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10 Pictures That Remind You of Being a Kid in Summer

School was out and the possibilities were endless.

© 2012 Julie Blackmon

Stock Tank, Julie Blackmon

© 2012 Georgia Kokolis

Last Days of Summer, Georgia Kokolis

© 2006 Vincent Laforet

Coney Island, 2006, Vincent Laforet

© 2013 charles gullung photography

Untitled, Charles Gullung

© 2011 Laurent Le Moing

“Splash,” New Jersey, 2011, Laurent Le Moing

© 2012 Keith Sharp

Suspended, Keith Sharp

© Micheal McLaughlin

Rio, Micheal McLaughlin

© Joel Meyerowitz, Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery

Ballston Beach, Truro, Massachusetts, 1977, Joel Meyerowitz

© Janet Beller

Untitled, Janet Beller

© 1992 Bo Zaunders

Rowboat and Water Lilies in Rural Sweden, Bo Zaunders

© Cig Harvey, Courtesy of Robin Rice Gallery


For more images, pick up Summertime, edited by Joanne Dugan, here.

Originally Published in Reader's Digest