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The Most Frustrating Summer Fashion Problems—And How to Fix Them

From broken flip flops to sheer white tees, we've got you covered.


Fix a flip-flop on the fly

If the toe post on your flip-flop pops out in the middle of your stroll down the boardwalk, fix it in a pinch using items you already have in your beach bag. Stop the post from tearing again out by slipping a safety pin, bobby pin, or bread clip above the circular stopper that sits on the bottom of the sandal. If those options fail, hold a lighter or match to the bottom of the toe post and melt the shoe back together. Here’s how to pick flip-flops that won’t hurt your feet, according to foot doctors.


Remove a stain from white jeans

Getting a stain on a pair of crisp white jeans is almost inevitable. For coffee and grass stains, rub a mixture of concentrated dish soap and warm water onto the stain, advises Madewell. For ink, try glycerin-based soap and warm water. For a red wine stain, use hydrogen peroxide and warm water. Rinse the stain in hot water (about 85 degrees) and allow to air dry until you’re sure the stain is removed.


Ward off underarm sweat stains

Avoid unsightly sweat stains on office dress shirts by layering an antimicrobial sports undershirt underneath. Clothes made for sports are designed to wick moisture away from your body, which keeps you feeling cool and dry. Additionally, apply an antiperspirant before your deodorant. For best results, apply the antiperspirant at night (even if you shower in the early hours) and a deodorant in the morning. Here’s how to remove sweat stains from your favorite clothes.


Clean up a light-colored leather bag

A light-colored bag is a warm-weather essential. Keep yours looking new by wiping it down once a week with a cloth dipped in warm soapy water. Never use water on grease stains (simply wipe them off with a dry cloth), and for tiny but tough stains, buy nail polish in a color that matches the bag and dab it onto the stain. This is how to make your bagand the rest of your outfitlook expensive.


Stay cool in linen

Lightweight linen was made for hot and humid summer days. This fabric will keep you cool and billow away from your skin to allow for maximum airflow. It also dries faster than cotton, so if you do break a sweat you won’t freeze when you return inside. The only caveat: Linen is prone to intense wrinkling. To stay polished and free of wrinkles, try a linen blend. And check out these other tips to always look put-together.


Tailor a see-through white shirt

Airy white blouses and laid-back cotton tees are simple summer mainstays. But as classic as they are, many of these pieces are slightly sheer. Keep it modest by wearing a nude bra that matches your skin tone, or by taking the shirt to your tailor to have a nude liner added (here are other alterations you didn’t know your tailor could make). To check a blouse’s sheerness before you leave the store, place your hand under the fabric and hold it toward the light. The more of your hand you see, the more sheer the fabric will be. You can also check for these hidden signs of a well-made piece of clothing.

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