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The Ultimate Super Bowl Menu: 9 Delicious Snacks

Game day just wouldn't be the same without a table full of cheesy, meaty, hearty eats.

Refried Bean Nachos

Homemade chips topped with beans, cheese, and tomato make a great snack or light meal.
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Chicken Satay

Keep your crowd cheering with these delectable chicken skewers.
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Salsa Guacamole Dip

Your gang’s going to love this full-flavored dip!
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Grilled Potato Skins

These hors d’oeuvres are begun in the microwave and finished on the grill, making them quick and crispy.
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Sandwich for 12

A delicious and fun way to feed a crowd — in under an hour!
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Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

These piquant morsels will disappear from the appetizer tray in no time.
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Beef ‘n’ Cheese Wraps

These wraps can be prepared ahead of time and make a great addition to any party menu.
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Double Cheese Pizza Bites

A finger food so fabulous you can’t eat just one.
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Giant Meatball Sub

You’ll score big with this Italian favorite.
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Originally Published in Reader's Digest