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30 Tech Gifts Dad Really Wants for Father’s Day

We found the best tech gifts for Father's Day to impress dads of all ages and stages, and if you're really lucky, maybe he'll share.

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Tech gifts for dad he’ll treasure

If he’s the type known to tinker with cool gadgets, the most up-to-date electronics, and anything with a bit of power running through it, he’ll love our list of the best tech gifts for dad. Pair one of these gifts with a home-cooked meal and something from this list of fun Father’s Day activities the whole family will love for the best dad’s day ever.

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Cinemood 360

Cinemood 360


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Treat dad to this portable projector offering 360 degrees of visual content; his videos, motion games, movies, Netflix, and other viewing habits will be amplified to a whole new level with this nifty little cube. Sure, it’s great for movie night, but imagine just how exciting his favorite fitness videos will be with they come to life on a broader scale. This isn’t the only one of the best tech gifts for Father’s Day, it’s also one of the best Amazon products he’ll use every day

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Panasonic Hybrid Shaver, Trimmer & Detailervia

Panasonic Hybrid Shaver, Trimmer & Detailer


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This easy-to-use shaver is more than it seems thanks to modern technology and a smart shaving sensor that seems downright futuristic. He’ll be able to shave wet or dry, trim, detail, and update his facial hair flow as often as his mood suits him. It’s one of the best tech gifts for the dad who changes up his facial hairstyles on the reg. Tell him to study these proper names for popular beard styles to be in the know.

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LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machinevia

LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine


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While this herbal oil and butter infusion machine probably sounds straight-forward and for cooking only, don’t be fooled. Dad will use this ultra-versatile countertop machine to do everything from DIY shaving lathers with essential oil infusions like rosemary and mint to DIY massage balms with CBD, lavender, or anything else his green thumb might have access to. Or, he can just be the star chef that he is and whip up the world’s best garlic oil for everyone in the family to drizzle over their salads, steaks, popcorn, and more. We choose all of the above. This WiFi-enabled tech gift for dad works with a smartphone app and will make dad feel like he’s got Rosie from The Jetsons cooking alongside him in the kitchen.

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3M Safety WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protectorvia

3M Safety WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector


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These headphones aren’t just hearing protectors, although, with an integrated microphone that lets him take phone calls without removing the hearing protection, they are that, too. They’re Bluetooth-enabled bits of audio bliss that offer cord-free, antenna-free noise reduction with high fidelity speakers at a shockingly reasonable price—gadget stores sell similar headphones for triple the price. We’re betting you’ll want a pair of them, too. Check out these other high-quality items that are more than worth their price tag.

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Coral UV Sterilizervia

Coral UV Sterilizer


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In a world where the coronavirus is changing our everyday habits, one of the greatest tech gifts for dad this year may be one that brings him a sense of safety. The Coral UV Sterilizer uses better-than-steam UVC light to effortlessly kill 99.9 percent of harmful germs from dad’s favorite things in just ten minutes. It kills everything from E. Coli to staph and more, and is safe for plastics, glass, and silicone and has a child-friendly setting that automatically switches off when opened to avoid exposing children. It works on cell phones, plush toys, the remote control, kitchenware, and other very-touched items to rid them of the nasties and give dad the peace he deserves in his own home.

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HyperX QuadCast USB Condenser Microphonevia

HyperX QuadCast USB Condenser Microphone


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This gaming microphone is great for dads known to play intense rounds of multi-player video games, but it’s also an incredibly simple-to-use podcasting microphone and workday Zoom meeting accessory. It offers masculine red and black coloring he’ll love and is just as easily used on a Mac as it is with a PC or PS4. Tell him to check out these life-changing history podcasts for inspiration.

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Google Nest Hub Maxvia

Google Nest Hub Max


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Pop this smarter-than-your-average device in the main living space and watch dad’s life change for the better almost instantly. It offers a 10-inch HD screen he won’t have to strain his eyes to see, stereo speakers, free high-quality video calls to just about any other smartphone or device (that means he can video chat with you and the grandkids hands-free as he goes about his day), and connects to Nest cameras, speakers, and displays. But really, it’s one of the best tech gifts for dads always trying new recipes because it sits seamlessly on the kitchen counter and can help walk him through all his favorite cooking aspirations with popular YouTube videos.

