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The 9 Best Tips for Christmas Ornament Storage

Keep your ornaments safe and organized for many years to come with these fast, affordable storage tips.

Tip 1: Save the original packaging

If you still have the original boxes your ornaments came in, that’s best for storage. If not, store gift boxes or shoe boxes also make great holders for special baubles. Be sure to first wrap individual ornaments in tissue paper or sheets of paper towel for protection.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Tip 2: Store like with like

Use divided-tray ornament containers for round ornaments and decorative danglers that are all roughly the same size. Line each compartment with squares of felt or doubled sheets of paper towel for extra protection. And store similar styles or colors together; it’ll be easier to decorate next year.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Tip 3: Keep displays together

If you recreate the same fireplace mantel grouping of garlands, candles, and ornaments, wrap up all the pieces and pack them away in the same box, clearly labeled.

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Tip 4: Recycle a wine container

A divided cardboard liquor carton or wine box has compartments that are just the right size for organizing ornaments.

Source: Martha Stewart

Tip 5: Re-use kitchen supplies

Use egg cartons as storage for tiny ornaments. Oddly-shaped decorations can go in clean paper takeout containers lined with tissue paper or paper towel.

Source: Martha Stewart

Tip 6: Make plastic air cushions

If you’re packing up your decorations and you run out of compartmentalized storage boxes, store delicate ornaments in resealable plastic storage bags with lots of air trapped inside. They’ll form a protective cushion around your holiday trimmings.

Source: Amazon, Martha Stewart

Tip 7: Take special care with antique ornaments

Invest in archival storage boxes for antique or otherwise precious ornaments. These boxes are available in various sizes at home stores and mass retailers, and feature acid-free dividers and UV protection to guard against fading.

Source: Real Simple

Tip 8: Choose paper or plastic carefully

Refrain from using plastic ornament containers for your vintage ornaments; their resealable lids trap moisture, which can damage older decorations. But plastic is fine for other ornaments and Christmas decorations such as garlands and lights.

Source: Martha Stewart

Tip 9: Avoid the attic and basement

Although it’s tempting to tuck ornament storage containers away in your attic or basement, the extreme changes in humidity and air temperature in these locations are hazardous to fragile ornaments. Instead, find room in an underused closet, or store ornament boxes under a guest-room bed.

Source: Martha Stewart

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