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15 Summer Cartoons You Can’t Help but Laugh At

Have a laugh with our favorite warm-weather cartoons.

T. Russell Harris for Reader's Digest

Lawn Navigator

At least he didn’t follow the GPS directions into a pond. For more relatable laughs, check out these hilarious cartoons about daily life.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

A Happier Ending for Frosty

So that’s where snowmen go in the summer! Check out these summer memes for more laughs.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Grilling Season

Calories don’t count at a barbecue, right? If you’re dreaming of summer vacation but stuck at work, these work cartoons will help you get through the week.

Garrincha for Reader's Digest


It’s never quite a relaxing day at the beach when you’re a mom. If you have a family, you’ll definitely be able to relate to these hilarious cartoons about family life.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Picnic Lurker

Bears: nature’s most misunderstood picnic-goer.

Gail Bertana for Reader's Digest

Shopping for Swimwear

Sometimes, you just get carried away.

Joseph Farris for Reader's Digest

Sunflower Salute

Even military officers have to salute this king of summer flowers. These funny military cartoons will make you appreciate the armed forces.

Ralph Hagen for Reader's Digest

Midnight Snack

Camper and hiker are bears’ favorite flavors.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Spot in the Sand

When you find that perfect spot at the beach, you’ve got to grab it.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Always a Critic

“Am I close enough to the curb?” Check out these hilariously accurate cartoons about love and marriage.

Am Alberts for Reader's Digest

Shell Parking Lot

Hopefully, crabs are able to hit the panic button to find their shells.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Beach Style

It’s better than a Speedo, at least. If you’ve ever traveled, these cartoons about travel will make you crack up.

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

The old woman who lived in a sandal

In Hawaii, any place is a dream house.

summer cartoonsMark Heath for Reader's Digest

Beached beach-goers

All sea creatures must think humans are pretty weird for just sitting on the beach all day.

Bob Eckstein for Reader's Digest

It’s a wind turbine, Charlie Brown

A perfect summer activity gone awry. Now, get more laughs out of these cartoons that will make every dog owner laugh.

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