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Schlage Camelot Encode Smart Wifi Door Lock with Alarmvia

Schlage Camelot Encode Smart WiFi Door Lock with Alarm


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Give dad a sense of security in the most literal way with this smart lock he’ll wonder how he ever lived without it. While some other smart locks out there require a home hub system, this one doesn’t, meaning you won’t have to buy or set up multiple devices to get it to work just the way he wants it to. He’ll be able to control his lock from anywhere via WiFi and can remotely manage smart lock interactions with the Schlage app on his phone. It’s a breeze for locking the doors without getting back out of bed, or for letting the kids or household helpers in when he’s not home.

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Mophie Powerstation Wireless XLvia

Mophie Powerstation Wireless XL


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Tell him to take that extra-long day at the lake, hang out at the park, or anywhere else he feels like going but may not have enough cell phone “juice” to get him through the day, because the Mophie power station wireless XL offers 10,000 mAh wireless power in a portable battery with an 18W USB port and lightning input that means it works with most model iPhones, AirPods, and other essentials. It features a slim profile that’s easy to carry, so he can keep it in his pocket when he’s trying his hand at his summer running routine.

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Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleanervia

Tineco Pure ONE S12 Smart Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner


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He’ll gleefully pick up more household chores when he realizes how powered up and cool this cordless stick vacuum is from Tineco. While we haven’t performed a DNA test on it, we’re pretty sure it comes from sports car lineage, because it has a powerful motor, runs quietly, and offers a fast, sleek design. It’s the kind of vacuum that dad would design if that was his business, but it’s probably not, so he’ll just enjoy using it instead. He can certainly clean his car with it though, as a cordless vacuum with narrow attachments is one of the most important clean car essentials.

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ibi Smart Photo Managervia

ibi Smart Photo Manager


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This personal cloud storage-like cylinder is what freedom looks like sitting on his desk. It saves, organizes, and protects the most-cherished memories all in one place, allowing the companion app to build an “inner circle” of friends and family with granted access to store images, videos. Entire families can collaborate on share their images, new and old, and it can even stream everything right to Dad’s television for seamless enjoyment. It’s an ideal way to keep him in the loop even if he’s socially distanced.

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Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6-Port Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Supercharger with USB Portvia

Ryobi 18-Volt ONE+ 6-Port Dual Chemistry IntelliPort Supercharger with USB Port


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Tell dad you’re about to make all his garage-tinkering dreams come true because this Ryobi charging marvel is just what he’s been dreaming of ever since he got his first set of power tools. It shaves time off recharging his drills and other fun handy gadgets by charging up to six ONE+ lithium iron or Ni-CD batteries sequentially. One battery can charge in as little as 30 minutes, and it’s compatible with all Ryobi 18-Vole ONE+ system tools. If you can’t find him this summer, it’s because he’s just too busy being busy thanks to never having battery downtime.

14 / 31 24/7 tech supportvia 24/7 tech support

Starting at $59.99

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You can opt for a gift of six, 12, or 24 months of unlimited 24/7 tech support for Dad and all his gadgets from, and truthfully, it’s a gift for everyone in the family. You’ll be able to delegate all those “wait, which button do I push?” questions to a trained professional and stick to the loving family conversations instead. He’ll get help with his phone, computer, and other doodads whenever he needs, making it one of the most thoughtful tech gifts for Dad. Here’s how successful people organize their computer desktops.

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Aukey Omnia 65W Fast USB C Chargervia

Aukey Omnia 65W Fast USB C Charger


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This foldable plug is about to be the dad-on-the-go’s new best friend, thanks to lightning-fast charging times, easy folding for storage and toting, and sleek design. The entire line of Aukey Omni chargers is 50 percent smaller than Apple’s standard versions, making them an easy choice. Make sure dad knows these 11 phone battery and charger myths he needs to stop believing ASAP.

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VIDBOX Video Conversion Suitevia

VIDBOX Video Conversion Suite


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Turn all of dad’s most treasured memories from yesteryear (read: the ’80s and ’90s) into more easily stored and managed digital files with this very-cool VIDBOX video conversion suite that seamlessly takes his old school VHS tapes and makes them accessible to modern mediums. It includes two software download license keys—one for PC and one for Mac—and comes loaded with the USB capture device, RCA AV cable, and quick start guides to grab content from VHS, Beta, 8 mm, or camcorder tapes. He’ll be able to convert them to digital formats or DVD, leaving the whole family with years of joy to share, upload, and keep alive.

