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The Ultimate Trick-or-Treat After Party

After trick-or-treating, invite your neighbors and friends over for some ghoulishly good grub from this easy prep-ahead buffet menu.

Peter Pumpkin Cheese Puffs

Start with
a tray of adorable orange, pumpkin-shaped cheese puffs, made tangy with Romano
cheese. Pipe cream cheese “stems” onto the pumpkins and fashion pumpkin leaves
out of parsley sprigs.

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Tip: Encourage guests to mingle by setting up a buffet table. Serve a mix of appetizers and small bites, a heartier entrée-type dish, and a dessert or two.

Source: Fabulous Foods

Spooky Monster Sandwiches

These tiny sandwiches are more silly than scary. Fill them with chicken salad, then top with olives “eyes,” pimiento strip “noses,” and pickle “fangs”.

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Pumpkin Cheese Ball

You can make this cute, pumpkin-shaped cheddar-and-cream cheese ball a day ahead of time.
Paprika gives it its orange hue, and a broccoli stalk makes a neat pumpkin

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Tip: Set up a separate drinks station, out of the path of the buffet line. Fill an aluminum tub with ice and
bottles of beer, wine, soda, and water. Set up your coffeemaker, and consider keeping a batch of hot chocolate warm in a slow cooker. Have a roll of paper towels nearby to
mop up spills and condensation, and don’t forget a bottle opener, beverage napkins,
and cups.

Crunchy Monster Claws

A kick of Cajun seasoning makes these
homemade chicken fingers appealing to adults, but you can leave it out if little ones are sensitive to spicy foods. Create “claws” by adding a sliced triangle of yellow bell pepper at
the end of each chicken finger, and serve with store-bought barbecue sauce—or as we like to say at Halloween, “blood”!

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Beef Stew with Ghoulish Mashed Potatoes

A slow cooker makes it easy to serve this hearty beef stew with
mushrooms and parsnips, and also keeps the it hot on the buffet table during your open house. Pipe mashed potato “ghosts” onto each bowlful, or simply
top spoonfuls of potatoes with a ladle of stew.

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Set up a cutlery station with disposable flatware, paper towels, and napkins.
Guests can then go through the buffet line without balancing extra things like utensils.

Goblins with Pumpkin Dip

This cream cheese-pumpkin dip can be served warmed or chilled. Make dippers by using a ghost-shaped
cookie cutter (or any other shape you like) to cut out cinnamon-dusted flour
tortilla triangles.

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Carnival Caramel Apples

Caramel-dipped apples rolled in crushed peanuts are a
classic Halloween treat. Prep them ahead of time, or create a station where guests can dip their own, then roll in toppings of their choice (like crushed cookies, sprinkles, mixed nuts, and more).

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Chocolate Spiders

Spoon chocolate pudding into individual graham cracker tart
shells for a single-serving dessert that’s easy to hold while chatting. Use licorice to create
spider legs and M&Ms for eyes—or if you’re spooked by spiders, simply serve them unadorned.

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Quick Ghost Cookies

Dip Nutter Butter cookies into white candy coating to make these fun, friendly ghosts. Serve with a pile of napkins so guests can wrap up their sweet endings and take them “to go,” either out trick-or-treating or home for the night.
Get the recipe at Taste of Home>>

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