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The 8 Most Expensive Flights in the World

The sky's the limit with these flights.

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World travelers need to save up for pricy tickets

Traveling to and from some locations means paying for a hefty flight ticket, especially if you fly first class. Prepare your budget because these flights are typically an expensive ride. Please note that airfare prices are sporadic, so actual prices may vary. “The market rates change constantly based on availability, season of travel, and other demands for all flights,” explains Angela Rice, co-founder of Boutique Travel Advisors. Read on for some of the most expensive flights in the world that rival the most outrageously expensive vacations in the world.

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most expensive flights new york to abu dhabiShutterstock (3),

New York to Abu Dhabi

The roundtrip flight from New York to Abu Dhabi is a whopping $64,000 in Etihad Airways’ penthouse cabin, “The Residence,” according to data from Seats and Stools. The sticker price is shocking, but it includes luxuries such as a private VIP concierge, a butler, a chef, and, not to mention, a three-room cabin in the sky. People on a tighter budget can still score a sweet deal if you know how to get picked for an upgrade on a flight.

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New York to Hong Kong

Flying to and from New York and Hong Kong is also expensive. Two of the many perks of booking this flight with Lufthansa are a limousine service and a Michelin-Starred chef service. For this luxury experience, you’ll only need to pay roughly $43,535 round trip, according to flight tracking app Hopper. Not only is it reportedly one of the most expensive cities in the world, but Hong Kong is also one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia.

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Los Angeles to Dubai

From the City of Angels to the City of Gold, you’ll need to cough up a pretty penny if you choose to fly with Emirates. The first-class flight from Hollywood to Dubai costs about $36,000, per Hopper. The 16-hour direct connection is complete with private suites, flat laying mattress beds, and even in-flight spa treatments. Travelers are thankful for these amenities since this is one of the longest nonstop flights in the world.

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San Francisco to Abu Dhabi

Fly first class with Etihad Airways roundtrip from San Francisco to Abu Dhabi for roughly $29,000. Suites on the flight have 23-inch TVs, private mini bars, and five-star chefs, the San Francisco Business Times reports. Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular destinations in the Middle East because of the posh spas, designer boutiques, and gorgeous beaches. So it makes sense that a trip to a city of luxury is equally luxurious and pricy. Money can really buy some truly unique, outrageous hotel amenities, too.

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most expensive flights new york to beijingShutterstock (3),

New York to Beijing

Korean Air offers a few different planes and suite types to and from New York and Beijing. The first class Kosmo Suites have sliding doors for each individual seat, but also amenities including award-winning food options, and a long wine list. A ticket could cost as much as $27,000 roundtrip, according to Hopper. People who are stuck in the Big Apple and can’t afford a bougie flight should check out some of the best free things to do in NYC, instead.

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new york to singapore most expensive flightsShutterstock (3),

New York to Singapore

The SWISS International Airlines flight from New York to Singapore is one of the fanciest trips around. The first-class flight could cost $22,000, and it includes full-length mattress beds and sliding doors for your own personal space. The airline is your “home above the clouds” thanks to these amenities and a gourmet menu. No matter where or when you fly, remember that these are the airlines with the best and words food.

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tokyo to los angeles most expensive flightsShutterstock (3),

Tokyo to Los Angeles

First-class passengers on Japan Airlines pay about $16,000 for a round trip ticket from Los Angeles to Tokyo. The price includes noise-canceling headphones, multi-course meals, champagne, comfy pajamas, and wellness kits.

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los angeles to melbourne most expensive flightsShutterstock (3),

Los Angeles to Melbourne

Fly down under in style if you can get over the hefty ticket price, around $15,000, for a first-class flight on Qantas. Passengers flying from LAX to Melbourne can enjoy luxury at the airport lounge as well as on the plane. After arriving, visit the most popular travel destinations in Australia.

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