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KODAK Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitorvia

KODAK Cherish C525 Video Baby Monitor


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The greatest tech gifts for dad are the ones he’ll use regularly, and this baby monitor is exactly what new dads need to feel like they’re really nailing this parenting thing. The large five-inch HD screen makes keeping an eye on little ones easy, while WiFi connectivity keeps notifications and alerts delivered directly to his smartphone anywhere he may be—whether that’s the sofa or out for date night. Uninterrupted night vision will make him feel like he’s living all his spy movie fantasies. It’s the decidedly cooler, high-tech version of something most new dads need anyway.

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Pixel Anti-Blue Light Computer Glassesvia

Pixel Anti-Blue Light Computer Glasses


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If he’s like the rest of us, he probably gets several hours of blue light-emitting screen time each day. Help protect his eyes with a new pair of Pixel Computer Glasses to help him keep the windows to his soul safe from damaging rays as he uses the windows to Bill Gates’ soul to get through his workday. It’s designed to reduce the symptoms of eye strain, dry eyes, and heading from viewing computers, iPads, smartphones, and TVs, and feature a non-Rx clear lens. Find out why we celebrate Father’s Day in the first place.

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Rachio Smart 8 Zone Sprinkler Controllervia

Rachio Smart 8 Zone Sprinkler Controller


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He’s about to be king of the cul de sac with this lawn-perfecting Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller. It can handle up to eight watering zones at a time, and he can set automatic preferences right from his smartphone or use Alexa in the house to shout out, “Hey Alexa, water the lawn!” when he’s in the middle of something more pressing. There will be one unintended side effect though—a street full of jealous neighbors ogling his always-perfect yard. Gifts from the heart don’t have to cost a lot as these 20 dads who share their favorite Father’s Day gifts ever reveal.

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TCL 10L smartphonevia

TCL 10L smartphone


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Upgrade dad’s old phone to a new, very-cool TCL smartphone, and he’ll be ecstatic thanks to the big screen, high performance, and affordable price point. He can have it in standard black fare, or go for a new flashy cobalt blue version that’s a lot harder to lose than the average ho-hum cell phone. It runs Google Assistant, features a large 6.53″ full HD LCD screen, and currently runs Android 10 although an Android 11 upgrade is on the way. The 16-megapixel selfie camera is a major bonus and will make him feel like a professional when he’s shooting family photos right from his phone. Make sure he knows these tricks for taking postcard-perfect pictures on his phone.

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Manscaped Weed Whackervia

Manscaped Weed Whacker


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Dad’s ear hairs and nose hairs are about to be perfectly trimmed, and that’s a win everyone can get behind. This slim gadget from Manscaped featured SkinSafe technology, a powerful lithium-ion battery, and a 9,0000 RPM motor that offers a 360° rotary dual-blade system. It sounds more like a supercharged truck or yacht, right? Except it’s a waterproof gadget meant to get into dad’s nostrils (and heart).

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baby yodavia pop

Popsockets PopGrip The Child Pod


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If he’s a fan of everything Star Wars, you’re all in love with Baby Yoda, and he’s got a smartphone this Popsocket accessory is the affordable tech gift for Dad you’ve been looking for. It works as both a handgrip and a phone stand and has a swappable top that is compatible with wireless charging. Plus, it’s just the cutest thing since you as a baby. You can quiz him on these Star Wars facts everyone gets wrong, too.

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Archer AX6000 Next-Gen Wi-Fi Routervia

Archer AX6000 Next-Gen Wi-Fi Router


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This WiFi router is perfect for dad’s need for speed, great for the whole family’s love of everything-internet, and the kind of gift you know he’ll ooh and ah over for years to come. He’ll love the smooth-running wireless signal for his work from home time, Netflixing with the family, multiplayer video games, and keeping his smart home devices in tip-top shape with maximum performance. The Archer AX6000 is beefy enough to handle multiple devices streaming content at once, which means it’s a virtual family peacemaker —and that’s priceless. Clue him in to the 20 classics shows you didn’t know you could watch on Netflix.

