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A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

It’s About Time to Thank Your Administrative Assistant: Here Are 6 Ways to Do It

Administrative Professional’s Day (formally known as Secretary’s Day) falls in the month of April. Here are terrific ways to show your appreciation for all of the little things you never get to say thank you for.

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Free coffee

In an op-ed piece for the New York Times, “Do Secretaries Have a Future?,” secretary and author Lynn Peril laments the disconnect between technology and tradition, namely that despite all of the job duties that have become obsolete, someone still needs to make coffee. Today, thank someone in the office with a complimentary cup of Joe. Want to go bigger? Buy lunch! Try these effortless ways to make your work day less stressful.

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Just say it

SavvySugar’s post on how to show gratitude in the office takes busy schedules and confusing etiquette into account and gives you the 5-second memo on how to let your coworkers know you appreciate them. Surprise, one of their tips involves coffee! Many people get so caught up in work that they forget to stop and thank the people that help them. Looking someone in the eye and genuinely thanking someone can mean a lot to someone. This is how you can build trust with your coworkers.

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Give the gift of time

Who do you know who couldn’t use a day off? Better yet? Why not hand over the game or concert tickets you came into last week? Try these tips to be a better coworker.

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Treat them to lunch

Take an hour or two out of your work day to treat your administrative assistant to lunch. Really get to know them and make sure you avoid talking about work. These are the healthiest things you can do on your lunch break.

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Acknowledge their accomplishments at a staff meeting

Many offices wouldn’t be able to function without the dedication and organization of their administrative assistant. Let them know how much they are appreciated by thanking them in front of the entire staff. This way everyone will have a chance to show how grateful they are.

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Ask them

Take the time to ask your administrative assistant what they want or need. Maybe take a chunk of your day and help them organize their desk or get through that paperwork that has been piling up.