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The Best Disney Attractions for Star Wars’ Fans

The Force will definitely be with you as Walt Disney World transports you to a galaxy far, far away—first with an array of cool attractions and experiences throughout the Star Wars Disney World universe right now, and then in 2019 with the opening of Star Wars Lands in both Florida and California and a cool new Star Wars hotel in Orlando.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Step into a virtual reality world of Star Wars

Fulfill your destiny at this first-of-its-kind total immersion into the Star Wars universe. The new Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire uses virtual reality to transport you deep into the galaxy, where you can walk freely and untethered through a multi-sensory, inter-planetary experience. As part of the 30-minute adventure, you’ll get to go undercover as a Stormtrooper to capture Imperial intelligence vital to the budding rebellion’s survival—and you get to use a Proton Blaster. How cool is that? Added bonus, there’s no theme-park admission required since this VR experience is located in Disney entertainment complexes at Disney Springs in Orlando and Downtown Disney in Anaheim. Discover more ways to experience Disney magic outside the parks.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Sign the kids up for junior Jedi training

Does your child have what it takes to be one with the Force? Younglings ages 4 to 12 get to participate in super-cool light saber training (be sure to register as soon as you enter the park for this way popular option) and fight the dark side with Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple, held throughout the day at Echo Lake in Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios. Added bonus: After the new recruits learn how to control the force, they fight the Dark Lord as part of a real stage show. Did you know Luke Skywalker was almost a girl? It’s true! Check out these other mind-blowing Star Wars facts.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

See the galaxy come to life at night

Another one of our favorite Star Wars Disney World experiences is the Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular which lights up the sky at Hollywood Studios every evening with fireworks across the sky and movie scenes projected onto the park’s stunning Chinese Theatre. As the Star Wars music soars around the state-of-the-art projections, you’ll swear you’ve been transported to a galaxy far, far away. Check out these 14 ways to save serious money on your next Disney vacation.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Launch into a Star Tours adventures

Hold onto your Mickey ear helmets: In a new adventure inspired by “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” guests on Star Tours–The Adventures Continue, an adrenaline-pumping ride with locations at both Disneyland Park and Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll be launched into a journey to the farthest reaches of space and into the middle of an epic battle on the planet of Crait. Prep for your trip with Walt Disney’s most inspiring quotes.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Get a hug from a wookie

Another Disney World Star Wars highlight is the chance to meet Star Wars beloved icons, including Chewbacca, and loathed villains, including Kylo Ren, at Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios. Get ready for your meet and greet chat with the Star Wars quotes that every fan should know.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Say ahoy to Star Wars on the high seas

Summon the Force as you set sail with special Star Wars Days at Sea on Disney Fantasy cruises. Your day will be filled with special Star Wars experiences and characters including film viewings; super Star Wars parties; and face-to-face encounters with Jedi, Wookiees, droids, and Stormtroopers. And over at Disney’s Oceaneer Club for kids, Jedi-in-training learn to traverse the galaxy with flight training simulators and can interact with 3-D holographic models of the Death Star and TIE fighters. You’ll love the cruise too—find out all the reasons why Disney Cruise Line ships are great for adults.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Get ready to explore Galaxy’s Edge

Circle your 2019 calendar in red! That’s when Disney will open its largest single-theme park expansion EVER; essentially 14 miles filled with our greatest Star Wars fantasies come true. And it’s not just one theme park, but two, with one Star Wars Land in Walt Disney World in Orlando and another at Disneyland in Anaheim. Disney’s keeping many of the details in a Hans Solo-level deep freeze, but some of the incredible attractions they’ve spilled so far include the opportunity to pilot the Millennium Falcon and chance to take part in a battle between Stormtroopers and Resistance fighters. And that’s not all you have to look forward to. The land will be filled with droids and iconic movie characters, and if you get hungry, you can even stop into a replica of the film’s infamous Mos Eisley Cantina.

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Best-Disney-Attractions-for-Star-Wars-FansCourtesy Disney Star Wars

Spend the night on another planet

What’s that you say? It’s still not enough Disney World Star Wars for you? Well, you’re in luck: Also on Disney’s line-up list is what they’re describing as an immersive Star Wars-themed hotel that will be their most experiential concept ever. We hear that it will be “Dedicated entirely to the galaxy of Star Wars; guests will have a one-of-a-kind experience where a luxury resort meets a multi-day adventure in a galaxy far, far away.” We can’t wait to check in! Be sure to brush up on these eight insider tips for your best every Disney World vacation.

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