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11 Touching Book Inscriptions That Will Inspire You to Gift More Books

What's the best part about receiving a book as a present? Getting a personal inscription from that special someone.

01-mans-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Man’s best friend

Kudos to the author who found just the right words to cheer up their friend or any loyal reader that picks up this book, Pack Mentality.

02-key-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

The key to teaching

This pianist professor found the single best note to praise her student.

03-finding-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Finding your truth

This genius quote from a mom to her daughter found in How To Think Like Sherlock is a great reminder to help anyone search for clues to help make clear and confident choices.

04-power-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

The power of flattery

The writer behind this complimentary inscription realizes giving is better than receiving when it comes to getting what you want.

05-touching-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Touching tribute

Dealing with loss is never easy, that’s why it’s sometimes better to leave it up for interpretation as found in New History of World War II.

06-rome-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Maybe Rome was built in a day?

Hopefully, the author behind this game of bridge cheat sheet was able to score a win just after learning how to play in 48 hours.

07-homerun-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels


One for the sports history books…Stumbling upon an autograph from a longtime New York sportswriter and book author, Phil Pepe.

08-love-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Love lives on

It’s hard not to let tears drench this handwritten note found in this book from the actual author who talks about his wife on the sleeve of the book and then her passing 54 years later.

09-never-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Never tardy

Luckily this student, who was praised for her attendance at Sabbath School in 1891, didn’t have to rely on New Jersey Transit to get her to school on time. (Always late? Try these time-management tips.)

10-santa-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-hope-danielsCourtesy Hope Daniels

Santa’s list

This cool aunt knew her nephew would be up for an adventure when she put this book under the tree.

11-spoonful-touching-inscriptions-secondhand-books-courtesy-Strand-Book-StoreCourtesy Strand Book Store

Just a spoonful of sugar

Nothing is sweeter than finding this touching message from a grandfather to his grandchild in the first American Edition copy of Mary Poppins.

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