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8 Things That Are Usually Cheaper Before Noon

Updated: Apr. 15, 2024

Being a morning person could help save you money. Here's what you'll get for less if you shop early.

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Car refueling on a petrol station


Saving money on gas just might be worth getting up at the crack of dawn. The best time of day to buy gas is right before dawn or very late at night. Gas stations are known to raise their prices around rush hour, so avoid filling up the tank at those times. Here are the cheapest days of the week to do anything.

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Movie theater tickets

Movie tickets

Movie ticket prices vary greatly depending on location and theater chain. However, it’s possible to see movies for less if your theater offers a pre-matinee. Meaghan Brophy, a retail and shopping analyst at Fit Small Business says these cheap tickets are typically available on weekdays. Cinemark and Harkins theaters both offer early tickets with a discount. Financial industry analyst Jacob Lunduski adds that it’s worth checking in with your local theaters too since they often run special deals and early bird promotions. Be sure to keep in mind these things you should always do on a Monday, too.

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The cheapest days of the week to fly are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, according to a CheapAir study. To get the most for your money, however, purchase tickets before noon. Dustyn Ferguson, the founder of personal finance website dimewilltell, says it’s worth getting up early to score more affordable airfare. “It’s popular wisdom in the travel hacking community that you can get a slightly better deal on your flight if you book before noon,” he says. “While this isn’t always true, and there are certainly instances where this won’t work, it seems to be the case more often than not that you can save by booking early in the morning rather than later in the day.” U.S. News & World Report found that the cheapest flights are the ones that leave early in the morning, too.

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Prepering clothes wash.
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According to the Environmental Defense Fund, using energy during off-peak hours, including the morning, could save you money on your bill. Specific peak and off-peak hours do vary, but a general rule of thumb is that electricity peaks during the late afternoon in comparison to the early morning, per SaveOnEnergy. “So run your dishwashers and laundry in the morning for the cheapest rates,” Brophy says. While you’re racking up these savings, you should take a look at these appliances that are cheaper to replace than fix.

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Although surge pricing happens wherever and whenever rides are in demand, the priciest times to ride consistently occur during rush hour. There’s a way to circumvent those prices if you have a flexible schedule, according to Brophy. “While ride-hailing apps can be more expensive during morning commute hours, off-peak hours typically begin around 11:00 am,” she says. “So, if you’re flexible in your timing, wait until late morning to call an Uber to avoid surge pricing.” Looking to save more money? No need to scramble, check out some of the best sales this week that could save your wallet big time!

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High School Tutor Giving Male Student One To One Tuition At Desk
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Test prep and tutors

Kenneth Boyd, a certified CPA and a writer at AIS-CPA, says any test-prep takers could score a deal with earlier morning sessions before noon. “Tutors tend to offer lower prices in order to decongest their schedule for evening hours when the demand is higher with everyone looking to grab a lesson after work or school,” Boyd says. “Even if this is not included in the offer, you can negotiate it directly with the tutor if they have the time to take meetings before the afternoon.” These good savers are sharing their money-saving tips.

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Ticketed events

Museums and art galleries offer early-bird specials and discounted admission during off-hours. “Even on the weekends, the most popular time to visit museums is in the afternoon, so visit in the morning for a chance at discounted admission,” Brophy says. The Metropolitan Opera has $25 rush tickets available for purchase on a first-come, first-serve basis through their website in the morning. You’ll also love the best coupon apps helping you save a dollar or two.

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Hairdresser cut hair of a woman. Close-up.


The best time of day to book hair appointments during the week is just before noon. Brit + Co reports that prices spike around 3:00 pm. According to research from NetCredit, morning hair appointments are the best time of day for another reason—attitude. Hairdressers are less stressed in the morning which could make them more enthusiastic and attentive. While it won’t deduct the cost of your service, knowing how much you should tip your hairdresser can save you stress and hassle.