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11 Instagram-Worthy Staycation Ideas for Spring Break

With these fun and fab ideas, you won't have to hit a tropical island to rock an amazing, social media-worthy spring break.


Pamper yourselves

It never feels good to see one or more of your Facebook or Instagram friends posting a snapshot of perfectly pedicured feet on the edge of a lounge chair with a white sand beach and turquoise water in the background when you’re stomping about town in your winter boots. But you don’t have to be on a beach to take a foot selfie. If you’re doing the staycation thing, treat yourself (and your daughters) to a luxurious spa pedicure and post images of your pampered feet in the flower pedal-adorned spa water. You can even create your own salon at home, replete with foot and back massages.


Give back

Of course, no one should brag about charity work or giving back, because it’s all about the intrinsic reward we get from helping others in need. That said, kindness is contagious. You may inspire others to do the same by posting about your volunteer activities, whether walking dogs at a local animal shelter, making toys for shelter cats, or serving food to homeless families. Find a local charity to support and get involved as a family.


Strike a pose

Yoga can be incredibly rejuvenating, says New York City yoga instructor Lauren Harris. “It’s a great activity for the entire family,” she says. Take a class at a local studio or watch a video that is appropriate for your skill level. “Many studios offer classes for kids and families to practice together.” Once you strike your pose, take a photo and share it on Facebook or post a video on Snapchat. (Poses like bunk beds and handstands always fetch a good number of likes and shares).


Go row a boat

Rowing is the new indoor cycling, says Harris, also an instructor at EastEndRow, a hip new rowing studio with locations on Manhattan’s Upper East side and Southampton, New York. “It’s full body workout and a great calorie burn,” she says. “You can really take out your trapped-at-home-for-spring-break-with-sick-kids angst on the rower, and return home ready to go.” Plus, she says, you look pretty fierce on the machine—and that can make for some compelling social media.


Take in a film

Grab the kids and take in a matinee, which always feels super indulgent since it says “I’m not at work!” says Lyss Stern CEO and mom of three. Stern is the author of several books including her latest, Motherhood Is A B#TCH: 10 Steps to Regaining Your Sanity, Sexiness, and Inner Diva. “Take a close up of the buttery popcorn watching the latest kid movie with your children, on the reclining movie chairs of course,” she says. Bonus if 3D glasses are involved.


Take a hike

Hiking in nature boosts creativity and provides the backdrop for a seriously stellar selfie or group shot, says Tracy Gaslow, founder and director of Groundsea Fitness, a wellness retreat in the Berkshires that focuses on daily, rigorous hiking. “Hiking can be fun for the whole family. It’s not just great exercise but also a bonding experience.” The family dog can even come with, she says. Visit your state’s Department of Environmental Conservation Home Page for information on local hikes.


Take a tour

Museums can provide a needed dose of culture, and scavenger hunts at museums can make these trips even more fun and memorable for the whole family. Check out these hunts at New York’s Metropolitan Museum and the Museum of Natural History. You can even make your own if you are feeling super creative—all you need is a map of the museum to create the clues for an experience your family will never forget. If your kids are Lego fiends, find a Legoland near you. They are replete with rides, movies, and play-and-build centers.

Take flight

iFly is making skydiving a lot more accessible by simulating true freefall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s not cheap, and each flight lasts just 60 seconds, but it is wildly unforgettable and the photos will leave your Facebook friends asking how they can do this coolest-thing-ever ASAP. (If you’re going to try real skydiving, here’s what you need to know.)


Camp out at home

Whether in your back yard or living room, pitch a tent, and fill it up with camping essentials—drinks, snacks, sleeping bags or blankets, flashlights, and (non-electronic) games. It may not be the best night sleep you ever had, but your kids will have a blast, and isn’t that what it’s all about? Making shadow puppets never get old. Try these top camping recipes for a legit outback experience.


Host a pet

Spring is the perfect time to welcome a new pup. The weather is getting warmer which makes housebreaking easier. Visit local shelters to see if you can find a pet that works for your family, and just try to stop sharing photos of your new love on Facebook! Start looking today at Petfinder. If adoption won’t work for your family, consider fostering a dog or cat from your local animal shelter for the duration of your vacation.


Keep it real

Your friends are on the beach in Turks and Caicos, your brother and his family are traipsing through Costa Rica, and your parents are on a Mediterranean cruise. Not your family. Instead, you are logging in serious hours of couch time and nursing a bad cold. Snap a photo of your family in the messy living room as you all lounge in pajamas and eat ice cream straight from the container. It will definitely make your friends and followers smile, and you’ll likely feel less alone.

Denise Mann, MS
Denise Mann is a freelance health writer in New York. Her articles regularly appear in WebMD,, and other consumer health portals.