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The Year’s Most Miraculous Happy Endings

The Year’s Most Miraculous Happy Endings

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R.J. Eppes: Taken by the Wind — and Back to Earth

Reginald and Danielle Eppes are convinced their son survived his ride in the maelstrom of a tornado only by some miracle and that God was watching over them.

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Averie Carrion: The Snow Angel

Averie Carrion, just four years old, braved a cold, snowy night to rescue her family. Did she have a guardian angel watching over her, or is she the true snow angel?

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Daniel Hernandez: The Humble Hero

Daniel Hernandez doesn’t see himself as a hero. The people of Tucson, Arizona, and the nation, beg to differ.

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Kate Ogg: The Hug that Saved her Child’s Life

An amazing phenomena called the kangaroo mother care might have been what brought Kate Ogg’s infant son back from the brink. Here, a remarkable miracle story about the power of mothering.

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Mason: The Miracle Dog

After a devastating tornado, this lost little dog’s family came back to collect some belongings. They were in for a surprise that’s better
described as a miracle.

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Hiromitsu Shinkawa: Saved at Sea

60-year-old Hiromitsu Shinkawa and his wife fled the tsunami they feared was following the devastating earthquake in Japan. Returning to retrieve items from their home was a fateful mistake.

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Dale Ostrander: The Boy Who Defied Death

Dozens of rescue and medical professionals helped her son, but mom Kirsten Ostrander also credits a higher power for saving her son Dale.

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Evan Stauff: A Miracle of Science

After infantile spasms worsened, baby Evan’s parents thought nothing could stop them from losing their son. A miracle of science would change their minds.

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Standing Tall: The Memorial Garden Miracle

Hurricane Irene almost destroyed the last remaining connection Patti and Scott had to their son, a memorial honoring him and two others who died during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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  Standing Tall

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Molly the Miracle Donkey

It looked like Molly the donkey might have seen her last Christmas after a tornado leveled her stable, but a miracle saved Skip Dunlow’s family pet, and made her a star.

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