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13 Thanksgiving Decorations We Wish Would Return

Take a stroll down memory lane and have a look at vintage Thanksgiving decorations we wish would make a comeback.

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Turkey frills

You’ve seen them on the end of turkey legs in cartoons for years, but what the heck are they doing there? Well, they’re purely ornamental and are there to cover any exposed bone of the turkey. See if you know these Thanksgiving trivia fun facts.

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Postcards aren’t necessarily decorations, but a vintage one like this can be displayed during the holidays. This is what Thanksgiving looked like 100 years ago.


Vintage looks

People used to send each other postcards on Thanksgiving as a way to say they were thinking of them on the day. Now, those vintage postcards look great around the house for Thanksgiving. Read through these stories of funny Thanksgiving mishaps.


Turkey salt and pepper shakers

The holidays are the only time you can trot out special dining objects like these salt and pepper shakers. It’ll become a quick discussion item at the table and maybe become one of those items the kids will cringe at seeing initially but will grow to love. Here are some reasons to be thankful this holiday season.


Turkey toy

This old wind-up, walking turkey toy is a super cool vintage decoration. Try to keep this turkey on the table and find out if any of the antiques in your attic are worth a fortune.


Turn of the century postcard

This postcard is nearly 100 years old. It was sent in 1919 and it’s a whimsy Thanksgiving greeting. Here are some Thanksgiving cartoons you can’t help but laugh at.


Harvest-centric celebration

This postcard from 1913 works perfectly as a decoration option and it veers from the traditional Thanksgiving fare. Of course, there is still corn but it’s neat to see how the holiday focused on harvests a little more in the past. If you’re hosting this year, here’s exactly how to set a table for Thanksgiving.


Enjoy everything you eat …

And be thankful for it, is the message on this postcard from 1913. It’s a little more of a bucolic scene as opposed to the highly commercialized sights of Thanksgiving leading into the deals of Black Friday. Here are some fun Thanksgiving crafts to brighten every table.


Good wishes

This 1908 greeting card paints a pretty picture of a humble Thanksgiving. Try out these Thanksgiving place cards.


Happy turkey day

Sure, it’s hokey but it’s not as bad as a giant inflatable turkey in your yard. A cartoon turkey outside your home is better than having one inside the home. Here are some vintage kitchen items that are worth more than you think.


Harvest cornucopia centerpiece

A centerpiece is still special for Thanksgiving and few things beat a classic harvest cornucopia centerpiece. Just as soon as you’re done decorating for one holiday, you’ll have to get ready for the next.


Turkey table topper

This little turkey would fit in perfect on nearly any Thanksgiving table.

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Postcard gift boxes

These boxes might not have the original postcards but they could become part of a great crafting project for Thanksgiving. Imagine the decorating items you could make. Now, learn about these Thanksgiving “facts” that aren’t actually true.

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