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pHin Smart Water Care Monitorvia

pHin Smart Water Care Monitor


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Dad’s pool, hot tub, or spa will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. This genius smart water care monitor by pHin will change the way dad handles pool and hot tub maintenance in the backyard, saving countless dollars on pool services and technicians and even more of his most valuable resource—time. It takes the guesswork out of adding chemicals to his water because this wow-worthy gadget will scan the bar code of his pool products and calculate the exact amounts he needs to add and even alerts him when the water’s chemical balance seems a bit off. It works with his smartphone on both Android and iOS, sampling his water automatically more than 1,000 times each week to make sure it’s in perfect balance. It works with chlorine, bromine, and salt water-based pools and spas, so just about every dad with a bathing suit is covered with this almost-magical device.

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LUX Kono Smart Thermostatvia

LUX Kono Smart Thermostat


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The Kono Smart Thermostat is the energy-saving dad’s new best friend. It provides smart home tech that saves energy, money, and time with the click of a button on his phone, and allows him to control and monitor his home’s temperature from anywhere. He can raise the temperature in the living room when he’s on the way home from his favorite outing, lower the temperature to save money when he realizes he’ll be out longer than expected, and it blends in with his existing home decor thanks to nine changeable decor snap covers to suit his room’s style. Plus, it works with Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Google Assistant for a seamless experience. Check out these other smart ways to save energy.

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Rocket Fishing Rodvia

Rocket Fishing Rod


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Dad will finally be able to take all his favorite little buddies out on the lake, river, or anywhere else he likes to do his fishing with this tech-enhanced take on a classic fishing rod. It offers a powerful rocket-boosted casting that’s safer to use with little ones around, easier for those in need of added assistance, and all the goodness of a fun day out fishing.

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Nimble Wireless Travel Kitvia

Nimble Wireless Travel Kit


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Upgrade dad’s existing travel cords and cables to this aptly-named Nimble Wireless Travel Kit, complete with everything he’ll need to keep his smartphone powered on the go. It works with newer iPhones, Samsungs, Androids, AirPods, and Google Pixel 3 phones, and is made with eco-friendly materials he’ll feel great about. The kit includes a wireless charging pad and dual USB wall charger in a slim footprint he can stash just about anywhere.

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Ausounds AU-Stream ANC Earbudsvia

Ausounds AU-Stream ANC Earbuds


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These Bluetooth-enabled little wonders will take Dad’s listening game to the next level, offering both comfort and superior sound quality with noise cancellation. He’ll love them for watching his favorite videos on his phone, listening to music, chiming into the company Zoom meeting with his tablet, or just about anything else. Better yet, they offer a rapid one and a half hours wireless charging case that juices the earbuds with a total battery life of 20 hours. He’ll get up to five hours of talk and music playback, which means he’ll never have that dreaded whoops-my-headphones-died moment on important calls. He’ll probably get a kick out of these hilarious conference call fails, though.

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ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptopvia

ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop


Shop Now

Tell dad to kiss his old, slower-than-molasses computer goodbye, because this 13.3″ full HD screen Zenbook from ASUS is going to blow his previous model out of the water. It comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, so he won’t have to worry about fiddling with software, and boasts updated hardware with fast storage and memory. Did we mention it’s only two and a half pounds? That means it’ll be just as comfortable in his computer bag as it is on his actual lap.

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Meater+ Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometervia

Meater+ Long Range Smart Wireless Meat Thermometer


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Grilling will never be the same, and that’s a good thing. The Meater+ is a long-range, smart meat thermometer that boasts wireless meat monitoring with Bluetooth and Wifi digital connectivity. What does that mean for dad? Glad you asked because it means his steaks, burgers, and other favorite meats will be cooked to pure perfection every single time. He’ll never overdo the heat or cooking time with a rare, expensive cut again. It pairs with iOS and Android on his phone or tablet and offers an extra guided cook system to walk him through the process of the perfect cooking experience. Make sure he knows the answers to these 11 biggest grilling questions.

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Lasko Portable Electric 42" Oscillating Tower Fanvia

Lasko Portable Electric 42″ Oscillating Tower Fan


Shop Now

Hot weather is around the corner, and we all know dad hates wasting energy by running the air conditioning all day. Combine his love of all things technologically advanced and his deep appreciation for sensible spending with a new Lasko Wind Curve Tower Fan. It comes with a modern remote control (another one to fight over, yay!) and takes up way less floor real estate than the old school one he’s been using for decades. It also ionizes fresh air, which is a real bonus when compared to other floor fans. Next, read on for 70 Father’s Day gift ideas your pop will love.

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