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8 Easy Summer Dates You Can Plan in 5 Minutes

Want less time planning and more time dating? Busy couples will love these spontaneous date night ideas.

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Date night done right

There’s a stigma surrounding date night that it has to involve a lot of planning, or the whole thing will go unappreciated. While flowers at the door, expensive dinners, and dressy garb can all make for a special night, these four-star dates can start to feel forced. Spontaneity, on the other hand, is one of the sexiest things of all. Summertime is the season when people feel the most alive, ready to take on activities at a moment’s notice. Capitalize on all there is to do during this warm and vibrant season by linking up with your special friend or significant other to explore your playful sides. Want to conjure up a date night without the fuss? These eight date night ideas require five minutes or fewer to plan, and will ignite lots of laughter, lust, and love.

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Watch a movie under the stars

If movie night is your jam but you’re feeling guilty about hiding inside when the warm summer breeze is calling your name, find a nearby drive-in theater, hop on the hood of your car with a blanket and snacks and cuddle up with your S.O. for a romantic evening. Outdoor malls, state beaches, and parks have jumped on the outdoor flick frenzy too, so if you’re sans car, this is a great option, and a refreshing take on the classic drive-in option. Pull up a blanket, or set up lounge chairs, pack refreshments, and you’re good to go! Tip: Feel like avoiding the crowd? You can try this in your backyard, too. Open a bottle of wine and just watch one of these romantic movies on your laptop while breathing in the fresh air and stealing gazes at the stars.

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Check out some live music

The summer season calls for al fresco affairs, and live music is likely to fill the streets of your city, town, or even neighborhood. There are so many options to choose from, too. You can purchase tickets to a large venue featuring a big name band, head to a local concert in the park, or even find a restaurant or bar that offers live sets on the patio as well as inside.

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Take a wine tour

Double dates with a couple who love wine can make for great conversation that takes your normal date night to the next level. Grab a pair of loving pals and piece together a select few wineries (or wine bars) to tour. Opt for a designated driver (or Uber) to take the pressure off, and let the wine flow! Before you start your evening, brush up on these wine terms everyone should know.

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Take a cocktail cruise

Summertime means long days and stunning sunsets, so take advantage by hopping on a local cruise featuring cocktails and music. Taking your typical bar scene offshore with a beautiful backdrop while someone else steers the boat is equal parts relaxing as much as it is romantic and unique.

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Head to the fair

Tis the season for fairs. Though you may be deterred by the fierce crowds, it’s a perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and let yourself be a teenager again. Grab your S.O., eat a corn dog or some other deep-fried delicacy, challenge each other to a game of Toss the Ball into the Goldfish Bowl, and take a spin on the Ferris wheel. Check out some of the wackiest foods at state fairs.

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Keep it simple with a picnic

Picnics require such little effort, but offer a whole lot of romance. When crowds and money don’t fit the bill, grab a bottle of wine, cheese, and crackers from home, a cozy blanket, and a gorgeous view, and you have a romantic night ready to go. Want to kick it up a notch? Skip the sunset and make it a moonlight affair—just make sure to bring extra layers!

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Go camping

So you might think camping requires a lot of attention to detail, but if you keep it simple and just go for the night, you can keep planning to a minimum. All you really need is a tent, a sleeping bag and pillows, warm and comfy clothes, a flashlight, and plenty of food and drink to keep you satisfied. Something about sipping wine under the stars, staring into each other’s eyes over the fire, and cuddling up in a rugged atmosphere just screams romance. Don’t miss these 40+ romantic ideas to spice up date night.

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Go to a baseball game

A ball game can be such a fun date if you have a local ballpark or stadium nearby for either a national team or a farm team. Eat foods you normally never allow yourself, drink a cold beer or two, and root for your favorite team, cheering along with the crowd and high-fiving your S.O.

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