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6 Delicious Ways to Transition Your Favorite Comfort Foods to Summer

The weather's getting warmer, but that doesn't mean you have to give up these comforting classics. Here's how to give them a summertime makeover.

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01_grilledcheese_4Courtesy Super Healthy Kids

Grilled cheese

Give your oozing grilled cheese a crunchy summer makeover by adding tomato, basil, and dill. Try this recipe by SuperHealthyKids. This is how one Food Network chef makes the perfect grilled cheese.

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Mac and cheese

Everyone’s cold-weather favorite? Mac and cheese. Make it a BBQ side dish by adding corn, zucchini, and queso. Try this summery recipe by TheFoodInMyBeard. You won’t want to miss how Guy Fieri makes his favorite mac and cheese dish, either.

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05_Chilled-Spicy-Tomato-Soup-Shots1-682x1024Courtesy Bella Limento

Hot tomato soup

While a frozen soup is arguably way different than hot soup, we say it’s worth a try. Try this Bellalimento shot-glass version as an appetizer at your next hot-weather get-together. Not sold? These are the best and worst hot soups for weight loss.

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06_Frozen-Hot-Chocolate-RecipeCourtesy Six Sisters' Stuff

Hot chocolate

The best way to update hot chocolate for summer? Freeze it, of course! This SixSisterStuff recipe tells you how to do it. And while you will need to break out the blender to whip this one up, you’ll find yourself with a delectable summer treat the kids will love.

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No one wants a sweltering kitchen in the middle of the summer. But that doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice lasagna. Try this no-bake recipe by Taste of Home.

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08_Chicken-Fried-Steak-Bites-with-Country-Gravy-PictureCourtesy Miss in the Kitchen

Chicken-fried steak

While an entire chicken-fried steak is amazing in winter, chicken-fried-steak bites are the most convenient way to make them a summertime snack. Simply whip up a batch before the big game or a picnic, and pass them around along with toothpicks and ranch dressing. MissinTheKitchen has your recipe.