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10 Craziest Things People Have Left Behind in Rental Cars

Avis Rent a Car is accustomed to finding receipts, hairbrushes, and gum when customers return rental cars, but how in the world could someone leave these unexpected things behind?

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Group of hog waiting feed. Pig indoor on a farm yard in Thailand. swine in the stall. Close up eyes and blur. Portrait animal.krumanop/Shutterstock

Box of pig eyes

Sounds really gross but it’s not what you think. The eyes weren’t rolling around on the floorboard. These pig eyes are securely packaged and used for medical research. (Pig eyes share similar qualities with human eyes so they’re valuable for research and restoring sight to humans.) Thankfully, Avis has a return policy in place using a computerized search to match the item to the owner. Once the match is confirmed, the customer chooses a return option and they are reunited with their cherished (or not so cherished) items. Find out the hidden car rental fees are a total waste of money.

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Cremation urn

We can forgive this person for leaving a cremation urn behind—after all, the grieving process runs the gamut of emotions. One minute your reminiscing and laughing about your loved one’s quirks and the next, crying because you already miss them so much.

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Bride and groom with wedding ringsDenijal photography/Shutterstock

Wedding rings

It’s not uncommon to take off a wedding ring and temporarily misplace it at home, but leaving one in a rental car is sure to induce full-on panic mode! At least when it’s your own car you can search for it but imagine the thoughts racing through the owner’s mind not knowing if they would ever see their cherished ring again! Be careful when you take off your ring in the bathroom; it could fall down the toilet like these 14 shocking items plumbers found in pipes.

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Close-up hair extension on clipsFocus and Blur/Shutterstock


We can speculate and come up with some plausible explanations (the owner got tired of struggling with the hairpiece and took it off) or something more interesting (like in the heat of a passionate backseat make-out session, the hairpiece came off and the other lover was stunned at first but found themselves to be surprisingly more attracted to the natural, bald head so it was left behind). We hope it’s the latter.

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A set of dentures on a gray backgroundBartkowski/Shutterstock

False teeth

False teeth left on the bedside table or bathroom countertop is a given for those of a certain age but in a rental car? Maybe the person took them out to give their mouth a rest after dining out and left them behind?

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Close-up photos of Hands holding artificial arms.Gee363/Shutterstock

Prosthetic limb

It doesn’t seem like a prosthetic limb would find its way into the lost and found at Avis, but surprisingly enough, it did. Usually, a prosthetic limb is removed before bedtime but maybe this person was on vacation and wanted to be free from it to swim or just relax or was in a frantic rush to return the car and left it in the backseat. Still, it’s not the weirdest thing that’s been left in a car: wait till you see the strange things mechanics have found in cars.

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Background of soft comfortable quilted white mattressElena Elisseeva/Shutterstock


It’s not difficult to imagine small items like rings and wallets getting left behind in a rental car. Heck, even a suitcase or cooler could easily be forgotten in a trunk—out of sight, out of mind, right? But a mattress? The renter must have overlooked the roof in a hasty return to the car lot. Thinking about renting a car? Start with these 18 things you should know first.

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Printer in focus.WUTTISAK PROMCHOO/Shutterstock

Laser printer

People rent cars for vacations and city dwellers often rent cars for a few short hours for a trip to IKEA, or in this case maybe some office supplies. Whatever the reason, always look in the backseat, glove box, and trunk before you return it. You’ll be twice as productive if you keep these 14 items in your car.

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Close up shot of saltwater fly fishing tackle against seaVVO/Shutterstock

Fly fishing equipment

You’ve heard about “the one that got away.” Usually, it’s a huge, elusive fish that was on the line but broke free in the story. This time, it was the fly-fishing equipment that got away from the owner.

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Magic wand on wooden table, Wizard tool.RUKSUTAKARN studio/Shutterstock

Harry Potter wand

According to Harry Potter, there is a Lost Wands room, but the wands actually choose their owner. Maybe this Harry Potter wand wasn’t too keen on its current owner and was looking for a way back to Hogwarts to choose a new one.

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