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The Most Mouth-Watering, Pinteresting Party Cheese Recipes

Cheese balls, sandwiches, appetizers and more: This is a recipe collection for the home cook who dreams in 50 shades of gruyère.

Cheese + “Cake Pops” = Portable Cheese Plate

These one-bite savory cheese pops are as cute as their sweet cousins.
Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + “Ice Cream Cone” = Pizza Cone!

Sounds gross, tastes amazing. Find it at restaurants like this one >>

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Cheese + Bread Bowl = Party Dip

Just add friends. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Hamburger = Double Cheeseburger Dip

Build a Super Bowl spread around this baby. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Olives = Salty Nibbles

Wrap cheesy biscuit dough around olives, and your party guests won’t be able to stop popping! Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Tomatoes + Basil = Caprese Dip

You’ve had the summery salad—now try the party version. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Pistachios = Snacktime

Mini cheese balls are just the right size. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Tater Tots = The Platonic Ideal

These two were meant to be together. (Here’s the “recipe”.)

Cheese + Meatballs = Sunday Surprise

No need to sprinkle cheese on top—it’s inside these stuffed meatballs.
Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Jalapeños = Poppers

Cook them in the oven or on the grill—add chorizo sausage for meat-lovers. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Tomato Soup = One-Mug Dinner

Tomato soup gets the French Onion treatment, topped with a layer of crispy, gooey cheese. Here’s the recipe >>

Cheese + Beer = Soup

 There’s only one way to serve Beer-Cheese soup—in a bread bowl.
Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Pretzels = German Pretzels

The recipe: top soft pretzels with cheese and bake. Here’s the detailed version >>

Cheese + Cauliflower = “Mashed Potatoes”

Seriously. That good. Healthy, too! Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Potatoes = French Fries

Get deep-fried crunchy oven fries with this little trick: sprinkle on grated Parmesan before baking, and it’ll melt into a crispy crust. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Frying Pan = Frico Crackers

Throw some grated cheese in a frying pan and cook until it hardens for the world’s best cheese crackers. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Sweet Potatoes = Fancy Lunch

Top a baked sweet potato with roasted grapes and goat cheese. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Avocado= Who Knew?

Start your broilers: this cheese topped-avocado is ready in no time. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Lobster = High-Style Chip Dip

Lobster smothered in Brie. Wear your diamonds. Get the recipe here >>

Cheese + Pickles = Pregnant Lady Special

If you love cheese and you love pickles, try them together. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Baked Potato + Sandwich = Baked Potato Grilled Cheese

Turns out classic baked potatoes make an excellent grilled cheese. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Chicken = Crispy Cheddar Chicken

Cover chicken with crushed buttery crackers and cheddar. Yum. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Candied Pecans = One-Bite Treats

Serve these with cocktails, dessert, tea, an afternoon snack. Get the recipe >>

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

Cheese + Broccoli = Creamy Gratin

Grown-ups Secret #4: Vegetables are delicious, as long as you add cheese. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Poundcake = Dessert Grilled Cheese

Grilled cheese from pound cake “bread,” fig jam and Brie. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Caramelized Onions = French Onion Soup Grilled Cheese

Turn that classic inside out: Stuff it into a grilled cheese. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Eggs = Best Breakfast Ever

Old friend, cheese and egg sandwich, this is what you dream of being.

Cheese + Apples = Flatbread

This sweet-savory combo works as an appetizer or light meal. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Honey = Healthy Snack

Crackers, ricotta cheese, and honey is easy and healthy. Get the “recipe” >>

Cheese + Macoroni = Late Night Munchie Fix

Grilled cheese, meet mac ‘n cheese—no carb left behind.

Cheese + Blueberries = Surprisingly Sophisticated Spread

Summer in Wisconsin (your apple pie is jealous). Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Waffles = Southern Comfort

Sandwich ham and cheese in between waffles for a Southern take on breakfast. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Pineapple = Quickbread

If Paula Deen bakes it, it must be good: sharp cheddar and canned pineapple. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Deviled Eggs = Decadence

Top deviled eggs with a pinch of shredded cheese and broil for just a moment. Get the recipe >>

Cheese + Cucumber = Light Bites

Cucumber slices dress up with Boursin and bacon bits.

Source: via Rachel on Pinterest

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