory-sweet treat.

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Hazelnut Pretzel-ini: Make a chocolatey pretzel sandwich by layering a hazelnut spread (like Nutella) between two pretzels.

Pancake Pretzel Roll-Ups
: Spread pancakes with hazelnut spread, sprinkle with crushed pretzels and roll up for a pancake wrap.

Crunchified Cobbler: Take sweet flavors, like cinnamon sugar chips, (or sprinkle on plain
ones) and use as a topping for berry cobbler or coffee cake.

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Chip Pops: Dip chips in ice cream topped with sprinkles and freeze until firm.

Sweetwich: Make a granola chip sandwich by alternating chips with layers of peanut butter, sliced fruit and chocolate chips.

Crunch Cream: Skip spending extra money on fancy flavors; customize plain flavors like chocolate or vanilla by mixing in granola chips.

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Fun Appetizers

Grilled Pretz-wich: Cover a pretzel with a cube of
cheddar cheese, microwave to melt and top with another one for a
savory grilled cheese pretzel sandwich.

Crusty Crabcakes: Mix finely crushed pretzels (sourdough crumbles are a good pick) with
crab meat, eggs, mayonnaise and seafood seasoning. Fry, bake or broil.

Flip Dip:  Reverse this party appetizer standard and add finely crushed veggie
or tortilla chips to your favorite creamy dip and serve with crudités.

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Chipola Parfait: Revamp your morning yogurt + granola + fruit trio with granola chips.

Crispy Scrambled Eggs
: Toss chip fragments into scrambled eggs while cooking or fold into an omelet.

Grape-Nutties Roll two tablespoons of almond or peanut butter in a coating of crumbled granola chips (or try cereals like Grape-Nuts) and serve the mounds over a bed of fresh fruit.

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Dinner Dishes

Loaded Tortilla-Free Nachos  For spin on regular nachos, layer kettle-cooked chips (They’re thick enough to hold up under melted
cheese) with cheese, refried beans, shredded chicken and whatever
toppings you like for crunchy, corn-free nachos.

: Swap out bread crumbs for crushed chips in savory flavors (think:
barbecue, maple bacon, ranch) for a flavor-boost in meatloaf or
hamburger patties. To add body and filling fiber to burgers or meatloaf,
try folding in crumbled whole grain crackers

Crispy Lentil Chip Crusted Chicken:  Instead of breadcrumbs, crush
a bag of lentil chips and use it to bread chicken for a healthy protein
and fiber-filled alternative. Dip chicken cutlets in egg and drop them
into chips and bake. For a Latin flair, use tortilla chips (preferably
pulverized in a food processor, but hand-crumbling works) to bread
chicken or even veggies like onions and zucchini.

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Dinner Dishes

Casserole Crunch: Garnish mac ‘n’ cheese or another casserole dish with crushed potato chips. Or to liven up regular pastas with cheese sauces mash up cheddar bunnies or white chieddar popcorn as a fun garnish. You can also amp up the texture of baked beans by sprinkling in some chips.

Chipcrusted Quiche: Put your favorite chips in a Ziploc
bag and roll over with a rolling pin several times. Line your pie tin with the mixture
before pouring in quiche batter and cooking as normal.

Tempura Makeover:  Use mashed up chips to coat your favorite meat or veggies. Dip in eggs,
then roll in chip crumbs and bake for 35-40 minutes on 375 degrees or
until coating is crispy (and juices run clear if using meat).

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Easy Sides

Pretzelized Beer Bread: Break pretzel sticks into small pieces, press them
into the top of bread dough  for a crunchy coating on
classic beer bread.

Munchable Meatballs
: Pulse chips in a food processor until fine (or mash up by hand) and fold
into meatballs before baking.

Sweeter Sweet Potatoes: Combine crushed sweet potato chips with butter and brown sugar and sprinkle over a baked regular or sweet potato.

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Easy Sides

Mushroom Magic: Add crushed whole grain crackers to your typical mixture for stuffed mushrooms for added whole grain nutrition and a more satisfying dish.

Tomato Toppers: For a twist on the typical sea salt and tomato combo, top sliced
tomatoes with crushed saltine crackers and a splash of balsamic.

Better Brie: Line a bowl of baked brie with a crust of chips for a crunchy-smooth texture.

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Create-a-Condiment: Pulse multigrain or seeded crackers (like sesame or poppy) in a food
processor until fine, and combine with your favorite sandwich spread
like spicy mustard, pesto, hot sauce or hummus.

Dorito Dust: Smash a handful of chips, stuff into a clean pepper mill, and grind away onto everything from mac and cheese to broccoli.

Elevated Olive Oil
: Infuse a bottle of olive oil with your favorite flavored chips (salt & vinegar flavored chips work great) all crunched up, and use in salad dressings or in marinades.

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Chippy Mary: Use flavors like Jalapeño or Spicy Thai to rim a Bloody Mary instead of salt. Wet the glass rim with lime and roll in chips.

Munchy Martini: Rim the glass of a chocolate martini with crumbled up graham crackers or Oreo bits.

Fibered-up Smoothie:
Add a whole grain or flaxseed-based cracker to a healthy shake for an added boost of filling fiber and a richer consistency.

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